He grabbed her waist gently and pushed her slowly towards him. With their bodies close together, their eyes met in an intensive look before both of them leaned forward to meet in a kiss.
A hot shiver descended Vibha's spine, as she felt the touch of Rohan's lips on hers and the heat of his tongue in her mouth.
Both of them were nervous. Rohan carefully moved his hand up her skin under her wedding saree. His touches provoked a small and involuntarily shake in Vibha.
- "We can wait" - he said - "If you want time, we may get to know each other better..."
Those words surprised her and increased even more her affection, love and attraction for him.
- "I'm ready" - she said.
She felt like a virgin in his arms, she was nervous like she had never been touched, and in a way she really was one. For the first time she was delivering herself, body and soul, for the first time she found pleasure in a sexual relationship and she had a full orgasm, for the first time this moment meant something more than a mechanical movement when she let other men please themselves by the use of her body in exchange for money. For the first time she discovered the enormous difference between having sex and making love.
He had dreamt with that moment thousands of times. He had fallen in love with her within the first look they exchanged and he was sure after that that love at first time existed. He noticed that the feeling was mutual and was disappointed when he realized she was an escort, back in Switzerland.
Nevertheless their energy was too strong to be destroyed by that.
He lost her then and now unexpectedly they met again and became husband and wife. He wanted to compensate her for what she had suffered in the past and give her all the pleasure, happiness and love he had to offer.
Their night was perfect and in their union they knew that they would never be able to live without each other.