AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is something a little different. Call it an AU if you want. This story crosses over two of my favorite cartoons, "Darkwing Duck," and "The Get Along Gang." It doesn't really follow cannon of either show, but I thought it would be an interesting idea. In any case, "Darkwing Duck" belongs to Disney, and "The Get Along Gang" belongs to Those Characters from Cleveland. It should also be noted that not one original character of mine appears in this story (hard to believe, isn't it?) And Drake and Gosalyn Mallard are the only DWD characters that appear in this story. Like I said, you can consider it an AU if you'd like. Also, if you'd like to know more about the Get Along Gang, I suggest you look it up. Also, even though this is a crossover, I have to put it in the regular DWD section, because there's no category for The Get Along Gang.

It was a bright day in Green Meadow. A moving van had pulled up to the curb of a house on Main Street. The house had been for sale for two months before someone bought it. Now it looked like someone was finally moving in. A blue station wagon pulled into the driveway shortly after the moving truck pulled up to the curb. As the moving men were unloading the truck, the occupants of the station wagon came out and looked at the house. They were Drake Mallard and his daughter Gosalyn, two ducks from the city of St. Canard. Drake took a deep breath and stretched.

"Aahhh, there's nothing like fresh air!" he shouted. "This is the life! No smog, no pollution, no traffic, no noise . . . ."

"No nothing," Gosalyn grumbled. "Dad, why did we have to move all the way from St. Canard to the middle of nowhere?"

"I told you, Gosalyn," Drake said, as he was unloading the car. "My doctor told me I needed a safer line of work, and I needed to get out of the city."

"I think we were fine where we were. Besides, last time you gave up crime fighting, it was a disaster!"

In St. Canard, Drake was a crime fighter, going under the name Darkwing Duck. But he never revealed his secret identity. Gosalyn knew it, of course, but she was sworn to secrecy. In any case, the last time Drake had been to a doctor for a physical, his doctor had advised him to get out of "law enforcement" (as Drake had told him was his occupation), and switch to a safer career. That, and crime fighting didn't pay much, and Drake needed a better job to pay his bills on time.

Gosalyn was not looking forward to moving. She liked the city of St. Canard. When she and Drake were living there, they lived in a suburban home, which was fine enough for her. She didn't care much for small town life. It wasn't exciting enough for her. Another reason she figured why her dad was giving up on crime fighting was that he was sick and tired of having Gosalyn tag along with him on his cases. Drake (when he was Darkwing Duck) didn't like it when Gosalyn tagged along, because it was usually too dangerous. Not that it mattered to Gosalyn. She liked the excitement of the job. She felt a small town like Green Meadow was going to be extremely boring.

"You know, Gos, there are a lot of perks to a town as small as this," Drake said.

"Like what?" Gosalyn grumbled, as she dragged her skateboard out of the back of the car.

"You can ride that skateboard of yours all around town without worrying about traffic," Drake said. "And you can walk around town by yourself. I'd hardly let you do that in the city, due to all the traffic and stuff like that."

"Hot dog," Gosalyn said, sarcastically. She put her skateboard on the ground, and sped off to look around, just to see if there was anything to do around town.

Gosalyn rolled around town, taking in the sights of Green Meadow. It wasn't very impressive to her. The town was smaller than she thought it was. There were only a few shops around, as well as the police station, fire station, and City Hall. It wasn't much.

"I wonder if there's a video arcade around here somewhere?" she said. "Probably not."

Gosalyn looked around and spotted Hoofnagel's Ice Cream Emporium across the street. She heaved a sigh, and started rolling across the street for it.

"Might as well check that out," she said.

Gosalyn rolled across the street, and into the store. It was looking pretty empty. Hardly anyone was in there. Gosalyn rolled her skateboard up to the counter, and climbed onto the stool.

"Hey, aren't there any people in this town?" she asked. "Or is it too small?"

"Plenty of people in town," the old goat behind the counter (Mr. Hoofnagel) said as he was cleaning a glass.

"Then how come this place is empty?" Gosalyn asked.

"Give the local kids some time," Mr. Hoofnagel replied. "They'll be in soon."

Gosalyn nodded, and sighed. She decided just to hang out at Hoofnagel's, since she didn't have anything better to do. As she was standing there, a group of kids walked into the store, all talking at once. All six of them went up to the counter, and climbed onto the stools. Gosalyn found herself sitting next to a moose. She couldn't keep her eyes off his antlers. They were pretty big, and this kid couldn't be too much older than she was.

"Hey, Montgomery!" someone called from the doorway. The moose whirled around, and accidentally hit Gosalyn with his antlers.


The force of being hit with the antlers knocked Gosalyn off her stool, and onto her skateboard. She rolled across the floor, and banged right into a table, knocking it over, as well as the chairs.

"Whoa, what a wipe out," she said.

"Sorry about that," the moose said, walking over. "I didn't see you. Need some help?"

"No thanks," Gosalyn said, pulling herself to her feet. "You ought to put a warning sign on those antlers."

"That's what everybody tells me. My name's Montgomery Moose. What's yours?"

"Gosalyn Mallard. I just moved here."

Gosalyn and Montgomery shook hands. Then they climbed back onto the stools for some ice cream.

"These are my friends," Montgomery said, indicating the other kids at the counter. "Dotty Dog, Zipper Cat, Woolma Lamb, Bingo Beaver, and Portia Porcupine. Gang, this is Gosalyn Mallard. She just moved here."

"Hi," Dotty said. "Welcome to Green Meadow."

"Gang?" Gosalyn asked. "You're like a group or something?"

"Yeah," Montgomery said. "We're the Get Along Gang."

"Oh," Gosalyn said. And that was all she said. The kids hit a lull just then.

"I think you'll like it here," Zipper said finally. "I moved here from the Waterfront awhile back, and I don't regret it."

"I don't know," Gosalyn said. "I just don't think I could get used to small town life."

"Hey, if I can do it, you can do it," Zipper said.

Gosalyn didn't believe Zipper for a minute, but she didn't say anything. Shortly afterwards, the Gang decided to give Gosalyn the grand tour of Green Meadow. She wasn't looking forward to that, but she figured she'd check out the town anyway.

"Hey, is there a video arcade around here somewhere?" she asked.

"No," Bingo said. "I wish there was, though. That'd be really great."

"No video arcade?" Gosalyn asked. "What kind of town is this?!"

"Green Meadow is a nice town," Portia said.

"You just have to get used to it," Zipper said. "It takes some time."

Gosalyn nodded again. She followed the Gang around the town, and they showed her all the sites around town. The places that interested Gosalyn the most were Hoofnagel's, Schneider Squirrel's Sweets Factory (which was owned by the father of fellow Get Along Gang member Lolly Squirrel), and the ball field. She liked sports and she had an incurable sweet tooth.

"Maybe this town won't be as bad as I thought," she said.

"Wait until you see the swamp," Dotty said. "We like to go swimming there."

"Are there any swamp monsters in there?" Gosalyn asked, excitedly.

"No," Montgomery said. "But there are rumors about the old Badger Mansion being haunted."

"Cool!" Gosalyn shouted.

It was obvious to the gang that Gosalyn was not a typical girl. Gosalyn looked around the swamp when she and the gang got there. She looked at the water, picked up a stick, and stuck it in, stirring the water around.

"Not as gooey as I thought," she said.

"Parts of the swamp are yuckier than others," Woolma said. "We just swim around in the clear water, and not in the messy muddy water."

"Sounds like a blast," Gosalyn said. "I can see it now. Go swimming in the swamp muck, get covered in it, and tell my dad I'm a swamp monster. I'd like to see the look on his face! He'd be so freaked! I love freaking out my dad."

"Who doesn't like freaking out their parents?" Bingo asked.

"I don't," Portia said, but nobody really paid any attention to her (as usual).

"So what do you think of Green Meadow now?" Zipper asked.

"Pretty cool," Gosalyn replied. "Better than I thought, but I'd like it even better if there was a video arcade."

The kids started laughing over that, but their laughter stopped abruptly when something came shooting by them at high speed, spraying mud all over them.

"Clear the deck! I'm comin' through!" someone shouted.

"Hey!" Zipper shouted. "What's the big idea?!"

"Oh just look at my dress!" Woolma shouted, looking at her dress. "It's ruined!"

Once again, the streak came by again, spraying even more mud all over the gang. It skidded to a halt, and laughed at the mud covered gang. It turned out to be Catchum Crocodile on a bicycle.

"I always knew your gang was all wet!" he laughed. "And this just proves it!"

"Very funny, Catchum," Montgomery said, sarcastically, wiping the worst of the mud off his shirt.

"You're a million laughs," Dotty said.

Gosalyn wiped mud off her shirt, and then looked at Catchum. He was just standing there leaning against his bike, and giving the gang a smug look.

"Who is this guy, anyway?" she asked.

"This is Catchum Crocodile," Portia said. "The town bully."

"And number one creep," Dotty said.

Gosalyn didn't say anything. She just glared at Catchum. Catchum just stood there, polishing the handlebars of his bicycle with the sleeve of his jacket. Bingo kept staring at it.

"Where'd you get the bike, Catchum?" he asked. "It looks brand new."

"What did you do?" Dotty asked. "Steal it?"

"Ha, ha," Catchum said, sarcastically. "For your information, my uncle sent it."

"Did he steal it?" Portia asked.

Catchum rolled his eyes, and said nothing. Gosalyn looked it over. She kneeled down to check the tires, when Catchum blocked her off.

"Hands off!" he shouted. "I don't want any of you guys messing up my wheels."

"You'd better watch it, fella," Gosalyn said. "Nobody messes with me."

"Oh yeah? Just who do you think you are?"

"Gosalyn Mallard. I can be your best friend, or I can be your worst nightmare."

"Oooohhh, I'm really scared of a girl!"

Gosalyn put her skateboard on the ground, and sped off, rolling circles around Catchum and his bicycle. Catchum watched her, and just leaned against his bike. He looked at Montgomery and gave him a look that plainly said "is she for real?" Gosalyn went around and around, faster and faster. Catchum was trying to watch her, but he was getting extremely dizzy. He got so dizzy, he lost his balance, and fell backwards, crashing into his bike, and both ended up right into the water. SPLASH! The gang began to laugh.

"Now who's all wet, Catchum?" Bingo asked, laughing.

The gang left the swamp, laughing all the way. Catchum climbed out of the swamp, and dragged his bike out. Both of them were covered in weeds, mud, and muck. As he was pulling weeds out of the spokes, his sidekick, Leland Lizard, came along, and stopped when he saw Catchum pulling weeds out of his wheels.

"Hey, Catchum, what happened to your new bike?" he asked.

"That stupid Get Along Gang's got a new kid with them," Catchum replied. "And to top it off, it's a girl! She went on this spin cycle on a skateboard and I got knocked into the swamp along with my bike."

"Boy, your bike really got trashed," Leland said, swiping his finger along the handlebars. "How are you going to get all the mud off of it?"

"Oh, I'll think of something," Catchum replied. "I've got to think of a way to get even with that new girl. While I'm thinking about that, you can help me clean off my bike."

Of course what Catchum meant by Leland can help him clean his bike was that Leland can clean the whole thing, while Catchum just sat there and thought about how to get even with Gosalyn.