A/N: Ah, I remember when Chicken Little first came out. I don't think I was ever obsessed about something than I was with CL. I literally begged my mother to let me go see it, and I found ways to fit the Chicken Little characters into everyday conversations. I'm sure my friends were sick of me, LOL. And when I got the DVD I watched it so much I could quote EVERYTHING everyone said. I'd be sitting there saying lines along with the movie and everyone would tell me to shut up. XD I just wanted to write a special oneshot about my fave character on Chicken Little in memory of the greatest movie of all time. Please, guys, no flames and I hope you like it.

For most of my life, I've always felt like I was different.

From the day I walked into Middle School for the first time to be met with snickers and exclamations of, "Have you seen anything uglier?" and from that day forward, I've always felt less of myself. I became self-conscious in front of others and found myself envying drop-dead gorgeous women I saw on TV and in magazines. But that all disappeared when I met my best friend, Chicken Little.

I found that I could be myself around him, and that he wouldn't judge me. He'd put up with me through the tough times and the good times, and, as we grew closer, I developed a deep fondness for Chicken Little and found a true friend in him. Him having his own problems, I vowed to help ease his burdens as he'd unknowingly done to me. I found the source of CL's sadness (which was his desire to please his father, who had become distant ever since the sky-falling incident) and poured into Modern Mallard magazines; as I did, trying to give CL comfort. But later I found out that I had just been interfering. I had no right to fight his battle...but at least, I thought, I could help him fight it.

I showed him every article about closure with parents and tried to help him get over his embarrassment about the whole sky falling incident. But now I know that I had not been doing all that for Chicken Little.

No, unfortunately, I had been doing all that for myself.

I wanted to be needed and wanted to find a purpose in life. I wanted to matter. I wanted to make a change. Everything I had done was for my own selfish purposes. But, I really DID want to help my best friend in any way I could. But, most of all, I wanted to feel beautiful.

But now...now I feel even more beautiful than those girls on magazines and the television. Simply because Chicken Little admitted he liked me...for me! I still remember his somewhat rushed yet sincere words, "I've always found you extremely attractive." So who cares if I'm not the prettiest girl on the block? Chicken Little sees the best in me and that's all that matters. Now that he's made up with his dad, and CL and I are dating, I've learned that it's not the outside appearance that counts. There is an old aphorism: Never judge a book by its cover. And I believe in that. Who would've ever thought that CL would be the most sweet and caring guy I've ever met?

And through all that Chicken Little's shown me, there is one that stands out...one he's made clear: It's the inside that counts.

So thank you, CL, my best friend....I love you.

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