Here`s my first TMNT story for you! Big thx to raphfreak as my betareader *hugs*

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"Those purple `wieners` won't harm anyone for quite a while!" the green clad-turtle with the orange bandana snickered confidently.

" Yeah! Unless they know whaz good for'em!" wild black hair and eyes full of fire smirked back to Mikey.

"Hun missed quite a party!"

"We'll send him an 'nventation next time!" Casey laughed. They ran past several buildings, until they finally found a fire escape and climbed up to the roof.

"Thanks for call'n me out. I missed kick'n purple buds…..since…" Casey paused for a moment, searching for the right words. "Aaah, you know…"

Mikey nodded quietly. His face turned depressed. "I miss him too!"

The two of them starred in silence at the lights that lit up the city at night. Casey let out a loud sigh, before he faced Mikey. "It's been 3 years now, huh?"

Mikey nodded. Yeah 3 years, since he'd gone… he thought to himself, his memory still watching the past before his inner eyes.

The weather that night thundered threateningly. Dark clouds refused to let the smallest moonlight through. Wind, strong and aggressive, blew through the streets, willing to take everything not nailed to the ground. Lighting danced above the sky, somehow magnificent but dangerous as well. It just started to rain, when loud sounds echoed through the New York sewers.

"I'm not going to argue with you Raph! You heard my order! Tomorrow will be special training! You're not going topside!"

"Yeah, I heard ya' but I won't bark on 'ya command!" Raph waved with one hand while heading for the exit.

Leonardo quickly blocked Raph's path and stood in front of him, trying to be taller than his younger brother, who oversized them all. Raph gave a short snort. Their eyes met, gazing at each other with fire within them.

Leonardo went on, with slight annoyance in his voice. "I'm the leader of the team! We've had this conversation for so many times! Why do I always have to prove my point in front of you!"

Raph oversized Leonardo without much effort and moved closer to his older brother:" See this?!" Raphael pointed with one of his Sais to his throat. "No collar! Besides, you're not only leader you`re my brother as well! So as my brother, do me a favor and move aside!"The turtle in the red bandana gazed at Leo dangerously, but the leader refused to move or react in anyway.

Raphael gave a deep growl. "Move a side! Casey's waiting fo' me and I'm not goin' to miss him, just 'cause you wanted to play Splinter-junior!"
Leonardo didn't move an inch. He already knew all of Raph's insult, so he wasn't surprised to get called Splinter junior again.

From the couch, where Donatello and Michelangelo had watched that scenario, Don gave a loud moan. "Gee! Leo you're not going to win this argument. He'll head topside!
You can't stop hothead here!"

Mikey nodded in wild affirmation. "Just let him go already! Maybe the weather will cool him off, because all I got so far is a headache from the storm and your argument down here!" Don sighed before letting himself sink deeper into the couch.

Raph gave a small grin before he bumped into Leonardo. Shoulder met shoulder as he went towards the exit.

The fearless leader now gazed in anger at Raph, who already was halfway through the exit. "Fine than! Go ahead! I hope you catch the flu!"

Raph's hand waved a last good bye before it vanished in the door "Whatever you say fearless!"

Leo's face turned red in sheer anger. He went to the exit but refused to follow Raph. He just shouted through the sewers. "I won't come topside and collect your pieces!"

Raph's voice echoed through the sewers "I'll find my way home!"

He didn`t…

Hours after Raph left the sewers, the storm still rampaging topside, Casey came by. He was looking none other than his red banded friend. They had to wait several hours to head topside and search for their now missing brother because the storm just didn't want to calm down. After looking almost everywhere, Leo remembered an old abandoned shack building Raph used to go to if he couldn't make it back to the lair. It been his secret, when he was out, forbidden to go, dressed as the Nightwatcher. Although Raph's Nightwatcher days were over, Leo somehow hoped to find him there, so he can turn his sorrows to anger. He really did find something there, but it wasn't what he had hoped to find. When they entered the rotten house, they froze. Mikey swallowed hard just to resist puking his meal out. Leo wasn't sure if he wanted to cry or just shout out loud. There was blood. Everywhere. Sputtered like an awkward painting above walls and broken windows, telling a story of a fight. In the middle of the room where the largest buddle of blood was, were scrub marks, which ended only a meter before the exit. Lying silently, soaked all over with blood, was one of Raph's sais, but no sign of their owner.

One day later, Don came back with the results of the blood samples. As everyone feared, it was Raphael's blood. Donatello explained, that there is no way, a human being, even a turtle mutant could have survived such a blood loss. One week later and after bitter and unsuccessful searches for their lost brother, they declared him dead. In the dojo, near the training weapon inventory, a shrine had been built. On it laid a wooden blackboard and the remaining sai and Japanese letters building the words:

"Raphael Hamato † 20XX"