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Halloween: A New Blood

They stepped up onto the porch, Jamie grabbing onto the door handle. She slowly turned it, opened the door a crack then she heard a scream. Michael was inside and had done a few deeds already, 'No. Not again. He won't take another person, not again, Not ever again.' Jamie thought to herself. She swung the door open and Laurie rushed in, gun up and ready to be fired. Jamie rushed in after her, switchblade ready to kill Michael Myers.

There he was. Standing tall and dark. Evil. This was full grown Evil with rage, hatred, and a taste for blood. Fear filled Jamie, all those years ago when he chased her with a giant blade wanting her blood. Not even ten years old and already she was tramatized by her so-called uncle.

He was towering above two teens. The boy looked a few years older than that blonde boy outside, but they looked almost identical. The other was a girl with Auburn hair and Crimson eyes. No doubt that was Sora. And there was another boy on the floor, he was stabbed in the stomache, most likely dead.

"Hello, Michael." Laurie said as she took a step closer, "Long time no see."

"Remember me? I'm you're niece that you tried to kill back in 1988 and '89! You mother fucker!" Jamie yelled.

Laurie shot Michael twice and he stumbled and leapped into the kitchen. Laurie ran up to the two kids and Jamie run up to the boy on the floor who was stabbed.

"Are you Sora Takenouchi?" Laurie asked the girl.

"Yes I am." Sora replied. "Why isn't he dead?"

"Because you can't kill pure Evil."

"Mom," Jamie shouted, "This one is still alive but he's bleeding badly!"

"Joe..." Sora whispered. The blonde boy put his arms around Sora and she hugged him back.

Jamie stood up and said, "I'm Jamie Lloyd, your second-cousin and this is my mother, Laurie Strode. Follow us. And you, boy, what's your name?"


"Matt, help me carry your friend here." Jamie ordered as she grabbed his arms. Matt gave Sora a kiss on the forehead and grabbed onto this boy's legs.

"Hang on, Joe. Don't die on us." Matt said.

Laurie went to open the door, Sora following her. Laurie grabbed the door knob and tried to turn it. It was stuck. "He locked it. Goddammit!" Laurie yelled as she took her gun out again.

Jamie and Matt slowly put Joe down just as he was getting out of unconscience. Joe groaned out, "I'm alive?"

"Joe... Barely. We're getting out of here, just hang in there okay? Please, save your strength." Sora said softly. Sora stood up and turned to Laurie, "He won't last much longer unless we get him to a hospital."

"I know. I'll find him." Laurie took a few steps outward.

"No Mom! I'll go!" Jamie interupted.

Laurie turned to her daughter and grabbed her shoulders, "No! He's MY brother and I'm the one he's been after for 25 years! I promise I'll get him, Jamie. I promise."

Jamie was on the verge of crying but she understood. "Okay, Mom. But let me help you, once he's down I'll get out, okay?"

Laurie hugged her daughter with a single tear running down her cheek and whispered, "Okay, Jamie. C'mon. Let's take care of this evil once and for all." Laurie turned to Sora and Matt, "You two wait for Jamie to come and get in that truck and take your friend, Joe, to the hospital. Got it?"

Both teens nodded. Laurie and Jamie walked into the kitchen slowly and cautiouslly. Jamie's switchblade was out once again as was Laurie's pistol. Both mother and daughter walked in, weapons drawn and ready to finish off this being of evil.

He jumpped out, in front of them, knief out. He jumpped from the cabinet. He jammed his giant knief into Laurie's upper stomach right below her chest bone. She stumbbled backward and dropped her gun. Jamie yelled and quickly stabbed Michael near his collar bone on his shoulder with her switchblade. He turned and backhanded her and she fell to her knees. Laurie walked backward into the wall and slid into a sitting position, grasping her wound, breathing becoming more shallow.

He was staggering backwards, he grabbed hold of the switchblade and took it out. That was when Jamie saw the oppertunity and grabbed Laurie's gun.

"Uncle! Stop!" Jamie shouted and pointed the gun toward Michael. He turned to her and began walking toawrd her. "Stop!" She shouted again. He didn't. She fired once, he stumbbled. She fired twice, he stumbbled. She fired three more times and he fell, still breathing. "Mom!" She got up.

"Jamie! Go now!" Laurie struggled to breathe, "Now Jamie, I'll get him..." Laurie pulled out a grenade from her coat pocket. "I'll get him. I love you Jamie, my beautiful daughter. Now go, go and take Sora, Matt, and Joe, and the other two to safety. Now go." She pulled the pin just as Michael was getting up.

"I love you, Mom. I'll take care of them all." She got up and staggerd out of the kitchen.


Sora was very worried. She was weeping on Matt's shoulder. He was gently running his fingers through her hair, telling her it was going to be fine. Kissing her forehead lightly. They were standing near the front door. She sniffed and felt the tear being soaked into his t-shirt. He touched her cheek and turned her head to face him. She looked intencelly into his eyes, weeping.

Matt whispers to her, "It's okay. I won't let anything happen to you. Remember I love you, Sora." He leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips.

As he kissed her, Sora suddenly felt as if nothing would happen to her. But the dark cloud of Evil, which she called her second-uncle, Michael Myers, still lingerd over in the back of her head. But the feeling of Matt's lips touching hers gave her a feeling of security. A sence of safe presence.

Just then they both heard yelling. It was Jamie's voice. Sora was begining to shake. Both her and Matt jumped as they heard the gun shots. Sora held onto Matt tighter. Matt wasn't about to let go. Sora took a quick look at Joe. His breathing was getting weaker. His eye were closed.

Jamie came staggering out of the kitchen holding her head. Holding a gun. She came right in front of them, "We have to... Get out NOW!" She shot the door knob twice. The she kicked the door open. Her and Matt carried Joe out and there was TK holding Kari in front. Jamie saw their eyes went wide.

"Matt!" TK yelled.

"Sora!" Kari ran to Sora and hugged her.

"Say your 'Hellos' later! We have to get away from the house!" Quickly and gently, Jamie and Matt set Joe in the back of the pickup truck. Matt jumping in with him, TK following. "Sora, Kari, both of you get in the front with me." Jamie hopped in the truck and Sora and Kari doing the same. Jamie turned to the house and watched...


Laurie sat there, grenade in hand, waiting. Waiting for this Evil to come up. She stared at him as he struggled to get up. Using the counter as help. Laurie eyed him and he straightened up. He turned to her and she grinned at him.

"Well, Michael, my dear brother. Now you've done it. Going after some innocent kid who has no knowlege of you. How dare you do that." He began to walk to her, one step after step, he put his hand to her neck, begining to strangle her. She gulped hard and struggle to breath. She dropped the grenade, in her mind counting down.





The dark cloud of unconscienceness (6) began to hang over (5) her going lower (4) and lower (3). Struggling to breath (2) she told him, "See you in Hell, Michael..." (1)

First a flash... then blackness.


...Watched the house explode. Jamie's eyes filled with tears as she heard the kids all yelled as the house exploded. From the corner of her eye, Jamie saw that Sora put her face in her hands and began to cry. Jamie began Driving to the hospital.

Jamie sheding many tears while on the way to the hospital. Tears from knowlege that her mother is now dead. Dead from the grenade she used to kill Michael. It killed her too. 'My mother... Mom, please, I hope you killed him.' Jamie thought to herself. Although in the back of her mind, she knew Michael Myers was not dead. She knew as well as Laurie Strode knew, as well as Dr. Sam Loomis knew, as well as anyone should know. You can't kill pure evil, you can bury it, set it on fire, but it evil, true evil never dies. It just rests awhile.

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