"Please, explain," asked Commissar Conna Dalvar as she sat behind her desk, a squad of men in front of her. "I'm just dying to know how Brother-Captain Necarus got covered in lime-green paint." Her hands were folded neatly on her desk and a slight smile belied her true emotions. The men were pressed as far away as they could, heads down.

"Well…" stuttered Elos Mandrin, who had been designated group speaker due to the simple fact that everyone else outranked him. "It was an accident ma'am!" The words tumbled out in a nervous stream and when Conna raised one eyebrow he let out an eeep of fear.


"It was meant for Commander Xandros! We didn't know we had such esteemed visitors!"

"And this makes this better how, exactly?" When no one had an answer for her, she let out a long sigh. "I hate to do this to you, but you can't say you don't deserve this. Brother-Captain, you can have them." She stood as a very angry Ultramarine walked in, his normally pristine blue power armour splattered a hideous shade of green. "On the behalf of my regiment, I apologize. They're not…very smart. Very loyal, but not very smart."

"I can see that," the Marine said, letting a malicious chuckle escape as he glared at the extremely frightened men. They were trying to make themselves disappear into the wall, and not a few of them were mumbling hasty prayers.

"Have fun, boys!" she said cheerfully and closed the door as she left.

* * *

Two hours later, Brother Necarus stepped out of the room. Conna, who had been waiting for him, matched his pace.

"Are they sufficiently cowed?" she asked, noticing that all the green paint was gone from his armour.

"Yes, commissar, they are sufficiently cowed. However, it was not a particularly clean process. It involved a little bit of blood and a lot of blue paint. Feel free to send me the cleaning bill when you're all settled." Conna halted mid-stride.

"There's a Marine after my own heart," she thought with a chuckle. "I couldn't have done it better myself."

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