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Chuck vs. His Brain

Chapter 4: Intersect Room, part three

Chuck's Brain (Memory Department):

The drop in temperature had worked. The few failing systems were coming online and into synchrony with the switchboard. All available terminals were being occupied by personnel. But Logic's face had not changed since the warning.

"This new protocol has no usage for memory manipulation. Why is this protocol embedded on the data stream?" Logic was talking to himself.

"Logic, sir! We have a breach of security on the Survival System," yelled Gammah amid the ruckus in the Department.

"What? Impossible. Gammah, relay your functions to technical office Wanna. I want to know who is breaching the Survival System."

"Yes sir!"

"This could not be at a worse moment", thought Logic. "The new protocol is creating subdirectories in the Memory Structure, but no apparent function. And the breach in the Survival System; this is not a coincidence. Damn the Intersect! Remain calm. Center."

"Sir, the breach, it's coming from the Memory Department! Subsection DEFAS233. It's one of the memory allocation sections of the Intersect!" reported Gammah

"I hate to be right", thought Logic.

"Someone get Common Sense in here!"

Chuck's Brain (Hypothalamus):

Common Sense was anxiously waiting for Pleasure and BC Evan to finish their conversation.

"So you see, if you infuse the protein with the ginseng molecule, you'll get much more performance."

"Really!" exclaimed a rather interested Pleasure.

"We have no time for this. Pleasure, we're needed on the Memory Department," spoke a exasperated Common Sense.

"Fine, fine, let's go! Thank you again BC Evan. I'll try that protein shake thing," said Pleasure.

Both Instincts walked out of the Hypothalamus building and got on Grease Lighting. Two WBC officers were waiting besides the moped.

"Officers, we need an escort to get to the Memory Department. ASAP!" ordered Common Sense.

"Yes, sir!" came the reply from the officers.

"Finally, I can finally drive you without getting a ticket, my beauty!" snickered Pleasure while caressing Grease Lighting.

Chuck's Brain (Memory Department):

"Gammah, as soon as Common Sense and Pleasure arrive, I want you to go with them to the Survival System. Here, take my key," ordered Logic, while removing his key from under his shirt and handing it to her.

"But sir, the key, this is…" Gammah was interrupted by sounds of sirens.

As if on cue, Common Sense and Pleasure burst thru the front doors of the Department.

"There's no need to fear, Pleasure's here!"

Gammah was getting fed up with Pleasure. "He is an Instinct, you cannot kill one of HIS Instincts. He is an Instinct," thought Gammah, while walking over to the Instincts.

Hollers and cat calls where heard sparsely throughout the Department.

Common Sense looked at Logic. He looked extremely tired and almost without strength. The upload was taking a toll on him. Common Sense was headed to him, but saw that Gammah was coming over.

Directing her attention to Common Sense, Gammah spoke. "Sir, we have found a breach in the Automated Survival System. Somehow, the Intersect is trying to access the Control Center."

"Can it do that?" asked Common Sense.

"We don't know. That's what we need to find out," replied Gammah.

"But Logic's unavailable. We can't access the Survival System without him," said Common Sense as-a-matter-of-fact.

"Gammah is my proxy. Find out what you can. I have to recalibrate the filter for the new protocols. It seems to happen only on certain sections of the data stream," answered a weak Logic.

"Proxy Status?" asked Pleasure. "Oh my, this is becoming most interesting by the nanosecond," thought Pleasure to himself.

"Let's move out then" said a neutral Common Sense.

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

The Control Center was in chaos. Even though only the skeleton crew was on the Center, the place was packed. Messengers from all the other departments were handing out requests to Dorkan (techie #17). Dorkan was pulling on his beard.

Common Sense arrived first.

"Dorkan, status report!"

"Sir, we have 141 requests from all Departments. The first request…". Dorkan was interrupted by a serious Common Sense.

"Hold on to those requests. We will address them when the upload is complete," said Common Sense.

"But sir"


"Yes sir!"

"Messengers, go back to your Departments. We will re-establish communications shortly and will process your request afterwards. Now go!" barked Common Sense.

Fearing the famous "Common Sense's Wrath" coming into town, all the messengers got out of the Control Center in a timely fashion.

"Gammah, Pleasure, with me"

Pleasure opened his mouth, but resisted the urge to say what he had in his mind, as he valued his life at that moment. Gammah was a scary cell.

The trio walked into the back part of the Control Center, where two days ago, they had initiated the KISS-ALPHA program. As they reached the console, Gammah noticed that instructions were already running on the screen on the console.

"Sir, the breach is in progress!" said an agitated Gammah.

"Quick, enter your keys!" ordered Common Sense.

Common Sense and Pleasure took out their keys. Gammah already had hers in hand. The trio inserted their keys and followed the procedure.

"Please select instinct program to run," said the Ellie sounding computerized voice.

"Diagnostics Check, verification code CS-01"

"Diagnostics Check, verification code PL-03"

"Sirs, what do I say?" asked a nervous Gammah.

"Same as us, but say Proxy Gammah for LG-02, got it?" said Common Sense.

"Diagnostics Check, verification code Proxy Gammah for LG-02"

"Verifying, please wait"

"Verification confirmed. Do you wish to log out current user?"

"Current user?" asked Pleasure.

"Computer, open keyboard and show log status of last entries," said a confused Common Sense"

"Access Denied."

"WHAT?" came out of all three.

Suddenly, the lights went out.

Real World:

The images on the screens are changing at an increasing rate. All of a sudden, the screens fade to black momentarily before filling the entire room with a harsh white light. Chuck staggers against the Intersect workstation.

Chuck's Brain (Memory Department):

Bright green text glowed on all of Logic's screens. Upload complete.

"How can it be? I didn't see any closing containers. I better check." Logic was cut short when the power went out.

"A reboot was not needed. Why is the Mind rebooting?" Sensing dread, Logic reached for his pen light on the pocket protector.

The power went out and came on again.

"The others," Logic muttered silently while he ran for the Control Center.

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Darkness engulfed the Control Center. A girlish shriek was heard.

"Why is the Mind rebooting? I thought Logic said we didn't need the reboot?" asked a curious Common Sense, while looking for his pen light on his breast pocket. Having found it, he clicked in on and was surprised to see Pleasure in Gammah's arms, clinging to her, while a shocked Gammah stood open mouthed.

The scene was priceless.

The lights came on. Systems were coming online. Gammah was getting tired of holding Pleasure.

At this moment, Logic arrived. As soon as Gammah saw Logic, she unceremoniously dropped Pleasure.

"Logic, what in the Bearded One's grape soda induced nightmares, happened?" asked Common Sense.

"The upload was complete, but I do not know why a reboot was needed. Fortunately, we were prepared for the eventuality, so we should be suffering only minor delays in functions."

"People, status and damage report! I want to know what is going on with HIM!" barked a angry Common Sense.

"Systems are online. Communication's online. Eyes Department report slight double vision. Other Senses report online. Legs Department is compensating for the Mind Reboot. Speech Center is still coming online. No further damage reported, sir!" answered Dorkan.

"Very well…good job people!" said a relieved Common Sense.

"Gammah, go back to the Memory Department and give me status of memory space and allocation," spoke Logic.

"Yes sir!" In seconds Gammah was out of the Control Center.

Pleasure tapped his badge. "Lackeys, return to post. I want to know how we are faring."

"Yeah boss!" came the reply.

"Sir, we have visuals!"

"On screen" said Common Sense.

On the screen, a fuzzy image of the Intersect workstation could be seen. Upon readjusting, the words Upload Complete became clear.

"We need to destroy the Intersect. Right Hand, verify we have the device given to HIM by Bryce the Hero and insert it into the Intersect," ordered Common Sense.

Real World:

Chuck gets up and with the surge device in his hand, he proceeds to insert it into the Intersect. Alarms begin to blare from the workstation. On the screen, "Warning" followed by "Power Surge" is displayed. Electricity arches from the workstation, dancing across all screens that compose the room. On the workstation, the words "System Failure" flash right before the screen cracks. The Intersect Cube glows a bright red, before bursting in a white light and burning out. A sound of a door opening is heard.

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Cheering can be heard from all around Chuck Nation. In the Control Center, most of the personnel already had returned from the Memory Department and were congratulating each other. Smiling faces and laughs were seen all around. All around except for three people.

"It's done. But at what cost?" asked Common Sense to no one in particular.

"Did you finish the diagnostics on the Survival System?' asked Logic to Common Sense.

Pleasure was uncharacteristically quiet. That meant one of two things. Either something bad was about to happen, or he was missing a date with some cell. Pleasure was not looking at his watch.

"Incoming transmission from the Ears sir!" said Dorkan.

"Put them on," said Common Sense.

"Sir, we believe the sound of a door opening is coming in."

"Crap! Eyes, on screen now!" barked an even angrier Common Sense.

Real World:

Chuck looks up from the workstation when he hears the sound of the door. In comes the agent who betrayed Casey with a gun.

The agent asks Chuck, "What did you do?"

When Chuck does not respond, the agent raises his gun at him and repeats, "What did you do?"

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Panic began to flow through the Control Center. Common Sense reacted first.

"Logic, forget about the Survival System and plot a course of action with a high probability of escape. Dorkan, call the Adrenal Glands, we need 50% adrenaline in the system. Lungs, I need to increase the oxygen flow by 30%. Move people!"

"CS, this is a Survival Scenario, we need to activate the ASS," said a worried Pleasure.

"The Survival System could be compromised. We cannot depend on it. Logic! Where's my scenario?" replied Common Sense.

"I am working on it. The RAM cache is still being flushed from the upload. I'll need 4.5 seconds."

"Crap! I'll buy us some time. Patch me thru the Speech Center."

Real World:

"I destroyed it. You're too late," answers Chuck in a wobbly voice.

"For that, you'll die last!" says the agent.

From the outside, more agents come in, bringing Sarah and Casey, both handcuffed, at gunpoint.

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Everyone gasped. On the screen, the GODDESS was being held at gunpoint.

"We need to inform the GODDESS of Bryce the Hero's condition" stated Logic.

"Agreed, but we need to do it quietly," said Common Sense.

Real World:

Chuck captures Sarah's attention. He moves his eyes toward Bryce, which she follows.

Recognition dawns on Sarah.


She drops down to him.

"Bryce? Bryce?" The agents pull her up. She resists. "Bryce? No, wait! No! DON'T YOU TOUCH HIM!"she screams. An agent carries Bryce out of the room. Sarah is pulled, and then pushed towards Casey. Both are held at gunpoint. Sarah looks at Chuck.

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

The Chuck Nation flet the anguish of the GODDESS as one. No one moved at that moment except for Pleasure.

Pleasure took control of the main chair. Somberly, he ordered, "Speech Center, mute the vocal cords. This message is private."

Real World:

Chuck mouths, "I'm sorry".

"There is nothing left!" said the lead agent.

"So you lose," said Casey.

The leading Agent grimaces and walks towards Sarah and Casey. The other agents surround Chuck.

Directing his attention to Casey first, then to Sarah, the lead agent says, "You should know this. No one stops us. No one ever has!" A half smile creeps on his face.

"Who are you?" asks Sarah.

"Spies, Agent Walker, spies". The lead agent raises his gun toward Sarah. "The best".

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

On screen, all the events taking place are watched by the Chuck Nation. On the Control Center, some of the personnel began to cry. Others fainted. The situation looked grim.

"CS, he's going to shoot the GODDESS; we need to do something!" cried Pleasure.

"I…I…I don't know," stammered an incoherent Common Sense.

"Logic?" asked Pleasure.

"I do not know. We cannot activate the Survival System, or it could corrupt and we would go into reboot. It will be the end of HIM as well."

Suddenly, the light went out and Control Center was bathed in a red glow. From Logic's badge, Gammah's voice was heard.

"Logic, we have a situation. The Cortex has activated. The Brain Vault is accessing the intersect storages. I think it is a flash, but nothing like we have seen before!" she yelled.

"Oh, crap!" Pleasure ran over to the main chair and pressed a few buttons. Feedback echoed across the PA system.

"Everyone to their stations. We are under an Intersect Flash. I repeat we are under an Intersect Flash."

Everyone knew what was coming. The whole Control Center rumbled and shook like it was being hit by an earthquake.

Amid the rumbling, Logic ran for the Memory Department.

"I need to control the flux. Call me if anything arises." And Logic was gone.

Common Sense was in a stupor, mumbling, "I..I..I"

Pleasure slapped Common Sense. "Get your stuff together mister! We are not abandoning HIM OR the GODDESS!"

While Common Sense reacted, Pleasure looked at the Survival System. He noticed a program running in the screen.

"What the…" Pleasure ran to the machine. He began to see the code on the screen and then he felt it. Pleasure was not always the best of the Instincts, but when he felt something, he was always right. A smile crept into his face.

"For once, I'm happy that blasted thing's in HIS head!"

Pleasure tapped his badge.

"Logic, whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT stop the Intersect from what it's doing!"

A larger shockwave rumbled in the Control Center.

"Are you mad, Pleasure! We need to…" Pleasure interrupted Logic.

"Trust me."


"Very well."

Within nanoseconds, the voice of the Survival System could be heard coming from the machine.

"Verification confirmed...commencing program KUNGFU."

Everyone was rocked back and forth in the Control Center. Pleasure took a seat in the main chair, buckled on, took out some 3D glasses from his robe, which he put on and said, "Engage!"

Real World:

"Sir, you should look at this!"

The lead agent walks over to Chuck.

Sarah, recognizing Chuck's facial features asks, but knowing full well the answer: "Chuck, did you just flashed?"

The lead agent, looks closely at Chuck, who's still coming out of the flash.

"He uploaded it"

"Oh Chuck me!" growls Casey.

Sarah looks at Chuck, dread on her features.

The lead agent orders, "Kill him"

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

The shockwaves subsided and the Control Center stopped shaking. Pleasure spoke.

"Dorkan, damage report?"

Stunned, Dorkan weakly checks his workstation and answered, "No damage reported, sir!"

The red glow continued on the Control Center.

"Folks, I take it we are not in charge yet, so strap in and enjoy the ride!"

At hearing Pleasure's statement, everyone quickly buckled their chair restraints.

From out of nowhere, Pleasure takes out a tub of popcorn. Still with his 3D glasses on, he offers the food item to Common Sense.


Real World:

Chuck, in one fluid motion, disarms all of the agents. Then he cartwheels away, and finishes with a jumping back flip.

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Everyone was amazed at the action they saw on the screen.

Common Sense regained his composure but was still somewhat shocked.

"Since when do we kick? Since when do we flip?!?!"

Smiling, Pleasure answered, "We, my brother, are better than the illegitimate lovechild of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris!"

Real World:

Chuck lands from his jumping back flip and looks at his hands. He lifts his eyes towards Sarah and Casey. Sarah looks amazed at Chuck. Casey just stares in shock. Chuck sense movement out of the corner of his eyes, and stands ready. He rolls forward, delivering a punch to the abdomen of the agent to his left. Then, while getting up, he delivers a right chop to another agent. He turns around and does a side kick to the head of a third agent. He spins around and delivers a blow to the chest of another agent. Forward kick. Left Chop. Right Backhand. An agent tries to kick his head, but Chuck ducks and delivers a front kick to the incoming agent. He then backhands an agent coming from the left, while capturing the punch from an agent to his right. He flips over the agent who he had in the arm hold. He then clotheslines one more agent, leaving only the lead agent. They trade kicks and punches, until Chuck connects a blow to the chest following with a kick to his solar plexus. The lead agent gets thrown from the kick against the wall and slides down to the floor. Chuck looks around and notices that every agent is down.

Casey can only reply "Uhhh"

Sarah looks at Chuck a mix of shock and amazement. She stumbles to ask: "Chuck?!"

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Everyone in the Control Center cheered. Pleasure munched on his popcorn, while Common Sense looked on, mouth agape. Logic and Gammah are entering the Control Center.

"Now THIS is better than Pay-per-view!" chuckled Pleasure.

"What in the name of Tron is going on?!" asked a confused Logic.

"I don't know, but the freaking Intersect activated the ASS and kicked butt!" replied a smiling Pleasure.

"The GODDESS asked something," spoke a bewildered Common Sense.

"Let me handle this. I have the perfect comeback."

Real World:

Chuck says, "Guys, I know Kung Fu."

Chuck's Brain (Control Center):

Loud groans were heard from the Control Center.

"What?" asked a satisfied Pleasure.

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