Authors note.

This is my first fan fiction and my English isn't so good.

I'm from Sweden but I decided to write in English as a challenge.

I'm sure I have spelled wrong and stuff like that but don't judge me,

I'm only fifteen and still learning.


I woke up early in the morning, before Charlie was up and went to my room to take care of my back.

I walked to the shower and jumped in. The warm water hurt so badly on my back; after I showered I stepped out and looked in the mirror on my back. There were deep scratches on my back there the lamp had hit me.

I knew I shouldn't have argued with Charlie yesterday.

It all happened when Charlie come home drunk as usually. I was really hungry but I couldn't eat if Charlie wasn't home, he paid for the food and he wanted to make sure I didn't eat too much.

Not that I was fat, we just hadn't so much money so we had to be careful with the food, plus that I was smaller than him, he needed more food and nutrition than me. I should be glad that I at least can have breakfast and dinner. We don't have so much money that I can buy lunch in school and I can't take food with me, but I'm pretty sure a large amount of his money go too booze.

It was Sunday and on Sundays he is in Seattle and get drunk, he's the chief of police so he can drive home even when he is drunk with out get caught. He comes home drunk and it's always worse when he is drunk.


Charlie got in through the door and stumbled his way in to the living room.

He was drunk again, I was so angry. Can he never come home sober and take care of his daughter?

Guess not.

"Charlie I'm hungry, can I make some food?" I asked quietly.

"You are a fucking spoiled brat, do you fucking know that?" he yelled and pointed at me.

The anger was building up inside of me.

"I was just asking if I could have some food so I don't starve to death."

"I think is a wonderful idea that you starve to death," he said with a smile.

"You're the most pathetic person I know," I screamed in his face, big mistake.

He took the lamp on the table next to him and threw it at me when I turned my back to him to walk away from him.

The lamp hit my back and the pain was so overwhelming that I sank to the floor and a blood-curling shriek of agony came through my lips.

I lay on the floor and smelled the blood, the darkness came and the last thing I heard was Charlie's laugh

End of flashback

I walked to my room to put on some clothes. I ended up with a black shirt, brown hoodie that my mom got for me last year, and blue jeans. All my clothes were a little too big because of my weight loss, but I didn't mind, who cares how I look?

Ever since I came here to Forks I never talked to anyone, I tried to be invisible, and it really works.
No one pay attention to me, not even the teachers, I'm like a ghost, the girl who sits all alone in the back of the class. And I like it that way.

I walked down the stairs and went to the kitchen, I grabbed a granola bar and sat down at the table.
When I had finished it I made some tea and went to my room.

I sat in my bed and listened to my iPod. "The Veronicas" songs played on repeat till it was time to go to school. I took my back pack and quietly walked out and closed the door. I locked the door and turned around just to be slapped across the face by Charlie.

It didn't hurt so much, he wasn't angry now. Swiftly I walked to my truck and drove to school.

When I got to school I did what I do everyday, I walk with my head down and go straight to class.
The first lesson was math, oh how much I hate math.

I sat in the back of the class there no one can look at me. Thanks to the over sized hoodie no one can see my bruises and I can pretend everything is normal.

Lunch came fast, but since I can't eat at school I went to my locker and took my English books, placed them in my back pack and walked to the English class room.
I didn't bother with turning on the light; I just walked to my table, took my iPod and listened to music. After ten minutes the light turned on and a man walked in the classroom.

He was gorgeous, he looked like Adonis himself.

I guess it was Mr. Cullen, our new English teacher. He walked to his desk that was in the top of the classroom, and put his bag on the floor next to his desk.
Gracefully he walked to his chair by the desk that was placed so that if you sat there you could look over the class room, over the students.

I watched him carefully, not making any sound, he hadn't seen me yet, if you can do that, then you are being good at play invisible.
After a moment he looked up and looked in my eyes.

He was so beautiful with his pale skin, reddish hair and green eyes, eyes you just have to love.
His hairdo was impossible, like you recently walked out of bed and it suited him.

Mr. Cullen.

Wonder what his first name is, his last name are beautiful too, just like him.
Wait, beautiful just like him? I can't think he's beautiful he is my teacher for the love of all that's holy.

He smiled at me, I think he is the first person I seen smile a real smile to me, he can't know who I am yet.
Hesitantly I smiled back and blushed, typical me.

After a few minutes he looked at the clock that was over the door, that clock has always been broken, never showed the right time.
When he noticed the time that the clock showed he looked confused and I felt like talking to him and tell him, weird, I never really had that feeling before.

"The clock is broken, no matter what you does, that clock will never work right and show the right time," I said and looked down, embarrassed that I didn't were polite enough and said "Mr." or something to him.

"Good to know," he said and he had the sexiest voice I've heard.

He looked threw a couple of papers and I took my reading book "Wuthering heights" out of my back pack and put my iPod in it.
I laid on the table with my arms on the table and my head resting on my arms and the book in front of me.
After a few minutes he asked:

"What are you reading?" confused that he was talking to me I looked up at him.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yes of course, there no one else here," he had a point.

"Wuthering Heights," I answered.

"That's good, you're going to read that book and do a paper about it so that's good that you already started reading it."

"I've already read it a few times, are there any other books we are going to do any papers about?" that I've read it a few times was an understatement but that was nothing he needed to know.

"Yeah, I thought you would read the classics, like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Pride and prejudice."

"Okay, good to know," I've read all of them a couple of times already, this is going to be a fun semester, I smiled at that thought.

The first warning bell rang and after a moment other students walked through the door.
I took my English books from my back pack and sat them in front of me on the table, sat up and made me invisible.
That means head down and hides behind my hair.


I looked up through my eyelashes and saw Tanya walk to Mr. Cullen who still sat at his desk.

"Hi, I'm Tanya Denali you're our new English teacher right?" she asked in her horrible high pitched voice.


"Yeah, I'm Edward Cullen," so that was his first name, I like it, it really fits him.

"I just wanted to say that I think that we are going to be good friends," she rested her arms on the desk so Edward could have a view of her cleavage.

I'm diffidently going to puke.

Mr. Cullen just looked away with a disgusted look on his face and then back to her face.

"Ms. Denali the class are soon going to begin so if you please could sit down," he said firmly and Tanya walked over to her table with her ego somewhat hurt.

When everyone was here Mr. Cullen started with attendance, I think he is the first teacher who ever done that.

When he called my name I almost whispered a yes but thankfully only he heard.

He wanted to discuss this lesson, and I figured he didn't know what to talk about when he let us decide. That was a big mistake.

Everyone started talking; it was like in a chicken farm.

This could take awhile so I rested my head in my hand and my elbow on the table and looked out the window.

I day dreamed about how my life would be if I didn't live with Charlie anymore.

I was abrupt pulled from my thoughts when I heard my full name.

"Bella," I corrected automatic.

I heard the students stop talking; I figured they for the first time heard my voice.

"Do you have any suggestion?" Mr. Cullen asked.

He just had to pick me right?

I sighed and turned to face him, I thought about a topic and I was pretty hungry so why not the cafeteria food.

"Maybe the cafeteria food," I said with a shrug.

He looked at me and then at the class.

"So who should I pick out to discuss?" He asked out load.

Everyone was really quiet, and I mentally begged that he wouldn't pick me, I have never eaten there, how can I discuss about it?

Finally he chose Mike Newton and Lauren Mallory.

Lauren, the dumbest human on earth, naturally didn't know what to do so Mr. Cullen had to clarify things, it sounded like he was talking to a kid.

After minutes of boring discussing of food they finally stopped.

Edward seemed generally confused when they stopped talking but swiftly started talking on our next task.

"We're going to do this again later, but then we are going to discuss different books you're going to read," He said and walked around the classroom and gave everyone a paper there classical books that we were going to read stood at.

- Romeo and Juliet

- Hamlet

- Pride and prejudice

- Wuthering Heights

"These books you can borrow in the library and on the first book, Romeo and Juliet, I want you to do a paper about it after you read it, and I want the paper next month," I've already read it and have it at home, like I said this is going to be an easy and fun semester.

The bell rang and everyone stormed out of the classroom. Well except me and Tanya.

Tanya because she wanted to say goodbye to the sexy new teacher, and I because i didn't want anyone to push me on the back when everyone stormed out from class.

I putted my stuff in my bag and walked slowly towards the door.

When I was closer to Edward he really started staring at me, he had a scared look in his eyes and I looked at the floor and fled to the door.

"Bella are you okay," He asked worried.

"Of course Mr. Cullen," I said and then hurried out the door before he could ask me anything else.

Why does he have to really see me, why couldn't he ignore me like the rest of the teachers?

Boy, this semester isn't going to be easy anymore.


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