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Hidden Leaf High chapter 1: The Entrance exams

Hidden leaf High School Academy is only the most prestigious ninja academy known to man. Only those capable of becoming great ninja can attend school there. Rumor has it you even have to get an invitation just to take your entrance exam there. Getting an invitation was a great honor among ninjas for only 300 are permitted a chance to take their exam and of the 300 only 10 people are permitted entrance.

"You ready Saori "

Saori Kobasyo was one of the lucky three hundred to attend the mid semester entrance exams.

"Do you have to ask?" The heroine strode into the school like a model. This may be the most prestigious ninja school in history but she put on a look of superiority she could careless how prestigious the school was because she was the self-proclaimed best ninja to walk the earth. Ninjas one day will kiss the ground she walked on and she will rein as the "Queen of Combat "; At least in her dreams. In truth Saori put on a brave face but on the inside she was hyperventilating and screaming on the inside "GOD HELP ME!" over and over again.

Inside the school there were signs directing new comers to the gymnasium, the exams were right outside it. She briskly walked into the gym as her face collided with something that felt like a brick wall.

"Watch it!" Saori looked up at the thing – person rather- she bumped up against. It was a tall muscular guy with a quite conspicuous scowl on his face. His eyes held fire in them. He snarls as if to threaten her. A regular person would back down and try and stay out of his way. Saori never defined herself as a regular person.

"Excuse me but no one asked for your rudeness; accidents happen" She gritted her teeth and planted her feet firmly on the ground to show him she doesn't take too lightly to mistreatment.

"Ha. Well aren't you feisty for an air headed broad and you've got a smart mouth too, you might want to hold your tongue, you may mouth off to a creep like me who takes no shame in putting a girl in her place." This stranger put little space between himself and our heroine. She could feel him breathe. She took in his garbage-like stench and felt as if she would vomit. She looked him square in the eyes and scoffed.

"It would be best if you stopped talking, you wouldn't want to appeal to my darker nature" Her voice stern and crisp.

"Like I give a damn about your darker nature but I wouldn't mind breaking a few of your bones" His voice was chilling and she could tell that he was not bluffing about anything she just said. She was amused. A mischievous grin found its way across her lips. She snickered, her eyes half lidded she was mocking him.

"I'd love to see you try, let's see just how much of a man your really are"

The two separated from each other.

The mysterious starter formed hand signs.

Monkey. Tiger. Ram

"Ninja Art: Smashing bolder jutsu"

The ground beneath them shaking, it seemed as if they were experiencing an earthquake. 2 boulders formed its way out of the rock beneath the school. He hurled the large masses attempting to crush the girl. She quickly evades the frontal assault then retaliates using her superior agility. Saori sprints to him and thrusts her knee into his stomach then lifted her leg as high as she could and brought it down swiftly and with impossible force. They separated from each other once more jumping back several paces. Simultaneously, the two fighters charged at each other cocking back their fists for a knock out, they both braced themselves for impact. Before they felt the anticipated pain on the side of their faces they realized they had been paralyzed.

"What's… going … on?" Saori asked through clenched teeth. Even her mouth was paralyzed.

"Damn it, this is-"The guy began but was cut off by an approaching teen.

"Shadow possession jutsu: success" The newcomer spoke. His blank expression revealed he was utterly bored; this incident must have helped him occupy himself. He was tall with spiky brown hair tied up in a pony tail. His skin wasn't pale but it wasn't tan either somewhere in the middle and his brown eyes just gazed at the two fighters for a few moments.

"Though we at Hidden leaf Academy encourage eagerness we also would like self control, it's against school rules to fight unless in combat training or during the entrance exams; you of all people should know that Ukino Watsunabe "

"Nara" he growled through gritted teeth.

"You're so troublesome Ukino, if we don't kick you out for cheating it's for picking fights with someone who might harmlessly nudge you"

"You may be a Procter for this year's exam but you're still a freshman, I don't need to be lectured by know it all teacher's pet"

"Well fine, you can be expelled from this years' exam by a know it all teachers pet"

The boy Ukino called "Nara" released Saori from his paralysis jutsu and got Ukino to walk out peacefully minus the many swears coming from the guy. It seems "Nara" can control a person's movements with this jutsu; how interesting.

"Usually when an unauthorized fight takes place, I'm supposed to throw out both people, but I believe it was safe to assume he started it, so I'm letting you off the hook"

Saori was taken aback, she snapped out of her trance when he spoke. He began a slow stride toward a door leading outside the gymnasium .He looked over his shoulder at her

"Are you coming?"

"Oh yeah sure, wait for me!" Saori sped up her walking pace to catch up him. There was silence between the two. The silence wasn't awkward it was just quiet. Saori's eyes wandered towards his gaze, once the met she averted them. She cleared her throat; the silence was making her nervous. After what seemed like hours, she decided to make small talk with him.

"So Nara-san," she began "That's some jutsu you have, I've never seen I paralysis jutsu quite like that before" Her features formed a friendly grin hoping that she started a conversation.

"That's because it's not what you call a paralysis jutsu , it's possession : manipulation over my opponents' movements"

Saori's eyes were wide and her mouth agape but before she could say anything else they had arrived at the sit of the exam.

''Alright we've arrived at the testing site, as one of the proctors for this exam I must give you your entry number and recite to you the rules" He reached into his proctors vest uniform and pulled out a red clip board.

"Please sign your name. It will determine which number you get and which proctor will oversee your exams" he instructed.

"The rules of this exam is to give it all you got doing everything you can to be chosen without cheating i.e. sabotage or putting your opponents in a life or death situation, remember this is just a simulation to see what you'd do in such a situation you are given , not a real life battle " He explained

Saori handed him the clipboard and listened for further instructions. He looked at the clipboard for a couple of seconds his eyebrows lifted just a little bit.

"I see you must be upperclassmen Kobasyo's younger sibling"

"Yeah I am" She flushed for a moment. She remembered that her aniki has status at school, it also brought to her attention that she'll be living in his shadow this year until she makes a name for herself.

"Well your last name starts with the letter "K" so that means that Guy sensei is your proctor" he snickered a moment then checked his pocket. He pulled out a narrow slip of paper and handed it to her, on it was a number.

"Number 13"

"Wow you get all the bad luck" The boy sighed. Saori didn't hear him she only noticed him as he walked the other way

"Nara-san?" She looked every which way for him only to hear him call from a distance lazily

"Good luck on your exams"

Did he really mean that or is he saying just to be nice? Saori couldn't tell. He didn't show much emotion with anything he said anyways. She proceeded to the battle ground. She walked briskly watching where she was going because she wouldn't want to be caught fighting by someone with less amnesty than Nara-san. As she approached the field she saw two fighters taking their exam. One was a medium height female with short pink hair. She was pummeling down what looked to be a white haired teacher to the ground. The other was a tall boy with spiky blond hair, his look was fierce and his movements were swift. He summoned a couple of clones with his hand signs and began creating a ball of chakra. Saori was amazed at the sight as he smashed ball in the ground barley missing the brown haired scar faced proctor he was fighting.

"Hidden leaf High School Academy, I can't wait until I'm an official student here" She punched her fist in the air then ran to the bleachers to resume watching the rest of the fight. Saori sat next to a girl with long indigo colored hair. She was twiddling her thumbs, her face flushed as she watched the blond boy fight. Saori glances over at her, her shyness sparking her interests.

"Enjoying the fight?" The girl jumped from the sudden comment as stiffly snapped her neck to look at Saori.

"U-U-um yes, it's quite interesting" She had a high pitched voice her timid demeanor was laced in it. Saori smiled and chuckled. She may have a new friend by the end of the exams.

"I'm Saori Kobasyo" She held out her hand hoping her new acquaintance would shake it. The girl's eyes were widened.

"You're related to Upperclassmen Kobasyo aren't you?!" She was in shock. Saori nodded her head yes.

I'm in aniki's shadow alright

"Hinata H-Hyuuga" She shook her hand limply and was shy while Saori's hand was firm and confident. She laughed.

"So do you know who's fighting Hina-chi "Saori Smiled?

"H-Hina-chi?" Hinata stuttered as she'd never been given a nickname before.

"You don't mind it do you?" She smiled

"NO! NO!" she flailed her arms "It's fine, it's fine and to your previous question, the girl fighting on our left is freshman Sakura Haruno fighting against proctor Kakashi –sensei , and the boy is… is…" She paused. Her cheeks flushed a dark rose red. Saori cocked an eyebrow.

"Freshman…Naruto … Uzumaki fighting against proctor Iruka Umino " she finished. Saori instantly understood the purpose of her shyness and why she could not bring herself to say the boy's name and why she had been watching him so intently. So Hinata likes Naruto. She snickers to herself, how cute.

"So HIna-chi, what's your number and who's your proctor?" She asked.

"I'm number 11, my proctor's Upperclassman Neji Hyuuga" She smiled then cast her gaze downward.

"Wow, you must be nervous you're fighting your own sibling" Saori blurted out. She could infer that the two were related by their same last name.

"He's my cousin who has much more experience than I do and I know I could very well lose to him" She sighed her gaze still averted to the ground.

"But I cannot give up "Such hopeful words coming from such a timid girl. Saori smiled

"I'm number 13 and my proctor is Guy sensei" She said with a smile. Hinata froze and looked at Saori as if someone just given her a death sentence.

"S-Saori-"But before she could finish her sentence a female voice came up on a loud speaker.

"Time! Exam over for entrants 9&10, Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno are to report to the gymnasium to receive their results at the end of the exams!"

"Entrants 11& 12 report to the battle ground. Hinata Hyuuga vs. Exam proctor Upperclassman Neji Hyuuga and Sakamono Ikino vs Exam Proctor Upperclassman Itachi Uchiha "

Hinata began hyperventilating and holding her heart as she stood from the bleachers and proceeded to battle grounds. She walked slowly; sure she would die if she moved any faster. She faced her cousin with a heavy heart. She was getting needs a push.

"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNATA-CCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, DO YOUR BEST, DO YOUR BEST!" The crowd in the stands looked for the source of the loud voice. They all stop and stare at Saori who was standing up on the bleachers.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! HI-NA-TA" Hinata flushed pink and the looked back to her cousin who had a blank expression. Hinata got a serious look in her eyes then took a deep breath then assumed the battle pose. Saori smiled both inward and outward. She was getting pumped over these next two fights she couldn't wait see what abilities these fighters might have; it was such elation to her.

"Byakugan "


The way Hinata and Upperclassman Neji fought intrigued Saori. Those two were barley hitting each other but still inflicting damage upon each other. Blue chakra emitted from their hands as they jabbed at each other's pressure points but careful not to hit any vital organs. Hinata jabbed Neji in his shoulder, Neji grabbed her hand after the assault as a reflex then pulled her toward him. Hinata used the kinetic force of Neji's pull to make herself slide between his parted leg stance, flipping him over in the process.

This is awesome, this fighting style is new to me; it's so amazing. Saori took her eyes from that battle and began to peruse the other battle. Upper Class man Itachi was ruthless with the person he was testing it seemed like he was using some type of Doujutsu (technique using the eyes) to mess with is opponents head. Sakamono-san was screaming in agony with Itachi's simple oh-so- gentle touch. What ever is going on with that jutsu had attracted her interest but scared her so much she didn't want to mess with it.

"Time! Exam over for entrants 11&12, Hinata Hyuuga proceed to the auditorium to await your results and Sakamono Ikino report to the school lobby for your results" Came the voice on the loud speaker once again.

Sakamono was crying like a child who had dropped his ice cream on the ground as he headed to the lobby. HInata had a small grin on her face as she headed for the auditorium.

"Thank you Kobasyo-san-err...- Saori-san good luck!" she called from a distance to the smiling girl who she would now call friend. Saori was proud of Hinata overcoming her nerves and psyched that she was up next.

"Entrants 13&14 please report to the battle grounds, Saori Kobasyo vs Might Guy and Noi Ukon vs. Exam Proctor Captain Yamato"

Saori sprinted to the field on her heels. She was going to rock this guy no matter how much "might"( pun intended) he has. She was ready and hoped her proctor had the stamina of 1000 horses. The other fighters were ready the only one holding up the fight was her proctor. Just where is he. In a few moments she would wish she never asked. In flash and big small of smoke appeared a man with a bowl cut and bushy eyebrows in a green uni-tard.


Is that my proctor? Saori wondered. This dude is ridiculous.

"Which one of you lucky men are my next opponent?!" he shouts to the crowd.

"Here sir!" She waved with a goofy grin on her face. In order to understand your opponent you must act like your opponent (at least by Saori's logic)

"A Female, well little lady it's time to test you to see if you've got THE POWER OF YOUTH!"

"I'VE GOT IT EXAM PROCTOR SIR". Guy smiled at her response and got into fighting stance.

"Begin" Boomed the intercom voice

Saori did a back flip to put some distance between she and Guy.

"Not taking charge eh? FINE I'LL GO FIRST!"

Guy sprinted over to her and hurled his fist toward her jaw for an upper cut. She jumped and flipped over him she grabbed him around the waist and sent him crashing down head first into the dirt. The crowd oohed and watched her intently. Saori knew a bump on the head was not enough to make this fight hers. She put distance between herself and Guy before he could retaliate. He got up and laughed.

"I wasn't expecting that so early in the fight. I have to keep an eye on your actions little lady, you're much smarter and more of tactical thinker than most the entrants I've tested today"

A toothy wolfish grin crossed her features as she let out a hearty laugh. Saori charged at Guy with her left arm as a guard and her right reaching for something in her pouch. Guy stood in fighting stance. She fired senbon from her arm guard. Guy dodged them all gracefully; he spread his feet apart anticipating her next move. From her running form she jumped up preparing to kick Guy in his ribs. Guy blocked her kick in a swift movement. She quickly jumped back and hurriedly reveals her ninja needles or senbon between the gaps in her fingers. She rotates in a counter clockwise motion meeting Guy's flesh either with a side kicks to the stomach or tiny senbon piercing him. Guy grabbed her leg and pulled her to him. He flipped her over his head and pinned her under him. Saori struggled against him. He pinned her hands above her head. Saori glanced down to her legs and noticed Guy's stance was unstable. She tripped him up from below. She ran toward where she threw her senbon earlier that battle. Guy out of no where appeared before her bracing to punch her in her chest. Saori threw the senbon at his feet and did a back flip to get away from him. Guy stayed where he was his eyes wide. Saori smirked.

"Like a trapped rat, you seem to have gotten caught in my net Sensei-san, I dare you to move" Her grin still plastered on her face

Guy's leg twitched and a small cord began to wrap itself around him senbon attached. Guy was subdued. The crowd was silent their mouths agape in surprise. Guy sobbed, tears of joy streamed from his eyes.

"ONLY ONCE BEFORE HAVE I SEEN SUCH THE POWER OF YOUTH!" He sobbed. His smile reached from ear to ear.

Saori laughed and untied Guy sensei. The crowd wooed and cheered in excitement. Saori jump toward the crowd and did victory pose.

"Time! Exam over for entrants 13&14, Saori Kobasyo proceed to the auditorium to await your results and Noi Ukon report to the clinic for your injuries to be treated"

Noi limped to the clinic bloody and fragile. Saori was upset she was so focused on her fight that she couldn't watch the other one but all in all she'll just ask someone about it.

As she navigated her way back to the gym she saw three familiar faces. The boy and girl that were fighting as she arrived at the exams and Nara –san. The guy and girl were stanting with one hand on their hip. They shared a welcoming look which made Saori warm inside.

"Hi! We saw your fight outside over on the monitor, you were pretty awesome "The guy, Naruto congratulated shaking her hand. Saori firmly grasped it and smiled.

"You've got a hell of a grip too" he laughed.

"I thought you were amazing Kobasyo-san" Sakura said hugging her.

"Thank you Sakura-san. Naruto-san" she smiled and punched her fists in the air as a gesture of excitement.

Nara-san came from behind Naruto and Sakura and cleared his throat he had been standing silently behind them since the heroine walked into the gym.

"You can congratulate her when you're certain she's made it into the academy but now I have to escort her to the auditorium" Naruto cocked an eye brow.

"Come on Shikamaru it's not like you to be so strict, Sakura-Chan can co-sign with me on that" Naruto pouted like a petulant child

He shrugged Naruto's comment and signaled Saori to follow him. He walks briskly through the hall; Saori had a hard time keeping up with him. She attempted to walk faster but her legs got tired, she had to practically run to catch up.

"Hey Nara-san! Slow down we're not running a marathon" She puffed.

"We're here" He said ignoring her. The auditorium was spacious filled with seats. The dimly lit building made her feel strangely comfortable. She looked over to the big, wide stage to see Hinata sitting on it kicking her legs.

"HINA-CHI!" She waved to her friend of 3 hours. Hinata looked up from her downward gazed and greeted her with smile. Before the heroine ran to her first friends side Shikamaru grabbed her shoulder.

"Nara-san?" she gave him a questioning look and cocked her head to the side. He bent down to her ear and said "I saw your fight, I can nearly guarantee you'll be attending this school this semester" loud enough for only the both of them to hear. He gives her a small reassuring grin then turns on his heel and walked off. Saori laughs inwardly and smiles.

"Thanks NARA-SAN!!" she calls after him. It was vague but she swore she heard his voice from afar say "Shikamaru"

She ran to Hinata and sat on the stage with her, her feet dangled just like her friend's did.

"Saori-san I watched you fight, I thought your tactics we well processed" She complimented. Saori's cheeks flushed as she scratched her nose with a huge smirk on her face.

"Oh really to tell you the truth I put little thought and effort into my plan but even things effortlessly done look like the work of genius when the best ninja around does it" Saori chuckles. Her laugh was goofy and comedic "But in all seriousness, I haven't done the net of invisible cords in a while, so to put it simply I'm out of practice". Hinata giggled at her clown of a heroine.

"What I really enjoyed was watching you fight with your cousin, you're movements were so graceful"

Hinata blushed at her compliment.

"Y-you think" she giggle nervously.

"Yeah, if you had fought me it would look like Terminator chasing Tinkerbelle" Saori said showing modesty for the second time in her life.

Hinata thought for a moment then replied.

"But your movements were speedy quick"

Saori sighed.

"But Terminator's movements are sloppy and destructive, Tinkerbelle's movement are graceful and stunning "Saori pouted playfully. Hinata giggled softly. "Even though my movements weren't as graceful as most girls, I know I did fine." Saori kept that same confident smile as she looks to Hinata.

"It's okay, I thought your moves were graceful enough" HInata chimed.


The couple of hours Saori spent in the auditorium with Hinata were beginning to feel like days. NO one else had come in there since Saori arrived. Hinata laid on the stage on her stomach her elbows and forearms supporting the weight of her upper body. She tapped her figure on the floor of the stage still waiting patiently for the results to be given. Saori laid on her back, her arms and legs sprawled out to her sides. They had talked about every fight they saw, how good they thought they did and occasionally how long they've been waiting but it seems nothing is helping them pass the time.

"Ugh, HInata I'm gonna kill someone if those results to pop up on the screen in the next 30 seconds". HInata sighed deeply and yawned as she was growing tired from boredom.

"20 seconds"

"But Saori, it's only been 2 seconds" Hinata gave her a questioning look.

"I'm counting by tens!" Saori said irritably getting up to grab a weapon

"Oi, Saori-san!"

"TIMES UP" She charged for the door

"Entrants we ask that you please pardon the long wait! The results have been calculated!" The monitor in the room lit up blue. Before Saori could react she ran into the closed door and fell to the floor, a huge red bump appeared on her forehead. Ouch. Hinata couldn't help but laugh then help her up.

"The following entrants have been accepted into Hidden Leaf Highs School Academy (in alphabetical order): Shino Aburame, Chouji Akimichi, Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Saori Kobasyo, Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, Sasuke Uchiha, and Naruto Uzumaki. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU ALL"

Saori and Hinata looked at each others and began to celebrate

"We did it!" they hopped up and down hugging and twirling around like ballerinas. Instantaneously the monitors screen flashed to stats. Hinata and Saori got in closer to the monitor.

#1: Sasuke Uchiha

#2: Naruto Uzumaki

#3 Saori Kobayso

"Oh my gosh Saori –san you made it into the top 3" Hinata praised. Saori began sulking in a comedic way. "Awww I wanna be #1" she whined. Hinata just looked at her for a moment.

"Kidding, top 3's awesome". Hinata smiles and turns back to the screen.

#4 Sakura Haruno

#5 Hinata Hyuuga

"YAY HINA-CHI TOP 5!' Hinata once again flushed red. The read over the rest of the names to see the other five. They scanned it to see which people wouldn't be too much competition this year. Saori noticed though that there were only nine names on the monitor though.

"Hey Hinata where's Nara-san-err...- Shi-ka-ma-ru's name?" Saori asked. She still hadn't gotten used to calling him by his first name.

"Shikamaru's a proctor he moves on by default, it amazing he's the only freshman in the history of ever to be an exam procotor". Saori gasped in amazement. So Shikamaru's one of the big men on campus. Saori nodded then hears her cell phone ring tone:

Hit me! You can't hurt me…! SUCK MY KISS (she loved that song ever since playing guitar hero 3)

She quickly picks it up and read the message

"If the you've gotten your results come to "Nagoya" now" it was a text from her brother

"Hey Hinata wanna come get dinner with me?" She asked

"As much as I'd love to, I have to make dinner for my father, sister and Cousin" She smiled and shrugged.

"You get accepted into a prestigious ninja school and you have to cook, that's messed up" Saori looked disappointed.

"Well I'll see you when school starts bye!" Hinata ran off to meet her cousin who was standing in the corridor. Just when did he get there? But Saori digressed; it's time to meet Aniki and Shishou for dinner. Nagoya sushi is awesome. She slowly exited the building slowly taking in the feeling of being here. Today starts her first semester at Hidden Leaf High School Academy and also the first day of the rest of her ninja life.


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