Chapter Four

Samus felt a bead of sweat rolling down the side of her face but she was unable to wipe it away because of her helmet. She had recently been in a match against Pikachu and the little mouse packed quite a punch, especially considering its small size and harmless appearance. Both of them exchanged blow after blow, Pikachu trying to zap her while she tried to blast it with her missiles. In the end she had managed to claim victory…now though all she could think about was getting a nice warm shower.

The visor in her helmet alerted her to a heat signature nearby but it was fluctuating erratically. This wasn't abnormal for some of the creatures occupying the mansion but it seemed to be…human? As soon as she rounded the corner she froze.

"Marth?" she asked, walking over quickly to kneel down next to the swordsman.

He didn't respond.

Through the green tint of her visor she could see the short breaths he was taking and his pained expression…

Without hesitating further the bounty hunter scooped him into her arms and stood, dashing off in the direction of the infirmary. She knew the best thing to do was get him to a doctor rather than try to help him herself when she didn't know what was wrong.

Dr. Mario started when she burst through the double doors, dropping his clipboard which clattered to the ground. Several nurses also looked up in surprise. Samus didn't wait for them to respond and instead set Marth down on one of the various beds in the room. It only took a second for the doctor to be at her side. He was examining the patient almost instantly, quickly writing something down on his clipboard which he had retrieved. After finishing his examination he calmly gave orders to one of the nurses who rushed off into the other room.

"Please wait outside," one of the other nurses said, gently ushering Samus out the door.

The armored warrior did as she was told and watched as the doors to the infirmary closed behind her. It was only then that she realized a somewhat sick feeling in her stomach…an odd, twisting feeling. Worry maybe…?

She shook her head and sat down on a bench across from the sterile looking white doors, a slight frown on her face.

It felt like she had been sitting on that bench for hours. The clock on her visor told her it had only been about half an hour but it felt like so much longer…she wondered if it was broken. Her mind had wandered back to that shower she had longed for earlier and it felt all the more desirable now that she had been sitting in her own sweat for so long. Was it even necessary for her to wait here?

She had to admit…a part of her wanted to know if Marth was okay. He had looked so…fragile. It was like she could easily break him when she had picked him up with her armored hands. Before he had seemed stronger…like an impenetrable force. Even if initially she hadn't had the best impression of him she had to admit that he held himself well. He gave off that aura of a warrior.

When she had found him in the hall though…

Her thoughts were interrupted when Dr. Mario came out, a cheery smile on his face like nothing had happened. She briefly wondered how he could have that expression so often.

"Your-a blue haired friend will-a be alright-a," he said with a hint of triumph in his voice.

"…May I see him?" Samus asked slowly, not sure if it was her place to ask.

"Of course."

It was her second time though the double doors today but this time she didn't have the feeling that she was running out of time. Now only nervousness remained. The last time she had spoken to him had seemed to go pretty well but…socializing had never really been her thing. It wasn't like he made it very easy for her either.

Marth was still on the bed she had left him on but now he was sitting up talking to one of the nurses. Samus watched as he bowed his head to the woman slightly and then the nurse scurried off with a giggle. That was when Marth noticed Samus was in the room. He blinked once and if she didn't know any better she would have thought he looked embarrassed but the expression vanished and he once again had his icy mask.

"Well it looks like you're feeling better," she stated, standing off to one side.

"I guess I have you to thank for that," the exiled Prince replied. It sounded slightly stiff; forced.

Samus wasn't sure what his problem was but she had hoped for a little more appreciation after she had rushed him over here. She was about to say something when she noticed him looking around as if wary of some unseen foe.

"…Poison…" he murmured, almost so quietly that she couldn't hear it. He then stared directly at her and it almost felt like he could see right through her helmet. Apparently he was good at that kind of thing.

It made sense now though…he didn't trust her. She wouldn't trust anyone nearby either if she had just been poisoned. Such a thing always caused an inescapable sense of paranoia that you can't easily escape.

"Why would I want to poison you?" she asked bluntly, putting a hand on her hip. It made a clanking noise due to her armor.

"This is a tournament," he replied sharply with a slight glare.

"If I wanted to kill your sorry ass I would have done it in a more obvious manner" the bounty hunter said, tapping the cannon on her arm. "And if I wanted to kill you why would I have saved you?"

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as his shoulders slumped slightly. "Forgive me, it is just…"

Samus shifted her weight to her other leg and turned her head slightly. "Trust me, no one here would want to poison you. I doubt anyone sees you as a threat."

"Well that is encouraging," he said though he didn't seem to mind that she had insulted him. "Where I come from…this kind of occurrence is all too common."

"You're not there anymore. You're here."

She felt there was nothing left to say so she turned to leave.


His call startled her and she instinctively turned to face him again. "…Thank you for saving me…" Marth said. There was only sincerity in his voice this time and for a moment she didn't know how to reply.

"…You're welcome."

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