Title: Scrapbook

Artist/Author: KivaEmber

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Young!Prussia, Germany

Rating: K+

Summary: Collection of Re_Born universe drabbles. 1st Oneshot: Late: Being stuck in the car, alone, is not what Gilbert had intended when he asked to attend the World Meeting with Bruder West.

A/N: I had nothing to do for three hours at school, so I jotted down a few oneshots in my notebook, and this one I typed out cause I sorta liked it.

Alright! Kid!Gilbert out of my system (no it isn't, but argh, he's so cute…), so now to finish those requests.



"You sank Atlantis nine times!? Where was I during all this?"

"I have a whole different life you know nothing about."

--- Wanda & Cosmo, Fairly Odd Parents



"There's some food here," Ludwig nodded to the yellow chicks patterned lunchbox on the passenger seat hurriedly, "And extra snacks for yourself so you shouldn't be hungry. And remember you don't leave the car, unless you need to…to go, and then you go to the nice man by the door – you won't be able to miss him – and ask. Don't open the car door for anyone and don't wander off." He checked his watch and cursed under his breath. He was nearly late for the World Meeting. "Understand?"

Gilbert grumbled something incoherently, slouched in the backseat and fidgeting with a plush rabbit teddy. "But I wanna go in with you…" He whined suddenly, pouting at his older brother through the rear view mirror.

"Gilbert…" Ludwig sighed, pausing at a red light. "You can't yet. If they see you aga-" He swallowed the words, falling silent, before starting again. "Next meeting. You can come in with me next meeting."

"It'll be boring in the car." Gilbert continued, quieter though.

"Then you should've stayed at home." Ludwig snapped as he checked his watch again. Dammit.

Nearly inaudibly; "It's too big."

Ludwig heaved a sigh, squeezing the steering wheel and giving the suddenly solemn child Nation a soothing look. "You would've had the dogs to keep you company."

Gilbert immediately scrunched his nose. "I want you for company, Bruder West." He looked down at his rabbit teddy, bouncing it on his lap. "And Birdie." He added.

Ludwig smiled privately at that and drove the car forward when the traffic lights flashed green. Birdie was the rabbit teddy sitting on Gilbert's lap, and had been acquired when Ludwig had been buying things left and right that concerned child rearing. He'd grabbed it as an afterthought after he had bought out the local bookshop's stock of parenting manuals and Gilbert had attached himself to it upon first glance.

He found it adorable, though Ludwig wasn't going to share that little titbit with anyone.

"I promise, next World Meeting. They just need to be…prepared for your appearance." Or told that if they make even one threatening step towards Gilbert they'd suddenly find themselves without limbs. "People still think that…" Ludwig paused and continued in a low tone. "People will think you're Prussia."

Gilbert looked up from Birdie. "The Nation before me? Bruder West's old Bruder?"


They finished the rest of the drive in heavy silence, pulling into the car park for the meeting place at seven minutes to nine.

Ludwig turned off the engine and twisted in his seat, holding out Gilbert's lunchbox. "Don't eat it now, it's for lunch." Gilbert took it with out a word, still looking sulky, and Ludwig sighed and reached out with a rough hand, smoothing it through soft white hair. "I'll be back by then, I promise. Then we'll do whatever you want."

Gilbert just scowled at him, swatting at his hand. "Whatever. Just go away to your stupid meeting."

The larger Nation frowned, but a glance at his watch cut off an uncharacteristic suggestion before he even voiced it. "I won't be long." He assured softly, patting his brother's head one more time before reluctantly sliding out of the car, locking it.

Gilbert peeked from the corner of his eye at the window, seeing his brother hover for a few brief moments before marching off into the official looking building. The child Nation blew out his cheeks in irritation and commented to Birdie; "As if I wanted to sit in a boring old meeting anyway."

Birdie didn't reply and Gilbert blew out the air in his cheeks as a raspberry. "Bleh! No, I'm not lonely, Birdie." He scowled at the back of the driver's seat, kicking it with small feet. "Stupid Birdie."

He was bored relatively quickly, and even talking to Birdie wasn't all that interesting this early in the morning. Gilbert grumbled to himself, wondering why he even bothered begging his brother (i.e. threats of throwing a full out tantrum if he didn't get his way) to go with him to this thing. But when he'd woken up, hearing Bruder West potter about getting ready for this meeting thing, the thought of being left alone in that house just, well, made him feel sick.

Not like this was any different…

"Boooooored~!" He complained, scowling at the roof of the car. "I'm booooooored~ Bored. Bored. Bored. Booooooored~!"

And it was only five past nine.


Gilbert was pretending to drive, even though his feet couldn't reach the pedals and he couldn't see over the steering wheel, he made engine noises, wildly twisting the steering wheel and shouting at imaginary pedestrians and cars to get out of the way.

"And bam! Oh no! A stupid Russian idiot in the road! Haha! His fault and nnneow~ sweeeerve~!"

Gilbert laughed and threw his hands up off the wheel before bashing them down on the car horn. It beeped shrilly, cutting through the pitter-patter rain that had started up a while ago. He laughed again.

"Stupid Bruder West is missing out." He told Birdie sitting on his lap, pressing random buttons on the radio. It didn't turn on, but it was fun pressing all these buttons anyway. "In his stupid meeting and not here in this awesome car."

Gilbert tried to squint through the foggy windscreen, but the rain was too thick to see past the window wipers so he lost interest and looked at the wristwatch his big brother got him.

It had a chick on the watch's face, a fat yellow one, and he called it Awesome Chick.

"Awesome Chick says it's munch time!" Balancing Birdie in the crook of his elbow, Gilbert clambered over the emergency break and into the back seat, popping open his lunchbox. "So what did Bruder West give me? Wurst! Wurst sandwich, yay~"

Oh! Bruder West even snuck in a small bit of Prussian Dessert in there, though there'd probably be hardly any alcohol in it. Gilbert remembered asking for some beer before, and Bruder West had refused to give him even a drop. He was so mad that he pushed over the chair in the kitchen, but stupid Bruder West just locked him up in his room. Stupid meathead.

Gilbert ate the pudding first, leaving a small portion for Birdie, and looked out of the window waiting for Ludwig to appear. He did say he'd be back by lunchtime after all.

But Ludwig didn't appear when Gilbert was eating lunch, or when he finished. By then, when Awesome Chick said that it was approaching two in the afternoon, Gilbert was starting to get a little antsy and agitated, obsessively looking out of the window despite not being able to see anything due to the rain and clutching Birdie tightly to his chest.

"I like being alone, Birdie." He mumbled to his teddy, curled up in the corner of the backseat and avidly watching the window. "And 'sides, Bruder West is coming back."

Gilbert needed to pee, but looking out at the pouring rain and the fact that he'd have to run out there alone immediately put him off, so he ignored the pressure with a pouty frown. Instead, to occupy his mind with something other than his protesting bladder, Gilbert thought up ways to get his own back on his unreliable brother in the most brattish manner possible.

"He's so getting a tantrum from me…"


Ludwig knew, before he'd even unlocked the cardoor, that he was in the shit. The meeting had dragged on longer than he had thought because Arthur and Alfred had started an Aliens Vs Magical Creatures debate that…well, it made no sense and Ludwig was happy that he was just out of there.

He opened the driver's side tentatively, climbing in and looking over to the backseat where Gilbert was giving him the most furious look he had ever seen on a child's face. Ludwig nearly cringed.

"I'm sorry, Gilbert. The meeting-"

"You suck."

Ludwig twitched at the stiff interruption, but attempted again. "Gilbe-"

"You suck monkey balls."

Oh, he was in that mood. Ludwig sighed and turned on the car engine, flicking the window wipers on to clear the windscreen. He looked over at his watch, ten past three, and felt guilt begin to gnaw angrily on his insides. Gilbert, a child Gilbert, had been stuck in the car for over six hours, and from how he could see Gilbert constantly shift his weight on the seat, in desperate need to empty his bladder.

"I'm sorry." Ludwig tried again.


"We can go wherever you want…"

"Why? You're gonna leave me there too?"

Ludwig sighed. Nothing was going to placate him at this point. "Nevermind. Let's get you home." He began to drive out of the carpark, trying to ignore the burning feel of Gilbert glaring at the back of his head.

He screwed up.