Title: Ostrich
Summary: A slight-larger-than-a-drabble drabble about Luna and Draco.
Word Count: 297 words
Disclaimer: *sighs* Still don't own 'em.
A/N: Sorta, only a little bit based on a song called "Daydreamin' (the ostrich song)" that I heard on an episode of Scooby Doo a long time ago. Plot-bunny brought to you (by way of my mad nee brilliant brain) by CullenCrazy32's Alphabet Challenge on Harry Potter Fanfiction Challenges forum.

I apparated to the appointed meeting place and winced at the sounds that reached my ears. "are you playing that piano, or trying to murder it?" I asked my dreamy wife. Knowing her, she was playing some little-known tune that would attract a Whomping Water Bird or some such creature.

Luna turned to look at me, her eyes wider, her smile wider. "You came," she said happily.

"Of course I came! How could I refuse the offer of 'a surprise' waiting for me in an unknown, but reportedly gorgeous, location with a woman even more reportedly gorgeous?" I teased.

She beamed, kissed me back, and then excitedly scrambled off the bench. "I was hoping you'd play while I dance." she told me, her enthusiasm clearly etched into her every flawless feature. "I've just learned a new dance that may attract Crumple-Horned Snorkack!"

I hid an smudged smirk (I was right and I now know we are in Sweden) and began playing her favorite, l'apres-midi d'un faune, and she drifted into a flower-covered area about 5 meters in front of the piano. She twirled around, her arms outstretched above her and head thrown back, thoroughly enjoying herself in the movement.

The neighbors may complain about her strange ways and my friends think she's (and I, by association) completely mad, but the neighbors have been taken care of and who needs such close-minded friends? Yeah, Luna's a bit peculiar, but she is also delightfully carefree and beautiful. She chases away all my worries and fears, continually saving me from myself and show me an amazing world where nothing else matters.

I smiled as Luna began gracefully leaping about, arms now extended like wings and silently thought to myself, I am in love with a strange bird; a strange, wonderful, sometimes-crazy, always-beautiful bird. An ostrich, if you will, I added amusedly.