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Chapter One

Bella POV

Edward, Esme, Alice and Jasper were out hunting. Carlisle was at the hospital working. I was reading Wuthering Heights again while watching Jake and Nessie talk and play.

"Momma, I wanna play hide and go seek," Nessie asked.

"Nessie, not now I'm busy."

"But momma, please!" She looked up at me with the cutest puppy dog eyes and her rose coloured lips formed into a pout, how could I refuse her.

"Fine! Who else is playing?"

"Jake, and do you think that Uncle Emmett will play too? Aunt Rose won't play she's out fixing her car. Again."

"He might, if you ask him real nice."

Nessie skipped over to where Emmett was playing on his PlayStation 3. "Uncle Emmett….will you play hide and go seek with me, momma and Jake. Pleeeaaasseee!"

"HELL YEAH! That's like my favourite game EVER!" He shouted, dropping in controller on the floor. "Who's gonna count?"

"I will…Momma…Jake …Uncle Emmett…ready or not here I come!" Nessie shouted and we all ran and hid.


I walked upstairs whilst Emmett barged past me at vampire speed, having way too much fun at a play school game.


I saw Jake rush past the bottom of the stairs going toward the back door. I carried on walking up the stairs to Edward's old room to hide in our closet. When I came across Alice and Jasper's room and thought their closet would be a bigger and better place to hide in. Nessie would have more fun that way. I walked to their closet and hid behind Alice's dresses being careful not to tear them. I sat down against the wall when I felt something dig into my back, I turned around and realised it was a handle to a door. What was Alice doing with a secret door in her closet?

I decided to venture through the door and see what Alice was hiding. It was unlocked and thought maybe it wasn't so secret. Through open door I saw it was pitch black, I walked further into the darkness and stumbled down some stairs, good thing I was a vampire or that would have hurt.

Once I got up from the cold floor. Cold? Why is it cold inside a house? I looked around me to find I was outside but it was a surrounding I was not familiar with, to be honest I'd never seen this place before in my life. It didn't even seem like Forks it was raining but way too crowded for the little town. I walked down the crowded streets getting a few wolf whistles along the way, looking at the clothes some people were wearing I didn't think it was 2009 all the women were wearing skirts and long coats, last time I checked it was summer.

I walked up to someone getting freaked out about where I actually was. "Excuse me, could you tell me where I am?"

"Are you trying to be funny, Lady? We're in Chicago," He said looking me up and down. "If you really are lost I could help you find where you need to be and show around."

"Oh yeah silly me, Chicago" I replied. Chicago how the hell did I get to Chicago through a door in Alice's freaking closet. Now I was really freaking out. If I was human I'd be hyperventilating.

"Hey, you wait!" I shouted to the guy who I just talked to. "What year is it?"

"1918, are you sure you don't want any help?"

"I'm fine, thank you," HOLY CROW 1918, this is really bad, wait 1918. Edward. Chicago. I've got to get to the hospital Carlisle will be there.

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