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Chapter Four

Carlisle POV

"I'm going to have to check on Edward now, and explain the vampire thing to him." I told Bella, although I think she knew I mean that it was time. "Would you like to come with me?" I thought she should be there, although was debating on whether that was a good thing to do.

If Edward was her husband in the future, then she would have many feelings for him and to see him in all that pain, it would be torture.

"Yes, if that's okay with you." Bella replied.

"Are you sure? He will be in great pain; do you want to put yourself through it?"

"It would only be the same pain I went through when I changed and he had to watch me suffering." She answered.

With that I rose out of my chair and walked toward the door. Bella got up and followed me; I opened the door and gestured for her to go first. "Ladies first." She walked out of the door and replied with a quiet thank-you.

We walked down the corridor of the hospital I knew I would have to leave after tonight, I would have to hand in my notice and say I have to leave immediately and apologise for being so late to tell them. I would have a new job on my hands in a couple of days, looking after a new born, it will not be easy although maybe now I could count on the help of Bella.

Thoughts of the future were crowding my mind; so many things had changed in my plans since just yesterday. When I finally got to the end of the corridor, Edward's room, I hesitated, my hand on the door knob. I don't know why I was suddenly so worried, I knew exactly what I was going to say, except Edawrd already knew part of the sotry I just had to fill in the gaps and then strat the change.

I guess I was worried abou the pain I would cause him, no the path I would like to take but to save his life from the claws of death I would do anything, I have come to love Edward as my son, as if he was my own. I woudld like it to stay like that to make a large family, with a wife and lots of children. My coven. I'd never heard of a large coven, three at the most, well all except the Volturi. But mine would be different the first vvampire coven to be 'vegetarians'.

I finally turned the door knob. Pushed the door forward. Walked into the room. I looked toward the bed to find it empty.

"Edward," I called. But there was no answer. I was starting to get worried that something might have happened to him and that he had been rushed to surgery or another room. Or perhaps that I had been to late to save him, that he's died. But I'm sure that another nurse would have come to tell me of the situation.

"Bella, check in the corridor to see if there is a nurse out there. If there is bring her in here we need some answers."

There were so many places he could've gone so many possibilities but there was one I couldn't imagine him doing, I don't know why I was evern thinking of it. He wouldn't do it. Edward wouldn't run away. Would he?

Bella POV

I was starting to get worried, after seeing the hospital room empty, I couldn't think of where Edward had gone. If he had to be moved away from me, or if he had moved away from me by choice. Either was unbearable because I didn't know where he was, what he was doing or if he is in pain. I finally found a nurse coming out of a patients room.

"Excuse me, Dr. Carlsisle would like a word with you in Edward Masen's room."

"Oh right I will be there right away."

She followed me down the hall back to the empty room. Carlsile was sat on the bed when we got there.

"Any ideas?" I asked him when I walked throught the door.

"No, I have no idea hwere he could possibly be." He answered me then turnerd to the nurse. "Do you know where the young Edward Masen is?"

"He should be in here." She started to look worried. "Has he gone somewhere…oh dear…this is awful…he can't have gone somewhere I would have thought him far too weak." She ran out of the room, probably to see if there was anyone out there who knew.

If only there was cell phones back in 1918. This problem would be easily sorted out by a quick 30 phone call. I missed my Edward in my time and my daughter, how I wished I could jus hold her in my arms, she always knew how to cheer me up.

That made me think, where they all missing me, was a really gone in the present, or was it jus here. Would like just carry on as normal as if I had never existed or would time carry on without me, leave me behind here forever. There was always the possibility that time would be slower in the present time, slower than normal, like in movies and books. I hoped so, everyone would be so worried if not.

Carlisle was just perched on the end of Edward's bed deep in thought, his face filled with worry. I knew that Edward and him had a special bond, like a father son bond, every since Edwards real father had died. I couldn't imagine how I would feel losing my father, it would be unbearable. I know he's not been there for much of ti but these past years he has definitely made up for it. I'm so glad I decided to go live with him, one of the best decisions of my life, except maybe saying yes to Edward when he proposed.

"Carlisle, did he ever say he had a favourite place to go or a childhood memory he might hav thought of." I asked trying to think of somewhere he might have gone. "I know he was weak and all but once Edward gets something into his mind, he will most definitely stick to it."

"Yes you are right there, Bella." He paused trying to think of somewhere. "Well he could have gone back to his house, ther would be some memories of his parents there. He always seemed to mention going to the park to play baseball with his father, his favourite times of his childhood."

"We should try those places then." I told him. "It's definitely a start."

"Right well then lets go." Carlsile lead the way out the door. We went a different way outside to the street, I guess it was the staff exit or something along those lines.

"Do you know where Edward used to live?" I asked Carlisle just to be sure.

"Yes, I knew the Masens before they became victim to that dreadful disease." He said as he carries on walking.

I looked down at myself, I think I really should buy some different clothes if I am going to be spending a lot more time here than I thought. I stand out too much, and that is not a good thing for a vampire, if they are already looking at me more for my clothes they could catch me doing something inhuman. I don't know what the penalties and laws are for this time but I doubt that I would get off with a warning.

I think that we were getting closer, as the crowds of people were getting smaller, wchihc meant we were coming out of the main town and nearing the small streets with people houses. Edward had never told me much about his human life, I guess it was too emotional for him. So it will be interesting for me to find out all this information about his family and actually going to his favourite childhood places and his house.

"Right, here we aree." Carlsile stopped outside the most beautiful house I had ever seen. It had ivy climbing up the left hand of the front door all the way up to the top floor window. The front door was painted a bright blue and there was a magnificent golden knocker placed below the engraved number. The garden before the door was amazing, there were trees, plants and flowers of all kinds. Esme would have loved this garden. Carlisle walked up the path toward the door. He turned round to look at me, as if to say are you coming?

I slowly walked up the path taking in the beautiful smell of the rose bushes that encased the long path to the door. Once I got there Carlisle took the knocker in his hand and knocked it twice, and then twisted the door handle, and pushed the door so that it opened.

"Hello…Edward…is there anyone here?" Carlisle shouted into the cold, and what seemed to be deserted house. The house seemed so cold, like when The Masons died the house died with them. We walked into the living room, it was still full with their furniture but every piece was covered in a white sheet, all except an armchair, which meant that someone, hopefully Edward had been here. We moved on to the large dining room, there was a long table placed in the centre and surrounding it were eight chairs again all covered in the same white fabric. Next we entered the kitchen, some cupboards had been opened, Edward was probably trying to find food, although there wasn't a single drop of food in the house. It was most likely cleaned out when the family were admitted to hospital.

Carlisle POV

This house brought back the memory a few weeks ago when I was first called to the Mason household, all three family members had come down with the Spanish Influenza, an awful disease, most cases resulting in death. I was already friends with the Masons, as I lived on the same street as them, having the occasional meal with them. I was so devastated when I heard it was them, poor Edward just starting out his life on his own and then it was just going to be taken from him.

That's why I was going to change him, to make him like me. I knew he wouldn't like it at first, but in time he would come to understand why I couldn't let him go to waste, why I had to save him. Hopefully Bella would help me to do this, as they seem to have a connection with each other.

Bella POV

Carlisle then led the way up the spiral staircase and to an open room, it had a bed under yet another piece of fabric, a wardrobe also hidden, two set of drawers and two bedside tables. It was hard to think of Edward and his family living in this house it seemed to dark and cold in contrast with the garden surrounding the house. We left that room, and as Carlisle walked down to the end of the hall to the next open door. I stopped outside one he had obviously not seen and opened it.

Inside the room was a single bed, this time not covered with a sheet as it had been taken off and thrown on the floor. I sat on the bed, it was warm, Edward had been here I could smell him on the sheets his warm human scent that was causing my mouth to water, although not in a bad way.

I began to smell Edward again as I got up off the bed and made for the door, it was like he was still somewhere in the house, I followed the trail, thanking God I was a vampire and had my new keen sense of smell. Carlisle must have smelt it too as he was in the hallway just in front of me.

All of a sudden a familiar melody was coming from downstairs, we turned back the way we came and walked back down the detailed spiral staircase. Clair de Lune was being played on a piano and instantly I knew it was Edward. He seemed to be in a room we hadn't quite got to yet, but as well tried to open the door we found it was locked.