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Hidden Leaf High chapter 4:

1rst period had finally come. Shikamaru had dragged her half way across the southern wing of the school to get there. Saori waved to her fellow students and took the empty desk next to the door in the back of the class. She glanced around to meet her classmates and possible new friend's curious faces, she noticed among the foreign faces that examined her two familiar faces with the exception of Shikamaru.

"Saori , oh my gosh we got the same first period!" Said the cheerful pink haired girl who was two seats ahead of her. Saori smiled to her friend of two days Sakura and waved with one of her friendly grins attached.

"Kobasyo" The boy who she had clung to for dear life not even two hours ago had gotten her attention from the other side of Sakura. He nodded his head upward, a gesture among boys that meant 'sup'. Saori shrugged which was boy language for nothing much. Sasuke replied by nodding his head which meant cool. Sasuke wasn't a man for words but of action, which sort of explained why he spoke to pretty much everyone in body language. Since Saori has lived with a bunch of men for most of her life, she understood it perfectly. Most girls didn't. Strange.

The white haired teacher in the front of class called for the attention of his oh-so-very distracted pupils. He cleared throat and moments later his mellow tone echoed the wall of the classroom.

"Alright students, I'm going to start off by statig the obvious, we have a new student today; Miss Saori Kobasyo, please welcome her and make her comfortable"

Both the three students whose names she knew and the six classmates she didn't know welcomed her with a resounding hello Saori-san. Saori flushed a bright red. It was usually a custom to bully the new kid and make them feel isolated but here they welcome people with open arms and are willing to let you into the inner circle. The sound of ruffling paper in front of her broke her from her thoughts.

"I'll need you to fill out this new students bio for me miss Kobasyo , I like to get to know my students on a personal level because it helps me learn their style of learning"

Saori looked over the questions on the sheet of paper that was placed before her. They were the typical ' I – want- to –get-to-know –you-better kind of questions, pretty similar to the questions Ino asked her the day they met excluding the one about her brother's current dating status. Not to long after she turned the paper into her Sensei he began his lesson.

"Alright guys, I know the last thing you guys want to do after a school break and entry exams is do math so I'll give you guys a break and split you guys into partners" The class gave him a look of what Saori assumed to be gratefulness but then groaned when he said he'd be choosing the groups for everyone. His face was masked but the heroine could see the slightest formation of a sadistic smile on his features.

"Last time I let all of you pick your partners everyone either wanted to partner with Sakura, Sasuke or Shikamaru so they can basically sit back and relax" Saori was stumped that no one actually objected the comment which led her to believe that it was possibly true. Kakashi-sensei read of the names of people pairing the people who worked best with each other.

"Gino and Shuzi, Lola and Ki-ki…Sasuke and Sakura, and lastly Saori and Shikamaru"

The classmates that once greeted her looked at her with the eyes of the green eyed monster. It seemed she had hit jackpot with Shikamaru as a partner. The heroine was seroisly surprised to know that she wasn't in regular genin level math because math was not her favorite subject depending on how many steps it took her to solve the problem. She had trust that if she was lost then Shikamaru would be able to shed some light on the dark and dreadful subject. The students began shifting desks and relocating. She had noticed Shikamaru right next to her sliding the adjacent desk to hers.

"You made the effort to meet me at my seat? I expected you to say something like, moving is so troublesome , why don't we pass notes to answer the questions"

" Passing notes is more troublesome than talking , it takes less effort to talk" He retorted. Kakashi-sensei headed down each isle passing out the assignment. Most students scratched their head looking at it as if it were in a foreign language, Shikamaru however smirked and handed Saori the paper. She could barely remember the steps to solve the problem but she did realize it was a rational expression and in order to solve she had to factor it.

"Ok, the papers I handed back to you a review from last semester's midterm, I don't expect you to remember every rule but I want to see how far you guys can go.

The heroine looked down to her paper and examined the first of three problems.

"x^2-7x+12"(a/n: That's x squared minus seven x plus twelve) She though out loud.

"Do you remember how to solve this type of problem from your previous school Kobasyo?" The voice of Shikamaru was soft next to her ear. She hadn't really taken note of how close they were now. She flushed a light pink color for reasons she didn't understand.

"Well you have to factor it since x^2 can be broken down into x*x" Shikamaru nodded and gestured her to continue, but the heroine's negative made him chuckle.

"After you do that you look at the last term in the equation called the "c-term" you list it's multiples and figure out which of them ad to get the coefficient of the "b-term" or the term before that" Saori nodded at everything he said her memory catching up to her.

"So in this case the c-term is +12 and the b-term is -7; -3+-4 will give us negative 7" Shikamaru's tired lazy look changed for a brief second to soft with a weak smile that hung gently on his mouth.

"So I guess I jogged your memory"

"Yeah…" Saori smiled and looked the genius kid in his lazy brown eyes "… thanks Shikamaru" Shikamaru flushed from embarrassment though no eyes had been set on them that moment. The two were vocal with each other solving each of the problems Kakashi –sensei had given it didn't take very long when they put their heads together. They tied for the first pair done with Sasuke and Sakura who had finished the same time they did. An astonished look on the masked teacher was very conspicuous and he gave praise to his students who got their work done with no problems at all.

"Okay guys you can relax until the rest of your classmates are finished." Said the Jounin teacher. Shikamaru groaned something about there only being three problems but taking this time to take a cat nap. The lazy Nara laid his head on the desk next to the heroine. Saori glanced to the head of the classes to see Sakura blushing as she and the raven haired Uchiha engaged in conversation. So Sakura likes Sasuke, cant say that's a surprise. Saori pulled out her notebook for the second time that morning and began doodling again. She called the picture 'bot-zilla' because it was a giant robot that blasted fire from it's feet. It was a simple drawing nothing to hang in a museum just something to pass the time.

"What are you drawing Kobasyo?" asked Shikamaru's tired half-asleep voice. Gosh Shika it's only been 5 minutes.

"How can you tell I'm drawing Shikamaru?"asked the heroine in a soft voice.

"I can hear the pencil – paper contact" Saori looked dumbfounded and then disbelieving

"How can you hear pencil on paper?" asked Saori in some form of chuckle

The shadow master raised his head from his desk , eyes directed to Saori's.

"We're in close proximity and you're not exactly gentle with your pencil strokes" The heroine flushed a light color and laughed nervously.

"Maybe not…" She giggled. The lazy classmate took the paper that was previously doodled on from the desk adjacent to him.

"Robot huh" He nodded his head at Saori's affirmative.

"Nice, though the robot looks a little cute to be called 'bot-zilla'" Said the lazy dude as his head hit his desk with a soft thud. Saori rolled her eyes at her partner a giggled. She resumed her previous actions but made her pencil strokes much gentler. Around her robot she drew a hacky jack planet earth and many pentagrams to make the picture more alive. When ever the heroine drew , she went into a different world and the one surrounding her seemed nonexistent. She built this mechanism back when she went to normal school with normal kids. They would often pick on her or either shy away because of the ninja abilities that 'plagued her'. When people would bully her she'd pull out just a single sheet of paper and go nuts. Since that time she utilizes this method not only when she feels bad but just to occupy herself. Softly she began to sing a tune; another thing she often did when she zoned out.

"Sha la la I'm sure, someday, I'll obtain it. Softly in my fleeting heart, a light is burning. The "urge" of wanting to see you, the "innocence" that made me want to cry. The fireflies that flew into the fire of summer will not return"

She stopped realizing she had a captive audience.

"Shikamaru…" Saori flushed. Having the other's eyes on her seemed to do that to her. She laughed with nervousness and began twiddling her fingers.

"Oh sorry, I forgot you were trying to sleep, forgive me" She adverted her gaze from the person adjacent to her and stared into space.

Shikamaru replied a few seconds after with a lazy yet heartfelt "Actually I find your singing voice to be soothing" The heroines' eyes quickly darted to that of the shadow master just as his gaze averted.

"Thanks Shikamaru". She smiled and continued her soft song as the shadow masters eyes drifted closed. She couldn't help but notice how peaceful and unperturbed he looked in his sleep. She franticly tried to ward those types of thought s off . She couldn't think of Shikamaru in that way, it was a bit weird . She hadn't even know him a week and could she possibly feel attracted to him? No of course not I just caught up in the moment, hehe~ I'm good for that. Saori quickly directed her attention to the front of the classroom where she saw Kakashi- sensei begin to look a little frustrated. He looked at his watch and sat back in his chair putting his feet atop his desk and sighed

"C'mon you guys have chunin level smarts it shouldn't take you the class period to do three simple problems"

Saori couldn't help but feel for her classmates had she not been partnered with Shikamaru she'd be sailing in the same boat as them. she looked over to said partner who was no longer sleeping. Goodness Nara make up your mind.

"Cant sleep with all the classroom noise?" She asked out of curiosity

"You stopped singing" He said off topic

"You noticed in your sleep?"

"The last sense you loose in consciousness is your sense of hearing, yes I could tell you stopped singing" He said giving her full eye contact.

"Would you like me to continue to serenade you?" Saori joked as she shoved his elbow playfully.

"I wouldn't mind it" Skikamaru nonchalantly shrugged and looked away feeling embarrassed. Saori smiled and sang out again as if singing a lullaby

"Don't say anything, just leave me with a kiss whilst being burnt, you nodded. Life, to the point of sadness, flickered"

The sound of Saori's voice seemed to drown out the other noises of the classroom , though in truth Saori's voice resembled that of a gentle mother singing her precious child into silent slumber. It was mesmerizing ,and hypnotizing. As soon as all these facts registered inside the mind of the shadow master, the song was over and our heroine had sang her last note.

"You have a nice singing voice miss Koybasyo" said Shikamaru whose face was pretty much flushed. Saori's eyes went wide as her face turned colors and she smiled "Thanks Shikamaru… please I'm not the one for honorifics, if you feel familiar enough to let me call you by your first name than feel free to do the same for me" . Shikamaru nodded , a smirk- smile graced his features. "Alright Kobasyo-eh- Saori" Shikamaru corrected himself . The two friends shared a smile a genuine smile. We'll get along just fine this year.

"I wonder what Ino would think if she witnessed these last 10 minutes" Saori thought out loud.

"That's a nightmare I don't want to come true , god knows she'll talk about the imaginary sparks" Shikamaru sighed. Saori chuckled with a breathy "Lol" She felt the need to put emphasis on the matter so she decides to mimic Ino.

"The sparks! Those Sparks, Those beautiful, lovely sparks!" Saori copied Ino's actions with an exaggeration thrown in. Shikamaru smirked.

"Yeah now multiply that by 10 billion and you'll be a certified Ino imitator" They both laughed.

"Has she always been that way?" asked the heroine and she chuckled at the poor boys' affirmative.

"I've known Ino since we were in the academy , that's the ninja equivalent of pre-k to elementary school, I actually met her long before that because our fathers are friends so, Ino Chouji and I have known each other most of our lives. There were times during the exams when Ino would see a nice looking person by her standards and try to fix me up with them"

Saori couldn't hold in her laughter Eeeh it's healthy might as well extend my life span.

"I had this one friend who went to school with me who was similar to Ino her name was Karin, she did something like that when ever we went on out of area field trips" Saori added.

"Was she better or worse?"

"Ino is Karin on steroids" Saori said with wide eyes earning a snicker from Shikamaru.

"Of course I've encountered worse people in my life" said Saori as she remembered the events that had taken place that last night.

"Worse than Ino?" Shikamaru cocked an eyebrow

"One word , Shishou" Saori shivered as her hand baled into a fist.

"You have a master, it's usually orphans who have those" Saori's face drooped for a moment . That was a subject she didn't like to broach Shikamaru caught on quick to that and changed the subject.

"So how is this Shishou worse than Ino" Saori laughed and began telling the story of what happened the previous night.

~One long story later~

"Damn I think I like my nagging mother better than that ugh I'd die if I lived with your crazy family" groaned the lax shadow possessor. Saori giggle yeah she bared a big burden when it cam to her dysfunctional family, after all she is the lady of the house. She wouldn't give it up for the world in truth she loved her bossy brother and her ignoramus of a master Murada. Shikamaru smiled genuinely and shook his head. Saori Kobasyo is a character in his eyes. He finds her troublesome but it seems that is the quality about her that intrigues him. Saori chuckles enjoying the company of that of Shikamaru Nara. She could tell that Shikamaru was one of those lax types that didn't really care much for nothing but it seems she's gotten him to be friendly with her and it made her smile.

~Ding-Dong- Ding – Dong-Ding-Ding Ding-Dong-~

The tone signaling the ending of the first period sounded rather loudly and obnoxiously. Kakashi sensei looked so very disappointed with his students it was only three simple review problems and it had took his Chuunin level class a whole class period to do it , it was disgraceful and he had half a mind to demonte most of them excluding the two pairs that finished in ten minutes.

"Okay class you are dismissed" Sighed the disgruntled sensei as he opened the door to let his class pour into the hall with all the others in their grade level. Saori quickly packed her stuff with attempts to avoid her guide's scolding this time. Her next period was health with Shikaku Nara. Nara. Shikaku Nara. Shikamaru Nara. Shikamaru had a relative working at the school.

"C'mon Saori move you're ass The health isn't one for tardiness" Saori stared into space for a moment wonder just who in relation to shikamaru would work there. His mom seemed to be a cook so if she worked at the academy she'd think het to be an economics teacher. Nara-san hadn't mentioned having siblings of any kind.

"Saori!" The heroine's head snapped in the direction of the call and see's Shikamaru tapping his foot awaiting her. So much for avoiding a scolding.

"Coming Shika-nara"

Shikamaru cocked an eyebrow as Kobasyo walked passed him with a smile on her face.

"C'mon Nara! Lead the way" She giggled. Shikamaru rolls his eyes and smirks before taking the lead.

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