Hehe, random idea.....

Jacob walked into Emily's house, where all the other wolves were. "Heeeeeeyyyy", he stretched the word to sound like a teenage girl. "Sooooo, wuz everybody doin?", Jacob said sounding extremely drunk. He was holding a plastic water bottle. "Does anyone realize how yummy this water is? Is greeeeeaaaat",

Sam stood up and took Jacob's water bottle from him. "This is vodka!", Sam announced. Seth snickered. "Seth!",

"I didn't do anything", Seth lied.

"Anyhoooooooo. Hass anyone seen Eddie? He owes me a lapdance!!!" Jacob exclaimed.

"Uh", everyone was speechless.

"I'm gonnas go tell Jazzy-poo to kiss me!!!",

"Ew", someone said.

"Does anyone have any popstickles!!!", Jacob screeched.

"No waitty!!!! Anyone got any cherry flavored condoms?", Jacob asked.

"Someone get him out of my kitchen!", Emily said.

"On it",

"Wooooooooo", Jacob screamed. "Anyone got anny pie? Has anyone seem Emmy-Ett? He said he'd buy me tickets to the hospital museum!!!!!",

Sam escorted Jacob out of the house, and drove him to the Cullen's house.

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy", Jacob screeched.

"Jacob?", Bella asked

"He's drunk. Seth put vodka in his water bottle", Edward said.

"Eddie-weddie-teddie!!!!!!!!. Sheyy, anyone got any dogfood???",

"Uh, in the kitchen.....?", Jasper said.

"Wooooooooooooo", Jacob walked into the kitchen. "Ooohhhhh!!! Looky pooky piie!!! Doggy food!", Jacob grabbed a bag of dog food.

"I luv Kibbles!!!", Jacob sang. "Iams, Petchow, blahaahhahahaha", Jacob threw up all over Rosalie.

"Oh, sorry, rosie, posie, chosie, losie, poosie, sweety pie!! I LOVE YOU CARLIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Jacob randomly yelled.

Carlisle looked scared.

"Kiss me you fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Jacob bent down and started making out with Carlisle.

"Ew, Jacob get of off me!", Carlisle complained.

"WHAT!!! You don't like Jakey Wakey? Your LEGAL husband!! Well will be soon",


"Meet me in Vegas in six hours!!!", Jacob ran out the door.

"Now tooo meet the queen of France.... oh KADENNNNNNNNNN....................", Jacob danced like a ballerina over to Canada to go make out with Kaden, whose last name I can't say.

LOL, random idea. Do you think I should add more chapters? What happens when Jacob goes to Canada or something. Or maybe more characters getting drunk

*I am not making fun of Jacob. His name just came up.