Chapter One

Samus looked out the large front window, bored out of her mind. She was in the Smash Mansion living room and had been watching everyone else's matches on the big screen TV.

Link had just faced off with Bowser. The hero of time had managed to overcome the Koopa King's immense bulk, eventually winning the match with a swing from a homerun bat. She sighed. All her matches were scheduled for tomorrow, thus leaving her with absolutely nothing to do. The squishy chair that she was sitting on didn't comfort her at all and neither did the fact that all her friends were having fun without her.

She was a bit surprised when she looked up and noticed two figures walking down the well worn path towards the mansion. It was hard to see, but they both seemed to be of slim build, one being at least a couple inches taller then the other. Samus got up from her seat and walked to the front door, curious about who they were. New Smashers? She really wished Master hand would give them a little bit of warning before-

A knock interrupted her thoughts and she walked a little bit faster. With one fluid motion she reached out and opened the door, coming face to face with two young men.

"This is the Smash Mansion, right?" the shorter one asked with a loud, friendly voice.

He had wild, fiery red hair and a blue headband that somehow managed to keep most of it out of his face. An indigo cape was draped across blue armor and under that was a blue tunic with gold trim. His eyes were a radiant blue. Samus almost instantly noticed the beautiful sword at his side as she sized him up; it was always good to know how much of a potential threat someone was.

"It is," she replied.

"Yes! We're finally here Marth! Oh! I'm Roy!" the red haired boy said with a large smile, holding out his hand for her to shake. She took it and noticed his strong grip. So the sword wasn't just for show it seemed. Then she looked over Roy's shoulder to get a better look at the other man, apparently named Marth.

"Nice to meet you," Samus said, not quite knowing what to think about them yet.

He nodded his head. "Good afternoon."

She looked the guy over. His hair was a surprising shade of dark blue, as were his eyes. A blue cape was worn around his shoulders and fastened by a red gem. His armor was also blue but his tunic was a lighter shade than his companion's. He also wore navy gloves that reached up to his elbows but didn't cover his fingers. Pale skin was visible when it wasn't covered by clothing and a sword was also found at his side. Samus noticed a golden tiara on his head and smirked dryly. Royalty maybe?

"This is gonna be great Marth! It's a good thing you have such a good sense of direction! I mean, you're like a walking compass! Hey, wait…does that mean you're magnetic?" Roy asked with a grin.

Marth gave him an icy stare.

What's his problem? Samus thought to herself as Roy pulled Marth inside.

"So, uh…mister, where do we go now?" Roy asked Samus, rubbing the back of his head.

Samus was used to everyone getting it wrong. Did the power suit really make her look that manly?

"Pay more attention Roy. She is a woman," Marth said, looking away as if annoyed.

Roy's checks turned red with embarrassment. "What? But…" he stared at Samus helplessly, like fish stranded on the beach.

"I get that a lot, don't worry about it. I'm impressed that you knew I was a woman though," Samus said, turning to Marth.

"Even if your voice sounds deep you still sound feminine," Marth answered coldly, as if he hadn't heard the compliment in her words. What he said made Samus' blood boil a bit too. She was anything but feminine, even if she had wanted to be.

Roy was so likeable, while Marth was so…dislikable. Were these two even friends?

Samus had to wonder.

Later Master Hand called a meeting to introduce the two new Smashers. There was a lot of excitement going around but Samus was un-amused, already knowing who they were. Soon everyone had quieted down and they all faced the large area that Master Hand always used to make announcements. The hand floated out, followed by his brother Crazy Hand.

"Smashers! We are happy to announce that two more fighters will be joining you!" Master Hand said with his booming voice, making everyone listen. "All the way from Aritia please welcome Prince Marth. Also, Lord Roy, son of a great general from the nearby kingdom of Pherae!"

The two newcomers walked out of a door that was at the back of the room. There were many who clapped, some who smiled, those who appeared uninterested, and a few others who whistled. Roy smiled and waved at everyone. Marth just frowned, apparently unhappy to be there.

"Would you like to tell us anything?" Crazy Hand asked naturally, though he twitched mid-sentence.

"Well, first of all, I would like to say hello! Hi everyone!" Roy said loudly, earning several smiles. "Also...Uh, Marth says hi to. You see, we're both pretty tired due to a dangerous trip and my bad map skills, so he doesn't feel like talking much."

There was a brief silence and then all the Smashers applauded and the two swordsmen bowed slightly, going back out through the doors they had come in. The competitors all started talking fervently; everyone was excited except Samus.

"Hey! Zelda! Samus! Don't you think they were adorable? Especially that redhead; he was so funny!" Peach squealed.

"Roy is very friendly," Samus said with a small smile. "I greeted them at the door when they came here."

"What about Marth then?" Zelda asked quietly.

"He's…Well…my first impression was that he was rather arrogant. Not really very nice."

"Hm…Well, you can never really know someone from the first glance," Zelda stated though she was frowning slightly.

"You're right... Still, I can't believe Roy even gets along with Marth; they're polar opposites," Samus said.

All three women looked to the doors the newcomers had left though, each of them thinking a different thought.

"Hey, Marth! You're so lucky I covered for you back there. I bet everyone would have labeled you a super grouch if I hadn't," Roy joked as they walked towards their new rooms. Marth glanced over at him.

"This is a fighting competition. I don't need to act friendly," Marth replied coldly.

"Ah, but it's a friendly fighting competition, meaning you have to be friendly so you can make more friends instead of ruining the friendly atmosphere!" proclaimed the redhead, satisfied with himself.

"You have a twisted way of thinking."

"Not anymore twisted then the way you think. I mean, who knows that much about moss?" Roy asked, grinning in such a way that Marth wondered if his friend had finally gone mad.

"If you're referring to my method of getting us out of that forest, most every soldier or warrior knows that moss grows on the North side of a tree."

"You're just saying that to make me sound stupid."

"You aren't?"

Roy playfully slugged Marth on the arm, his smile becoming comically lopsided.

"Ah, come on. You don't really think I'm dumb, do you," he asked with a fake pout.

"No, but you're definitely not Democritus."


"Exactly," Marth said with a look of amusement.

"You read too much," Roy said with a chuckle. "Bookworm."


Roy paused, his mouth twitching. "Hey, I don't a lot of stuff…! Usually…Okay, maybe a bit…Hey! That's not funny!"

The redhead thought he caught a hint of a laugh but it had vanished before he could be certain.

"Well, anyway, I'm glad we made it, moss or no. It's better then…" he trailed off suddenly as if regretting the words he'd just said, though Marth seemingly ignored it.

"It's better than being stuck in the woods," Marth finished for him even though he knew that wasn't what Roy had been about to say.

"Y-Yeah…I hear the rooms here are nice too! I can't wait to see mine!"

Marth watched Roy as he bounced off. He didn't say anything as the redhead looked out all the windows with enthusiasm.

They were both trying to forget.

Here I am rewriting this story for the third time. I tried to fix up a lot of things so I hope it has improved somewhat. Since I have stopped working on "Break" for now I hope you guys enjoy reading this old thing. I intend to change a lot of things.