A Dreamland poem

The first time I saw you,

I was hooked.

When I picked you,

I knew I couldn't ever let go.

All those question,

All those answer,

They amazed me.

Who would know,

That everything would change,

Just like that.

When I saw you hurt,

That first time,

I couldn't breathe.

I wanted to make

That hurt go away.

Why couldn't you

Do that for me?

You couldn't,

You caused the hurt.

I should have known.

When your fist

Crashed into my face

That very night.

I should have left,

Should have told mom

When she asked…

But I didn't

I believed in you,

You didn't mean it.

After that,

Everything changed

And I started falling

Into my dreamland

One I couldn't wake from.

The hurt continued,

And the caused was you.

You broke me down

I wasn't alive anymore.

So broken down

I didn't want this anymore.

That last time

The hurt came,

I was ready to


You were ready to


I lay there

On the cold grass

You standing tall

Right above when

A voice called out.

" Stop it"

It was mom.

It was finally over,

No more hurt

Was coming.

But I was still hurting.

And now your gone.

I didn't leave 'cause

I loved you.

I loved you.

But now I was

Finally waking from

My dreamland.

The one you

You pulled me into…