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Chapter 5: An escape


'Gah!' Oishi screamed in his mind as he was putting on his clothes for he just finished showering. 'I'll get that Inui! Who does he think he is doing this to us?' Even if I was in the plan to get Tezuka and Fuji together, we didn't lock them anywhere!' Oishi just wanted to pull his hair out due to his frustration. 'But we did put Fuji in such a mess… Ugh, I don't know what to think anymore. Okay, okay, maybe what we did with Tezuka and Fuji is worse, but why did they have to lock us in this room!' Oishi couldn't take his thoughts anymore so he went out of the bathroom to see Eiji on his bed, reading Atsuko's diary.

"Oishi!" Eiji smiled widely and stood up from the bed. "This is an interesting book here. I didn't know that you like reading these things."

"They're okay," Oishi smiled "I just found that book over there at that desk earlier," he pointed towards the desk then headed towards the window, eyes concentrated on the glass.

"Oh," Eiji responded as he plopped back down on Oishi's bed and continued reading the diary.

Oishi didn't look back at Eiji though as he was contemplating his feelings for him. 'Do I like him? Do I not? Oishi, stop thinking!' Oishi sighed, closed his eyes, and then opened it again to continue staring at the trees. Suddenly, 'what,' Oishi spotted someone walking by himself at the pathway. 'That can't be him,' Oishi immediately straightened and brought his hands to the window. EIji, with how quick Oishi moved, noticed the movement.

"Why?" Eiji jumped out of bed and threw the book on the bed as he walked to Oishi. "What did you see?"


"NYAH?!" Eiji ran to Oishi's side after hearing his name and immediately looked at where Oishi was looking. "IT IS TOUYA!" He screamed, apparently, too close to Oishi's ear.

"Eiji!" Oishi moved back because of Eiji's voice.

"Oh no! Fujiko's going to be in trouble!" Eiji wouldn't tear his gaze away from Touya's back. "Why is he even here?" He asked, and suddenly, Oishi remembered something.

"He's in the soccer team, right, Eiji?" he asked.

"Yeah, why?" Eiji turned to him

"The soccer team is in this forest right now for an outing because they won their last game!" Oishi really didn't want Touya anywhere near Fuji, especially now that Fuji has a sprained ankle.


"Eiji," Oishi calmly said as he rubbed his ear after that last scream, "please lower your voice.

"But," Eiji turned to look outside again, "we're just going to have a very big problem," EIji talked but he became silent after he noticed something at the side of the window, "if Tezuka, Fuji AND Touya see-"

"Eiji?" Oishi suddenly became worried when Eiji froze. "what's wrong?"

Eiji immediately turned around to look at Oishi with a big, wide grin on his face. "We can get out of this room!"

"Huh?" Oishi's eyes widened and his mouth dropped. "You found an exit?" Oishi excitedly went to the window and looked to the sides. "A Fire exit!" Oishi was looking to his right and could see the ladder going down to the ground. "Great! We can get out of this room!" With that, both Oishi and Eiji opened the window to get hold of the ladder and climb down to the ground.


Downstairs, the regulars were watching the TV with the exception of Fuji and Tezuka who were outside and Kaidoh who went to his room. Everyone was quiet too as their minds were all concentrated on their show. It was a surprise to them though when they heard someone knock on the door.

"Who could that be?" Kawamura asked from where he was seated.

"Who knows," Momoshiro replied as he stood up from his seat on the sofa beside Ryoma to answer the door. Everyone concentrated back on the TV when they took into mind that Momo will open the door, however, Momo didn't even bother asking who it was or even bother to look through the hole. He was quiet but when he opened the door, he practically screamed, "Oishi-senpai!"

Everyone's heads snapped to the door.

"Hi everyone," it was Oishi who, for maybe the first time for some regulars to see, had an annoyed smile on his face. However, it actually brought fear to the regulars compared to the cute, childish look Eiji had, pouting behind Oishi.

"Oishi!" Inui stood up from his seat on the sofa and it was obvious that he was tense and nervous. "Please don't get angry! We didn't mean any harm!" Usually, it was Tezuka who people feared but there was no denying how scary Oishi looked at that moment.

"What do you mean we?!" Momo said to Inui then looked back at Oishi who was practically beside him, "we had nothing to do with this, Oishi-senpai! Okay," he sighed, "maybe we did but this was all Inui's plan!"

As Momo continued to ramble, Ryoma began sneaking to his room on the second floor quietly with hopes of not being noticed. He was lucky too that no one was paying attention to him as he was successful in escaping in soon-to-be-disaster in his head.

"We're sorry, Oishi, Eiji," it was Kawamura who spoke this time. "We just wanted to see if our speculations between you and Eiji were true."

Eiji heard that and suddenly exclaimed, "nyah? What speculations?"

Oishi immediately blushed and froze with that as he then turned behind him to look at Eiji. However, his expression wasn't left unnoticed by the other three in the room. "It's nothing, Eiji. They're just fooling around," he finally smiled then turned back to the rest. "Just don't do this again, now," he walked to Inui, "give me the key."

"It's in my room," Inui's nervousness disappeared after seeing Oishi's reaction. "I'll go get it," and with that, he left to his room, apparently, with Oishi following him. 'So, Oishi now realizes his feelings. All that's left is to get Eiji to realize his own feelings or to get Oishi to confess.'


Back at the lake, Fuji and Tezuka decided to go back to the cabin as Fuji was already bored. 'I'm sorry, Inui, but I've been sitting here for about 5 hours already.'

"Let's go," said Tezuka as he gently took hold of Fuji's arm. With that, both started to walk back to the cabin. However, when they were halfway, they heard someone utter their names.

"Fuji? Tezuka?"

Fuji and Tezuka turned to their side and froze as they sight of the figure in front of them.

"What are you two doing here?" the figure asked with annoyance obvious in his voice. "You two are the last people I want to see! Do you know how embarrassed I was that day? And even if no one believes me," he pointed at Fuji, "I know that you were Nakuro and there's no denying that."

Fuji sighed, "Touya, let's not talk about this, can we?"

"Oh and what, let me live through that embarrassment that I had to go through?"


"Don't Touya me, Fuji Nakuru. I still can't forget your little scheme."

Fuji sighed and Tezuka glared at Touya. 'I had NOTHING to do with it.'

"Or," Touya walked towards Fuji with a flirty smirk on that caused Tezuka to twitch as his glare stayed on Touya, "You really wanted to know how being with a man felt like."

Hearing that, Tezuka interrupted him and grabbed Fuji, "we're leaving," he said as he started pulling both of them away from Touya.

"Hn," Touya smirked, "I hope that captain will keep him away from me or I might actually go on farther."


When the two were nearing the cabin, Tezuka finally slowed down and turned to look back at Fuji who just walked at the same pace as him with a twisted ankle. "Syuusuke," Tezuka finally looked back at Fuji, "I forgot about your ankle."

"Don't worry about it," Fuji smiled, 'but it's so hard to actually fake my ankle that whole time.'


Back at the cabin, the regulars, all of them, were sitting down on the sofas watching TV when Fuji and Tezuka arrived.

"You're back," Momo smiled at them from his seat and Fuji just stared at Oishi and Eiji, then to Inui,

'Something happened,' Fuji thought. "Yeah, we are," and Fuji was led by Tezuka to one of the sofas. He, Tezuka, didn't utter a word though as he immediately headed towards the 2nd floor to his room the moment Fuji was properly seated on the sofa.

When Tezuka was walking up the stairs though, Kaidoh looked at him from the corner of his eye in terror. 'Did anyone notice the papers that Oishi left outside?' He looked at Inui who was beside him, "Did you see any papers-" he stopped when he remembered that they were on the third floor and that Tezuka's room was on the second. "Never mind."

"What papers?" Inui asked. "I don't remember any papers but when I went up to my room earlier, Oishi followed me and he picked up some papers from outside his room."

Kaidoh froze.

"Why? Were those papers important?"

Oishi heard their conversation though and smiled. Eiji noticed it and looked at him.

"Nyah, what're you thinking? Nothing funny happened on the show."

"It's nothing, Eiji," Oishi's smile just grew. Suddenly, they heard someone walking down the stairs. Oishi didn't look back to where the stairs were but Kaidoh did and all his muscles were tense He, however, was right in his fearful thoughts for when Tezuka came down, his face was a little more stern than how it usually is and he was holding some papers on his hand. His eyes didn't leave the captain though when he stopped walking at the bottom of the stairs and turned to glare at Inui who was watching TV right beside him.

"Inui," he said and Inui turned to him.

"Yes, Tezuka?" Inui was clueless.

"I saw this," Tezuka held up the papers and everyone looked at him. Nobody knew what it was except for Kaidoh and Oishi. Kaidoh had a terrified look as he regretted leaving those papers there and Oishi had a sweet smile on that contradicts his thoughts as of the moment. After all, a mother, though sweet, knows how to get angry too.

"What's that?" Inui asked.

"What did you do, exactly, to Oishi and Eiji?"

And with that said, everybody froze in fear.



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