Stumble by Zovid

"I'm just going to go now." Naomi said gathering her clothes.

Emily stared at Effy Stonem with anger and confusion written on her face. "No. You don't have too." She attempted but it did nothing when Emily didn't take her eyes off Effy.

The blonde pecked Emily on the cheek her shoes in her hand and her clothes thrown on in haste. "Just call me." Emily nodded and watched for a split second as Naomi headed out the door and brushed Effy along the way. Effy stared at the red head and the messy bed.

Blue eyes stared back at brown and in a blink of an eye Effy turned around to escape.

"Effy! Effy will you wait!" Effy stormed out of Emily's room tears threatening to fall. Emily wrapped her blanket around her naked body and followed after, the door shutting behind her. "Effy!" Emily grabbed the brunette by the shoulder and turned her around just before Effy made it to the stairs.


Emily glared at the tone. "You don't get to be mad at me. You don't have that right. You left me." Effy stared lost at the scene unraveling in front of her. Her heart twisted in pain and her eyes glassed over.

No words came over her. Nothing she could say would change the fact that Emily was right. She messed up and that's what hurt her the most.

"Emily..." A pathetic attempt to try and mend their broken love. She fooled herself in thinking that Emily would have waited for her; fooled herself into thinking that everything would fall back into it's proper place. Effy wasn't sure what she hoped to accomplish when she came to the Fitch residence. Emily's open arms and a ticket to the girl's bed? Maybe not that but she certainly hadn't expected Naomi fucking Campbell to be there, body arched into the red head when she walked in.

"Why are you here, Effy?" They stood outside the twin's bedroom door. Emily wrapped in nothing but a blanket who was making sure to keep a safe distance.

"I don't know."

Emily rolled her eyes. "You never know what you want, do you?"

Effy shut her eyes and turned her head. She deserved that one, but it didn't reduce the blow to her chest.

"I came because I want you."

Emily took a step back. She hadn't expected to hear the one girl who always ran from feeling to admit what she just said. "What?"

Effy took a step forward. Her blue eyes begging to be let back in.

"I was scared. You know me." Her feet cautiously brought her closer. "Please Emily. I thought I could just run like I always do, but I can't. I tried but I couldn't."

She didn't want to fall into the temptation that was Effy, but every fiber in her wanted to grab the brunette by her tangled brown hair and kiss the life out of her. Unfortunately for the two of them the rational side of Emily's mind called to her and reminded her of Naomi. "Effy-"

What would she say? She couldn't find the words that fit the situation. Emily hadn't noticed when Effy moved close enough for her to smell her natural scent rid of smoke and alcohol. A rare scent that only Emily had the privilege of inhaling. Both knew it took one kiss, just one, for Effy to win Emily back. And although the red head was resisting she was falling for Effy Stonem all over again.

The mystery, the intense blue eyes, their hot nights. It flooded Emily's mind and fogged all thoughts. It didn't help that she felt undeniably intoxicated by the very scent of her ex.


And just like that pale hands gripped on to brown hair and two bodies collided as lips engulfed one another. Effy pushed Emily back against the door while the red head fumbled for the door knob.

Her mind clouded over when Effy dragged her lips down Emily's neck and across exposed skin. The door finally opened and both stumbled in while Emily stumbled back in love with Effy.