This has been inspired by the fic 'Lightsabers' by Jillie Chan. I didn't own any of the characters. All characters are owned by George Lucas. Thanks to my betareader, Alex0821.

Secrets of the Armor

By Marie Nomad

Han felt pretty good. No, he felt really good. The Emperor is dead and so is Darth Vader. He may not have been psychic but he could just feel the joy and light of this place. The former smuggler walked through the woods, avoiding the occasional Ewok and then saw a somber looking Luke looking over body of Darth Vader. How in the stars did Vader survive? He looked closer to see that it was his armor all dismantled into limbs and chest piece. "Hey, kid."

"Hi." Luke gazed at the armor.

"Salvaging for parts?" Han joked.

"NO! I… I am getting this ready to burn in a pyre. I thought that he should get a funeral. I was looking for anything that might explode." Luke confessed as he stared at it.

"Don't worry, I won't take anything. It's nice of you to give him a funeral. Anyone else would be selling it to the nearest dealer." Han had to smile at Luke's heart. Even after all that he went through with Darth Vader, he still wanted to give the bastard a way into the Afterlife. "Need some help?"

"Sure." Luke picked up remains of a leg. "Look at this stuff. This is all junk. It look like it hasn't upgraded in years.

Han picked up a control panel. "If someone gets close enough, he could just push a button and shut him down. Why didn't he get it upgraded?"

"The Emperor was holding him back. He wanted him to be weak because if he gets better parts, he might kill the Emperor."

"That's… sad." Han felt something in his heart. Now, he is starting to feel sorry for Darth Vader. "Let's just do this."

"Yeah… I think there's something in here." Luke pushed on the foot and it flipped opened. A lightsaber identical to the one that Darth Vader lost fell out.

"A backup?"

"I guess." Luke shrugged and then picked up the other leg and two more lightsabers fell out. "A few back ups."

The two became really curious and rummage through the armor. "Here's two in this thigh," Han spoke up.

"Three in the back slots…"

Han stared at the codpiece. Luke caught his stare. They had the same idea and yet they didn't dare want to say it. "You don't think…"

Cautiously, Luke got the codpiece and opened it. "Another one."

"How many light sabers does one guy need?"

"I don't know. Maybe, he likes to fight with more than one?"

"I don't think so. I saw him fight. He had to have a defensive stance to protect his chest. Maybe, he keeps them just in case he lost one or two…"

"Or three." Han examined the chest panels and two more fell out. "I counted nine so far. What should we do with all these lightsabers?"

"Let's burn them with the body. These are his and I don't want to see them."

"All right."

Meanwhile in the realms of the Force…

Obi-Wan looked at his young apprentice. "You still lose lightsabers?"

"There were only nine." Anakin shifted slightly.

"How many did you make?"



"I had to throw my lightsaber a few times and they get intercepted. It's also impossible to look straight down with that stupid helmet on-" Anakin started listing excuses. Obi-Wan chuckled and then laughed out loud. The redeemed Jedi glanced at his master curiously.

"It's good to see that some things never change, my Padawan."

The End