He had been traveling for days without success. Looking at his holographic databases, he read again the description of the target: a person wearing orange monk robes, easily identified by the blue arrow tattoos adorning his body. The man was supposed to be about one hundred years old and master of all elements.

Sorga Fett put away the holoprojector and concentrated hard. Sorga was a tall, lean man, with a greenish-yellow suit of armor. He used the optical enhancers in his helmet to scan the area. Suddenly he spied a flash of blue! He quickly landed his scout ship, its camouflage panels quickly matching the surroundings. His suit did likewise, so both were totally invisible. Silently and stealthily, he moved towards his quarry.

"Aang? Can…can I talk to you for a minute?" Katara asked.

"Sure! Where?"

"Over there, just in the woods."

"Okay." Aang replied. "Boy," he thought, "this could be my big chance!" They walked together into the forest until they were sure they were alone.

"Aang, I have something to talk about. It's really important."

"I kinda have something to tell you, Katara. I…" but he never finished. As his next words were about to follow, Sorga Fett 'materialized', pointed a blaster directly at the back of Aang's head, and grabbed him around the waist.

"Move a muscle and the avatar dies!" He smirked as Aang tried to slip away from his grasp. It, however, was all in vain. Sorga had a grip like solid steel.

"Please don't hurt him!" Katara begged.

"I do whatever I'm hired to do. I'm a bounty hunter. I'll do anything if the price is right, except for release the one I have been hired to capture. Now…" He pulled out a small canister and pressed a button on its top. It opened with a hiss and, with a loud whirr, sucked Aang into it. Sorga calmly attached the canister to his belt, completely oblivious to Katara's obvious distress. His armor activated, and he walked toward his shuttle, completely invisible.

When the bounty hunter disappeared, Katara was heartbroken. She had brought Aang all the way out here only to see him captured. In the distance, she saw a craft that lifted off the ground and flew away. Suddenly she remembered that she could fly as well. Finding Appa, she climbed into the saddle and shouted "Yip yip!" Appa rose into the sky. By this time, however, Sorga had reached Ozai's palace. When he reached the throne room, he retrieved the canister.

"I want two things:" Sorga said, "To be paid in full and to know what you're planning for the avatar!"

"Rest assured, you will be paid what was agreed on. And as for the avatar, he will be punished the way all traitors are: by death." Sorga was shocked, but did not say anything. He took the money and walked out to his ship.

"I know just what I'll do." He said to himself, " I'll take the avatar back to his friends tonight. Yes, that's what I'll do"

Meanwhile, Katara had given up searching. When she got back to camp, Sokka greeted her, than asked where Aang was. This simple question caused her to break down in tears, much to both Sokka and Toph's complete surprise. "He was taken by a bounty hunter!" she sobbed, "I took Appa and searched everywhere, but I couldn't find him!" She calmed down a bit.

"What exactly did this bounty hunter look like?" Sokka inquired, and she described Sorga for him. "Sorta like the guy standing behind you?" He asked, pointing behind her.

"Yeah," she sniffed, looking back at the newly arrived Sorga, "Just like him." She blinked, did a double take, and drew water from her water skin. "I'm going to make this simple. Return Aang or I'll…"

"You'll what?" Sorga laughed, " Soak me and make my armor rust? Believe me, it's not gonna work. Indestructible armor. What I'm here for is to…"

"To what?" Snapped Sokka, " Take another of us to Ozai? Not going to happen."

"Would you let him finish?!" Toph retorted, punching Sokka in the arm.

"Yes, please, let me finish. What I'm going to do tonight is take Aang away from Ozai, and take him back here. I've decided that what Ozai has in store for poor Aang is inhumane."

"Thank you so much!" Katara said, now ecstatic that she would see Aang again.

"Hmmph." said Sokka, rubbing his sore arm.

"I'm leaving right now, expect me in about five minutes." There was a brilliant flash as Sorga touched a button on his left forearm and disappeared.

Aang was sitting on his cell bunk thinking he would never see Katara again when the bounty hunter that had captured him materialized in his cell. "What the…" Aang began, but he never finished.

"Shhhh!" hissed Sorga. "I'm busting you out. Stand clear of the door!" As Aang backed away, Sorga aimed his blaster at the door, and blew it off its hinges. Soldiers ran toward the spot, shouting wildly, but were quickly silenced by Sorga's swift blows. Aang watched in admiration as Sorga calmly sent the entire garrison of soldiers to dreamland. They ran to the outer door when Ozai blocked the exit.

"Well, well, well. What have we here?" He chuckled. "Sorga Fett, don't tell me you've gone soft hearted for this little traitor?"

"My services have been bought to retrieve him. Don't make yourself an obstacle. You know full well what I do to obstacles." Sorga drew his twin blasters and held them at the ready.

"Indeed, I do know. Your father must be so proud." Ozai replied in a mocking tone.

"He does not feel emotions, not even for me. Not for nothing is Boba Fett the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy." Sorga's temper rose, and he holstered his blasters before drawing a small cylinder from his robes. "And it is not for nothing that I am the most efficient bounty hunter in the galaxy!" He pressed a button on the cylinder's side, and a bright, shimmering green blade erupted from its tip.

Ozai's eyes widened and he stepped aside. Sorga threw a rock that hit the Firelord directly on his forehead, knocking him out "stone cold".(no pun intended). Sorga then jumped and sliced a hole in the ceiling. He held onto the rim and pulled himself up onto the roof. Aang followed suit as Sorga pushed a series of buttons on his right upper arm. His ship, the Slave 2, approached the roof and Sorga and Aang climbed in. As they flew to the campsite, Sorga asked Aang a question: "How do you feel about Katara?"

Aang knew that he had to answer out of politeness. "I…like her."

"How much?"

"A lot…okay, so I love her. Can ya blame me?" Aang finally admitted.

"No, I can't, Aang," Sorga replied, "she is caring and, from what I've seen of her, she likes you too. When I approached her, going to announce my intentions of returning you, she was sobbing her heart out because she couldn't find you."

"But…but I've never known her to cry much at all! That can't be true!"

"It is. When I told them my plan to rescue you, she was absolutely ecstatic!"


"Yeah. I wish I could get someone like that in my life, but no one likes a bounty hunter." By this time the ship was landing at the camp.

"When Katara saw Aang she was so happy she ran up and gave him a hug. Sokka grimaced, walked up to Aang, grinned evilly, and gave him a noogie. Toph just gave him a light punch on the arm. All, however, were glad to see him again. The group was so happy, in fact, they invited Sorga to become one of them. He happily agreed, and he set about securing the area as only he could.

Later that night, Aang was meditating when Katara walked up and broke his trance by placing a hand on his shoulder. Aang stood up and asked Katara what she wanted. She said: "Aang, can you come to the woods with me again?"

"Yeah, I just hope it turns out better this time!" he replied, joking. Laughing softly, the two retreated into the forest.

When they were in the forest's center, Katara gave Aang a hug and said, "I missed you."

"I missed you too, Katara." Aang replied.

"Aang?" Katara asked.


"I…I love you." Aang was so shocked, he had to sit down. He had been about to tell her the exact same thing!

"I love you too." As he said this, they looked deep into each other's eyes. Then they kissed, each enjoying the moment, never wanting it to stop. However, they had to part for air, and then they kissed again, only this time was deeper, and even more passionate, (if that's even possible) than the last. They parted and walked out of the forest, hand in hand, until they reached the camp and each went to their own cots. Soon they fell asleep. Little did anyone realize that a pair of eyes was staring intently at the cot where Sorga lay.