Big Man on Campus

Hehe, I'm starting another story. My mind is on overload for some reason which is strange because I'm exhausted yet I'm writing this. Very strange of me. So, on with it.

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Chapter One:


I pushed my glasses further up on my nose, hurrying through the halls of the high school to get to Biology. I loved the class but dreaded sitting next to my partner.

Tanya Denali. She was probably on of the most evil bitches the world had ever known.

I walked into the class and everyone was talking and sitting at other desks with their friends. I went to my seat and pulled out my notebook to review my notes from yesterday.

"Hey Edward," A sickeningly sweet voice greeted me. I looked up to see Tanya smiling down at me. A frown tugged on my lips as I went back to my notes and pushed my glasses up again.

"Well aren't you awfully rude. Are-Are you wearing eyeliner? I mean, you're eyelashes look way too dark." She chuckled a bit. It wasn't my fault I had thick lashes. I had gotten my mother's eyes, lips, and hair but my father's face and build, along with self-control. No matter how bad I wanted to curse Tanya out, I refrained.

"Did you say Masen was wearing eyeliner? Is he emo or gay?" Mike Newton shouted from across the room.

"I think it's both actually," Tanya replied. I clenched my jaw to keep the slew of profanities from slipping through my lips.

Luckily, Mr. Banner came into the room, saving me from prolonged torture. The entire class, Tanya continued to kick me lightly under the table and drum her fingers. The period ended and I packed up as fast I could, not wanting to spend anymore time in there.

"Edward, can I talk to you for a moment please?" Mr. Banner called after me. I stopped and went to his desk. The rest of the class cleared out, leaving Mr. Banner and me alone.

"Edward, I just wanted to say, I think you could have a future with a medical career. Your grades are...remarkable. If you need a recommendation when you're filling out college applications, please just ask me and I'll gladly give you one." He assured me.

"Thank you sir." I nodded before heading to Spanish. My cousin, Emmett was in this class with me even though he was a senior and I was a junior. I walked in and took my seat in the middle.

Just as I sat down, Emmett came in.

"Hey Eddie, my man." We bumped fists and he took a seat behind me. Class began and I had to deal with Emmett telling me about his girlfriend Rosalie, describing her legs, ass, and breasts in great detail. I don't think my mind will ever be clear of that.

School was officially over. I raced out the building, finally free from that hell.

"Hey Edward! You want a ride home?" Emmett called to me from his jeep. I saw Tanya, Alice, Jasper, and of course Rosalie with him. The others I could deal with, but being in a car with Bella was too much to handle.

I shook my head and began walking in the direction of the diner. It took me twenty minutes to get there and my feet were starting to hurt.

When I got there, I dropped my book bag off in the back room and put on an apron before washing my hands.

"Hi sweetheart." My mother greeted. She was absolutely beautiful. Her bronze hair pulled up into a bun. Her eyes were tired, worn with too much work, but they were still a vibrant green.

"Hi Ma." I kissed her cheek, then her forehead, and then her other cheek. She grinned up at me before making me bend to kiss my forehead.

"I need you to take this order to table four for me." She showed me the plates of food on the counter and I picked up two before she loaded my arms with the other three. When I saw table four, my stomach dropped.

Tanya and her cronies were there. I took a deep breath and approached.

"Hi Edward." Alice greeted me. I smiled at her. "Uh, who had the burger medium well and fries?" I asked. Emmett raised his hand and I set the plate down in front of him before giving Alice the chicken fingers I knew she ordered. Jasper had gotten a Texas burger and Tanya a burger medium well also.

As soon as I set the plate in front of her, she turned her face up at it. "This isn't right; I can already tell it's too red." She gave me the plate back. I went to the kitchen and through it on the grill again, flipping it around a bit before placing it on the bun.

The second time I gave it to her, she took a bite before spitting it out.

"It's too burnt now. Do you even know what you're doing?" She hissed at me. I sighed and took her plate, getting her a completely new burger.

Tanya took the plate from me and took one bite of the new burger.

"It still isn't right." She told me blatantly. But I had had enough of this stupid game she was playing.

"Well if it isn't right, why don't you go home and make your own burger. There's nothing wrong with this one. It was on the grill the same amount of time as Emmett's made the same way-if you don't like it, then get out." I spat at her.

Tanya looked shocked. Maybe because I had never fought back when she felt the need to harass me. But, I quickly regretted it.

"Edward, I need to see you." My boss-Billy Black told me. Oh God. I followed him into his office and had a seat in front of his desk. I rubbed my hands together and licked my lips.

"Edward. You can't speak to the costumers like that. I understand she was being difficult, but have some self-control." He berated me.

"Sir, I'm truly very sorry about that. I've been on edge all day, and she just made me snap. But please, don't fire me. I need this job-my mother and I need this job." I begged.

He sighed and nodded. "But take this as a warning. The next time I might not be so generous." Billy told me.

"Thank you sir, it'll never happen again." I bowed my head and hurried to the kitchen where I scrubbed my hands clean again.

"What did he say?" Ma asked me.

"I got a warning, the next time I could lose my job." I told her, licking my lips again.

"Edward, I know it wasn't your fault. That little...bitch is always tormenting you, but please be careful, we really need the money." Ma begged me. I took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

I nodded and went back out to the seating area.

"So Edward, it looks like you keep jobs as well as you keep fathers-and you don't seem to have a great track record in that area." Tanya smirked at me. That comment really hit home.

Like I wasn't reminded of my dirt-bag father every moment Ma and I were working our asses off to make ends meet while he couldn't pay child support once a month. But, never once did my mother complain about, instead taking on more hours to give us what Edward Sr. couldn't.

I went to table five and took their orders before handing it to the chef and going back to table four where there was a thirty dollar tip left for me. That was pretty alright.

I worked until seven with my mom and then we left since our shift was over. Ma had taken the car; like she always does in the morning because of her twelve hour shift and then we ride back together.

Pulling up to the house, my eyes almost popped out of my head. Written on the large window of the house, in red paint it said:

Edward: the emo homo

My mom got out of the car and broke down crying on the pavement. I ran over to her and pulled her into my arms, rocking her back and forth. I picked us up and went into the house where I helped my mother onto the couch before setting the coffee machine and then getting a sponge and a bucket of soapy water.

I wrapped a blanket around my mother and took of her shoes before giving her the coffee. She was shaking slightly, tears running down her cheeks even though her sobs had stopped.

I went outside and washed off the window scrubbing as hard as I could to get the red paint off. When I checked my watch, it was nine o'clock.

Sighing, I threw the water onto the driveway and went back inside. The mail was on the floor in front of the door. I picked it up, sorting through. Phone bill, electric bill, water bill, mortgage, car note, junk mail...but no check to Elizabeth Masen from Edward Masen Sr. That bastard.

Sighing, I placed the bills on the table.

"Ma, get to bed, I'm going for a quick drive." I told her. She placed the cup on the coffee table and headed down the hall. I grabbed the car keys and locked up all the doors to the house.

Anger boiled under my skin. I was practically seeing red.

I drove until I came to the white mansion practically in the woods. I stopped in front of it and tried to swallow my tears before getting out of the car.

I knocked on the door, hearing the sounds coming from the TV. Emmett opened the door and I punched him straight in the eye.

He stumbled back, holding his face.

"What the fuck man?!" He yelled at me.

"Me? What about you! Isn't it bad enough you hang out with that bitch and act like one of her minions while she embarrasses me constantly. But you bring her to the diner to talk shit about my family-about my mother and father? And then vandalize my house-after mocking me for working so we can afford it? So what the fuck?" I yelled back, tears streaming down my face.

I took another swing at him, hitting his temple. By now, everyone had come out of the living room to see what was happening. Aunt Esme stood at the door with a dish towel in her hand. She looked shocked when she saw me and opened her mouth to speak but I ran.

I ran to my car until I got there and put my head on the hood of it, trying to gather myself.

Aunt Esme ran up to me and took me into her arms. I just cried some more and she held me tightly until I pulled away and got into the car, speeding away. I pulled up to my house and wiped my eyes before going to my room. Digging into my nightstand, I pulled a compass and pressed the thin, sharp blade to my wrist.

Digging a bit deeper, I saw a bead of blood appear and then I pulled it across, making a line of blood. Taking a deep breath, I wiped it on my shirt before slapping a band aid on and getting undressed, pulling on my pajamas.

I walked to my mother's room and climbed into bed with her. Her eyes were open and red from crying. She looked at me and offered a weak smile.

"I-I'm sorry for breaking down like that. I know I'm your mother and I need to be strong for you...But it was just so hard. And I know I depend on you a lot..." I cut her off there.

"I know Ma, I know. You're the strongest person I know. It's alright to show some weakness, Ma. I'll love you no matter how weak or strong you are. But, we depend on each other. I know money is tight and probably getting tighter. Plus...Senior isn't sending in checks. Maybe...we should ask Uncle Carlisle for some help. You can't keep taking on all these hours to make ends meet." I told her.

"Edward. You know I'm not going to ask your Uncle for money because he'll think we're in serious trouble and want to pay for everything. We don't need him. We've made it this far without Senior or Carlisle-or anyone else for that matter." Ma reminded me. She always told me that when times got tough.

When Senior first left, she told me to stop calling him Dad. I didn't understand because I was only six and asked why if he was my Dad. She had explained to me that he was only Dad if he was there to watch me grow up, since that wasn't happening anytime soon, he was Edward Sr. But I started calling him Senior because calling him my name was strange.

"Ma, I used to think you were invincible when I was younger-and I still do, like nothing could ever hurt you or make you tired. You always seem so strong to me, like you could do anything and everything. But, the rate you're going makes me scared for you-terrified that something could make you...not invincible anymore, so please." I begged her.

Tears were falling from eyes but she brushed them away and nodded, running her hand through my hair.

"I love you, Edward." She whispered. "I love you too, Ma." I whispered back.

We finally went to sleep.


Seven in the morning, we were up getting ready for work since it was a Saturday. We walked out the door and locked up the house. Saturday was always a busy day, the diner was full of old people wanting tapioca and rice pudding.

Sunday, the senior center comes down for breakfast. Ma and I are usually all over that for tips and commission.

Monday, I didn't even think about going to school. I went to the diner and worked the same shift as Ma even though she protested. But, I reasoned that we could bring in more money and that Bella was probably planning some prank for me.

The next two weeks I didn't bother with school, getting my homework from this girl Angela. She was such a nice person, never had any ill will against anyone.

Unfortunately, Ma forced me to go to school. I packed up and walked in the usual rain. The last two weeks had been good, with the shifts we were working together; we had paid off all the bills for the month and still had a bit of spending money.

I was in a pretty happy mood. Until I walked to the front of the school and saw Emmett. His eye looked like it was healing, but it was a greenish yellow color, so was his temple.

I walked as quickly as I could, hoping he wouldn't see me.

"Hey, Edward!" He called out for me. Shit. I turned around and raised my eye brows.

"Those were quite a few blows you gave me a few weeks ago." He chuckled.

"That was quite a sign you painted me," I retorted. Emmett said nothing. "Are you expecting an apology or something because you sure as hell got what you deserved." I continued.

"No, no, nothing like that. Simply...acknowledging your presence I suppose." He grinned. It made me angry. Acknowledging my presence, like I was some fly on a god damned wall bothering.

"Well thank you so much for acknowledging my presence, I'm sure it'll make my mother much happier to know we weren't some random house you decided to defile but you chose us to acknowledge our place in your world." I scoffed before walking off.

School went on like usual. Lunch came and I sat with Ben, Ange, Tyler, and Eric. We joked around, throwing fries and stuff at each other while finishing up some homework for our next classes.

"Look Em, our little homo has some friends," Tanya crooned as she was walking by.

"Tanya, lay off. That's my cousin." Emmett told her. My jaw dropped. Emmett stood up for me?

"If you're so buddy, buddy, why don't you go sit with him then." She sneered at him. Emmett shrugged and walked over to our table.

"Do you guys mind if I sit here? It seems the bitch is in a bad mood." Emmett said the last part loud enough for Tanya to hear. She shot him a glare before sitting down with Jasper and Alice. Rosalie rolled her eyes before walking over to us.

Emmett sat down and Rose took a seat next to him. I guess they were like a team, if one left, the other did too.

"Edward, I guess I owe you an apology. For you know your house...and my comment early." Emmett struggled to get the words out. I had quite a bit more to say to him, but I decided his child like complex wouldn't be able to handle it.

I looked to Rosalie expectantly.

"When have you ever known me to resort to all that child's play?" She asked me. She had a good point, if Rosalie Lillian Hale had a problem with you; she came right out and said it. There were no games to play when dealing with her.

I shrugged instead before eating the rest of my fries. I wasn't planning on forgiving Emmett anytime soon. He may not like me, but my mother had changed his diapers before, taken care of him and he did that to her.

"Tonight, come to my house. My mother will be expecting an apology." I told him before deciding to head to class.

I got to biology early and took my seat, copying down the notes on the board while I was there. Mr. Banner wasn't there. The class slowly trickled in, most people talking to each other.

"What the hell Edward? Are you trying to turn my friends against?" Tanya demanded as soon as she came up to our table. I looked at her and tightened my lips into a line.

"Denali, shut the hell up. You're lucky I'm not pressing charges. Emmett just confessed that he helped you paint my house, if you don't want your Dad to find out, get away from me." I bit out. Her mouth snapped shut even though I was sure she had something else to say.

After work, Ma and I stumbled into the house. It had been a long night. Some travelling circus came through and stopped to eat. We didn't have enough food to feed them so I ended up going to the grocery store and buying food for the chef to cook.

In the end, we had so many tips, our pockets wouldn't fit any more. Walking through the door, Ma grinned at me.

"We have been extremely lucky this month; we probably made enough on tips alone to pay next months bills." She grinned at me. I kissed her hair.

"Well how do we celebrate, besides counting up this money?" I asked. Ma slipped off her shoes and sat on the couch, sighing in relief. I sat beside her and took her feet into my lap, taking one into my hand and beginning to massage it.

"Edward, you don't have to do that for me." She protested.

"Ma, you've been on your feet all day serving people, please." I waved it off. One thing I always loved about my mother was her feet. Even though she was on them all day long, since I was little I could remember walking into her room and she'd be giving herself a pedicure.

Her feet always looked great, painted a deep red color and perfect, her nails always looked trimmed and they smelled like peppermint.

Did I have a foot fetish because I liked the way feet looked? Most likely. I switched feet while Ma began to fall asleep on the couch. I knew she would be tired.

Her eyes opened and she got up to answer the door. I went with her. She unlocked the three locks and released the chain across the door, revealing Emmett who looked awfully sheepish.

Ma's hand flew up and slapped him across the face. His cheek immediately turned red. I just stood back and watched.

"What do you want?" Ma demanded.

"Aunt Liz, I wanted to apologize for what my friends and I did to your house. It was stupid and childish. And we're very sorry." He went on, unfazed by the slap he just received.

"Fine, but I'm telling your mother. Go home and get there before I call her." Ma told him before closing the door. She sighed and went into the kitchen to start some coffee.

"Go finish your homework, I'm gonna give myself a pedicure," I smiled at that. The house would smell like peppermint for at least three days until her next one.

I went to my room and cleaned up first, piled of clothes and books had been accumulating over the past few weeks and now it was starting to bother me. I put my clothes in a basket and headed to the laundry room.

I put a load in and then completed math and science homework. I had no English, social studies, or biology.

As I did my homework, I heard Ma on the phone yelling at her sister.

"Esme, he came to my door and told me him and his friends did it! Why would he lie about?!" She yelled.

"What? You think because Edward punched him, he told because he was scared?! He's two-hundred fucking pounds!" She shrieked after a comment Aunt Esme made.

"Edward ways one-hundred and sixty pounds, what's he gonna do to Emmett?!" She screamed. I winced. Ma's voice always got real shrill when she got angry.

"Are you calling my son a liar?!" She hissed. "Why would he need to lie about it?!" Her voice rose to a high-pitched squeal.

"Edward loves your family-you don't like us!" Ma argued. "Well why wouldn't he like you-he loves you!" She squawked.

"Esme. That is a bunch of shit! Your son is the one hanging out with that Denali girl!" Ma sneered. "Angel my ass! She's been tormenting Edward since he was six!" She yelled.

"So she's gonna hold a grudge for eleven fucking years?! That's absolutely ridiculous!" She spat.

"Oh I'm ridiculous?! How about this-I'm pressing charges. I have a full confession, I'll bring Emmett down to the station and tell Chief Denali exactly what's been going on for the past eleven years and see how he likes it. Maybe Edward will even bring Denali up on harassment charges while we're at it. I mean, why not? We've got more than ten years of dirt on her." Ma sounded smug.

But, I didn't doubt her for one minute. Aunt Esme was about to learn the hard way: Never underestimate Elizabeth Masen-especially when she's angry.

The phone was slammed down on the receiver and I grimaced. Any harder and she would've broken it.


I walked to school the next day. Emmett's jeep was parked and he was sitting on a bench with his head in his hands. Rosalie stood by him, not even attempting to comfort him. I walked a bit closer to hear what she was saying.

"I can't say you didn't get what you deserved. That's your family you treated like shit. Now you've got your mother and aunt fighting because you decided to be a dumb ass." She berated him in an emotionless voice.

"Rose, shut-up! I already know what I did!" Emmett snapped at her.

"You know what Em; call me when you decided to buy a brain." She scoffed and walked away. And I knew she wasn't coming back anytime soon.

Emmett looked up to watch his girlfriend walk away from him.

I kept walking but Emmett caught me.

"Edward!" He yelled. Every fucking time I was trying to avoid him, he caught me. I turned and walked towards him.

"Your mom is pressing charges on all of us! She plans to get Tanya in for harassment and vandalism, that'll cost at least three years! You gotta do something!" He pleaded.

I would have felt remorse. I was almost feeling it too. I guess I would never have any empathy because on the inside, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

"What am I supposed to do? Tell her you really were lying about doing it to appease us? She'll look stupid for fighting with your mother about it." I scoffed.

"Dammit Edward, why are you doing this?" He snapped at me.

"Because I can." I shrugged and walked off.

So you would think that's it, right? That Tanya Denali and her cronies would lay off because if they didn't they were going to jail. Wrong.

Ma and I get home to see the front window broken. She bites her lip and walks into the house, turning on the lights.

I walk to where the glass is and see something gold gleaming. Bending down, I pick up the necklace lying in the glass.


It says in cursive. Bingo. I let out a chuckle before reaching in my pocket for my cell phone. I dialed 911.

"Hello, I'd like to report a break in." I said.

"Was anything stolen?" The operator says.

"Not that I'm aware of. But please hurry because I have some evidence that may tell who the criminal is." I told her.

"What's your address?" I gave it to her and hung up. Dropping the necklace, I went over to my mother who was sitting on the couch with her lips pressed into a line.

I sat beside her and put my head on her shoulder.

Soon, I heard sirens. Standing up, I opened the door and Chief Denali came in. Oh, this would be good.

"You said you had evidence?" He asked as soon as he stepped in. I walked over to where the broken glass was and pointed to the necklace.

He picked it up and gasped.

"I believe you should go arrest your daughter now." I grinned.


Okay, Chief Swan is officially Chief Denali because the original plot for the story was that Bella was the bitch. Because of my slightly vindictive streak and need for revenge and such, I totally made her an extreme bitch that Edward was going to hate for ever even though I wanted them together and mistakenly put him with Tanya-So! I switched Tanya and Bella's characters and now all is right with the world once more.