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It was a quiet afternoon and the training of the Seigaku Tennis Team was going on smoothly as like it usually does. However, it was too quiet.

"Where's Eiji?" Oishi suddenly noticed that his doubles partner wasn't around.

"He's in the club room." Fuji answered Oishi's question before he left to go find Tezuka. Inui heard the two though and just smirked. He knew that Eiji has finally found the picture he 'accidentally' left near his tennis bag. His thoughts were confirmed though when he heard a scream and saw someone running towards the vice captain.


Oishi was surprised with the sudden screaming of his name and was surprised to have Eiji suddenly jump on him. "Eiji," Oishi managed to say.

"You're best friend corrupted my best friend!" He pushed the picture towards Oishi's chest. "Look at it!"

"What is it?" Oishi looked at the photo in Eiji's hands and he couldn't help but blush and let his eyes grow bigger. "Eiji, tell me you weren't spying on them!" Oishi snapped his head to look at Eiji.

"No!! I just saw this in the club house!" He finally let go of Oishi and just stood beside him, not letting his eyes leave the picture.

Suddenly, Fuji came back as he wondered what Eiji meant by corrupting my best friend. "What are you guys looking at?"

Apparently, he startled the pair. "Fuji!" Oishi exclaimed. "It's nothing, you don't need to worry about anything." He laughed nervously and tried to snatch the picture away from Eiji but to his dismay, Eiji was too fast for him.

"Look at this!" He immediately jumped on Fuji, holding tight onto his arm and shoved the picture towards him. "I saw this in the clubhouse!"

"Oh," Fuji said, his cheeks slightly turning red as he didn't know that someone took a picture of them.

"Please tell me you haven't done it yet!" Eiji immediately said out loud. "You're too young! At least wait until you finish High school!"

"Eiji," Fuji tried to calm his best friend down, however, someone suddenly appeared.

"What is the commotion about?" It was Tezuka.

"Tezuka!" Eiji immediately hid the picture.

"Oh, Kunimitsu," Fuji said, "it's nothing, don't worry."

Tezuka, however, didn't believe that nothing was wrong and just knew that they were talking about him. "I keep hearing that I was corrupting you. What happened this time?" The monotonous captain asked.

"Nothing, Tezuka," Eiji nervously said with a big grin, "I've got to go now. I'll see yah!" and with that, Eiji ran to the other side of the tennis courts, apparently, he dropped the picture and was too nervous to notice it. Oishi just stared at the picture, feeling all the hair on his body stand up as Tezuka bent down to grab it.

Tezuka just stared at the photo though, no emotion showing on his face, but Oishi just knew that he was annoyed at whoever took the photo –apparently, he didn't want Tezuka to think it was him. "Uhm… I've got to go now," he said nervously and ran after Eiji, "Eiji, let's play a game!"

Tezuka looked at Fuji though, "who took this picture?"

"I don't know," Fuji said, smiling, as he moved closer to Tezuka to look at the photo. "Good angle though. I didn't know that someone was there when we were making out here in the courts" *last chapter of Costume ball* "You think Inui had something to do with this?"

"I'll ask him about it later when I see him," Tezuka answered emotionlessly and turned to walk back to watch the matches but Fuji stopped him.

"Hey, can I have the picture? I want to fool around with Eiji," Fuji said innocently and Tezuka just stared at him and left, not uttering a word and Fuji just laughed at it.

However, near the club house some time later, three people were talking in secret…

"Yah, I do think that those two like each other. It's so obvious!" One said

"Shut up, you're too noisy," the other said.

"What did you just tell me?" the first one glared at him.

"I said that you were too noisy, stupid," the other replied.

"Why you-" but good thing there was another person there.

"Stop it," the bespectacled one said. "Let's just concentrate on getting those two together. We were successful with Tezuka and Fuji, this is probably going to be a success too."

The two who were fighting just stared at him, urging him to continue talking about his plan.

"Also, it's because I found Eiji's diary the other day," he smirked and made the two shiver in fear because of the aura he was emitting. "He clearly wrote that he does like Oishi." His smirk got even bigger.

But suddenly, "Who likes me?" Oishi appeared out of nowhere and the three jumped and turned around to be face to face with the vice captain.

"What do you mean?" Momo said nervously as he scratched his head. "We weren't talking about you, we were talking about Hakeshi."

"Okay," Oishi laughed, "anyways, Tezuka was looking for the three of you. You have a practice match now."

"Sure sure," Momo said and hurried to the courts, "come on, we don't want buchou to get mad at us," he said, but the truth is, his heart, along with the other two who was Inui and Kaidoh, was still racing from the surprise that Oishi gave them.

'I'll tell the others about this plan later,' Inui though, 'I'll make sure nothing goes wrong. Next week, on our trip to the woods~'



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