Big Man on Campus

Okay, I think I'm trying to write a slow story, so bare with me.

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Chapter Two:


The look on Chief Denali's face was priceless. I suppose I'm a bastard for taking joy in it, but I honestly didn't care at the moment.

He swallowed hard and went out the door.

"Edward, get in the car, I want to go to the station," Ma ordered me. I nodded and got into the car. Police officer's stayed behind and I saw them putting plastic covers over the window.

Ma sped off to the station, and I was reminded of where I got my driving skills from. She was well over forty miles above the speed limit. We were at the station in no time at all and Ma was dragging me through the glass doors.

I didn't resist as she practically threw me into a chair and she began pacing in front of me. It made me nervous.

"Ma, you're making me nervous." I told her. She stopped and took a seat next to me. My eye twitched as I watched her leg bounce up and down. I sighed, knowing she wouldn't sit still.

About twenty minutes later, Chief Denali came back with Tanya in handcuffs. She spotted me and gave me one of the most hateful glares I had ever seen. They kept walking into the holding area. An officer motioned for us to follow. They were in the interrogation room with the two way mirror in it.

Tanya sat down with her eyes cast down and her father sat down across from her.

"Tanya, I need you to tell me why you broke into the Masen household," Chief Denali told her. She shrugged.

"If you don't answer me, you're sentence could be longer." He told her.

"Because he threatened to press charges against me for harassment and vandalism." She mumbled.

"Did you vandalize their house?"

"I had help." She said. "Well we're not talking about who helped you, Tanya. I need to know why you did all this stuff to him." Chief Denali said in a soothing voice.

"Because he never fought back." She shrugged. My mother gripped my hand tightly, most likely to keep from going into the room and doing something she would regret.

"What do you mean he never fought back?" The chief asked.

"In the first grade he took a crayon I was about to use so I stole his book, it's been like that ever since. He didn't fight back." She explained.

Twelve years of torture because I took a crayon from her? That is absolutely ridiculous.

"How did you end up vandalizing his house?" Chief asked. The muscles in his neck were straining from anger.

"He told me off at the diner and I got angry. So I went to his house and spray painted a window." She told him. The worst part was that this was probably true.

"Do you realize you are facing up to five years of charges, correct?" Chief asked her. She nodded.

"Could you tell me what was going through your mind while you were doing this?" He asked next.

"That I wanted to get back at Edward for making me look like a bitch." Tanya sneered. How could I have made her look like a bitch? She did that very well on her own.

"And how was he making you look like a bitch?"

"Because every time I did something to him, he never said anything and just took it. Everything I did, he just took it. Other people started hating me because he wouldn't fight back." She growled.

Bella had some serious problems.

"Can I speak with the Chief?" I asked an officer. He nodded and held up one finger, motioning for me to wait.

"Chief, Masen wants to speak to you." He said through an intercom. The chief stood up and came out of the room, leaving Bella alone.

"I don't want to press charges, just quite a few consequences: A replaced window, three months of anger management, for her to see a psychiatrist, and three months of community service. Maybe seeing how much work the lower class has to do will change her mind on how she treats them," I grinned condescendingly.

"And I expect it all to go on her record." I added. Chief Denali sighed and walked back into the interrogation room.

"Well Tanya, it's your lucky day today. The Masen's have decided not press charges. But, you need to replace their window, you're going to be signed up for three months of anger management and community service and see a psychiatrist. This will all go on your records of course." He told her.

Tanya sighed and looked into the mirror. It was like she was staring straight at me.

"Edward, are you sure you don't want to press charges?" Ma asked me.

"Yeah, I figure for the next ten years, I can work the same job she has, be in the same classes and torture her too. You know the saying, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. She wasted ten years of my life, why not waste ten years of hers?" I shrugged, grinning to let her know I wasn't serious.

"God you sound just like your father," She rolled her eyes. I knew in the way she said it, it wasn't meant to be malicious, when I was young, Senior's motto was always do unto others as they do unto you. He didn't believe in turning the other cheek.

Chief Swan came back out again.

"May I just, speak to Tanya for a moment?" Ma asked.

The chief nodded and Ma stepped through the door. She took a seat across from Tanya and smiled.

Tanya looked up at her, and I noticed something in her eyes. She was ashamed.

"Well, Ms. Denali, I simply wanted to let you know that you are by far the most evil, manipulative, conniving, bitch I have ever seen. And everything that comes towards you, you most certainly deserve, and I hope you never forget my face because the next time I see you, I want you to remember who punched you right in yours." Ma said in one of the sweetest tones I had ever heard.

It was almost as if she were complimenting Tanya on her hair and not threatening and insulting her. Ma got up and walked out the door, walking past the shocked Chief and grabbing my arm.

"Come on Edward, you have school tomorrow." She reminded me. I walked to the car in a trance, my mother, I will admit; behind closed doors she had quite the temper. But in public, anywhere where people outside the family were, she was probably sweeter than Aunt Esme.

So, hearing her talk to Tanya like that was truly a shock. She drove home at break neck speed and waltzed into the house with skip in her walk.

I followed her to the kitchen where she went into the liquor cabinet-the one with a padlock and opened. She grabbed a bottle of red wine and got two glasses.

"Ma, what are you doing?" I asked her.

"We're celebrating, one glass won't kill you." She waved it off and handed me the half full glass. She sipped on hers happily, humming some mysterious tune.

"Edward, what do you say, play me a song," She asked. I chuckled and walked into the dining room where our piano was. It wasn't particularly spectacular, a simple upright piano.

I sat down at the bench and Ma sat beside me and looked at me expectantly.

I put my hands on the keys and played out Ma's song. It started out with a mix of deep and high pitched notes and ended the same way.

When I was done, she sighed and kissed my head.

"You're so talented; you get it from your father." She stood up and stretched. Once again, she was complimenting on facets of my personality that I got from him.

Ma had gone into her room and changed her clothes before coming back out in sweat pants and a shirt she stole from me.

"Hey, I've been looking all over for that shirt!" I told her.

"It's ratty anyway, where were you gonna wear it?" Ma challenged me.

"It's the principle of the matter," I pointed out. She snorted and walked into the kitchen, getting a bag of popcorn and putting it in the microwave.

"I figure we can watch GoodFellas tonight, I'm in the mood for some crime." Ma told me. I nodded and took the DVD from the TV stand and popped it in.

The microwave beeped and Ma poured the poured the popcorn into a bowl.

She sat beside and held the popcorn.

I have to admit, that Henry Hill was someone to look up to. I knew it was stupid to even think about being in the Mafia considering Forks' version of a gang was Mike Newton and a few friends with baseball bats.

But, the money they brought in, if I had that type of money from a bit of ricatto, Ma and I would be set for life. I could get her a nice house-without the tackiness of the seventies and their fake-rock, sliding walls.

I put those wishes for a bit of action to the back of my mind and put the dreams of law school in the front. It was movies like this that got people doing stupid things, it didn't help that everyone in the movie was practically an idiot.

It went off and I laughed at the irony of it. Henry ended up living in some suburb as a normal person with no action-much like the rest of us.

"Okay Ma, get to bed." I ordered her.

"Yes Dad." She mocked me. I stood up and stretched before taking the empty bowl and emptying the kernels into the garbage and washing the bowl.

Looking at my watch, it was almost twelve. I got to bed and smiled at the thought of a Tanya Denali torment free day tomorrow.

So you would think that's it right? Once more, wrong. I wish this ridiculous drama had ended there. It was becoming too much to bear.


It was the day of graduation. I had made it through the rest of the school year with minimal contact with Tanya Denali. She didn't look at me, didn't say a word unless needed, she was my biology partner after all.

So, here I was standing on the stage of our auditorium, receiving my diploma, Ma in the front row with her camera, Aunt Esme right next to her, both of them in tears. I shook hands with the principal and walked off the stage and back to my seat.

People got up on stage, getting their diplomas and returning. Emmett received his diploma and walked off, Tanya was next.

"Tanya Denali," Mrs. Cope called out. Bella stood up and received her diploma. As she took it, she looked right at me and smirked before averting her gaze. Her eyes got wide with shock I suppose so I looked to where she was looking.

My blood seemed to freeze in my veins. I recognized him from the pictures on the mantel at our house, it his dark hair, he looked almost exactly like me, except he looked slick, like oil.

Edward Anthony Masen Sr. was in the same room as me after twelve years. My breathing got heavy and I clenched my hands into fists. The ceremony ended and we took the senior photo. I raced off the stage and found Senior before my mother could.

I didn't want her to see him because I didn't know what she might do to him. No doubt it would be violent.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded as soon as I was face to face with him. I was surprised that I was slightly taller than. I was about 6'3" so Senior was maybe 6'1".

"Just wanted to see my eldest son graduate." He explained.

"Eldest? You left me and mom to start a new family or something?" I growled. Why of all days did he decided he wanted to rebuild his relationship eldest now?

"It didn't happen quite that way," He chuckled. It scared me, knowing that his laugh was so close to being the same as mine.

"I don't have time for you, get out of here before Ma sees you," I scoffed and began to walk away.

"Wait, Edward. I was thinking, we could catch up sometime. Will you give me a call?" He handed me a card with his cell number on it. I sighed and tucked it into my sleeve, watching him walk away.

I made my way through the crowd back to the family.

"Edward, where'd you go?" Ma asked me.

"Just chatting with a friend," I told her before wrapping my arms around her. She grinned before shrugging me off.

"Go stand over there, I want a picture of you in your cap and gown." She shoved me into an open space and positioned her camera. I grinned lopsidedly for her. The flash nearly blinded me. I blinked rapidly to clear the dots that were in front of my eyes.

"Okay, one with Emmett." She told me. Emmett and I hadn't spoken since he asked me not to press charges. We stood together and grinned. Acting came easy to me I suppose.

We took a few pictures together and then I took some with Angela.

The plan for after graduation was to head up to Seattle to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. We got into our cars and drove for two hours.

Ma sung along to her seventies music-not that I would admit it, but she had gotten me into it as well. I hummed along to Undun by Guess Who. Finally, we got to the restaurant. Uncle Carlisle parked next to us and we walked in together.

A hostess showed us to our table that Uncle C had reserved for the six of us. I sat next to Alice and Ma. On the other side was Uncle C, Aunt Esme, and Emmett.

We got the spring rolls, and northern style spare ribs as starters. Those were very good. I had never been here before. Just as we got our meals, another waiter came by with an Orange Peel Manhattan and placed it in front of Ma.

"Excuse me, I didn't order this," She told the waiter.

"The gentleman over there said to deliver this to you," The waiter pointed out Senior who had his head turned away from us. Had he seriously followed us here?

"Well you tell the gentleman over there that I have an eighteen year old son who lives with me and I'm not interested," She told the waiter. He let a small chuckle escape him before walking over to Senior and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Ma, don't do that, you should date more," I scolded her.

"Honey, this day is about you and Emmett, I'll date when I have the time," She took my hand in hers.

"Liz, I agree with Edward. When they get settled with University, I'm setting you up," Aunt Esme told her.

Ma sighed and took a sip of the drink Senior had given her. Dinner continued centered on college and what we would be doing.

Emmett had decided to go into physiology and I was going to be in criminal law.

We got out of the restaurant around four and headed back to the cars.

"Edward, I'm having a big party tonight, you should come." Emmett told me.

"I don't know Em, I mean, I gotta get back to the dinner and-" Ma cut me off though.

"Edward, go have some fun, it'll be fine." She told me. I nodded. We got into our cars and headed back to Forks.

Two hours later, I was in my room changing into jeans and a t-shirt. As I took off my button-up shirt, a paper fell out of the sleeve. I had forgotten that Senior gave me his number.

I picked it up and stared at his name long and hard.

Taking my phone out of my pocket, I dialed the number on the card and pressed the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" Senior asked.

"This is Edward." I told him.

"Oh, Edward. How are you?" He asked conversationally.

"Let's cut to the chase, meet tomorrow at the beach around seven in the morning." I got straight to the point.

"Okay, see you then," He agreed before hanging up.

I closed my phone and tossed it on the bed to finish getting ready. By seven thirty, I was heading out the door to the party.

Ma decided to take the night off so I could have the car. So, I got into the car and headed up to Emmett's. When I got there, the music was loud and practically shook the ground.

Walking into the mansion, I was immediately passed a red plastic cup which I immediately threw out.

I walked into the living room and saw Emmett. He nodded at me before continuing to dance with Rosalie. I moved from room to room in the dim lights of the house until I got to the kitchen where I grabbed a beer.

"Hey! You wanna dance?" I turned around to see a brunette asking me that.

She had caramel eyes and a pretty smile. I nodded as I sipped my beer before following her out to the living room against.

She started grinding her hips into mine, smirking slyly.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

"Bella, what's yours?" She turned and grounded her ass into me. I groaned a bit.

"Edward." I told her before grasping her hips.

"Well Edward, do you wanna go upstairs with me?" She asked, turning around again. I grinned at her and followed her upstairs.

We went to a guest bedroom and Bella locked the door behind her. She came up behind me and began to unbuckle my belt and jeans.

She shoved them down and I stepped out of them before facing her. She had on a pair of shorts and a tank top. It wasn't particularly slutty, just extremely relaxed.

She pulled down her pants and panties and climbed onto the bed. I took off my boxers and got behind Tanya who was on all fours.

Reaching into the nightstand, I found a pack of condoms and took one.

I slipped it on before pushing into Bella's cunt.

She was fucking tight. We both groaned at the friction before I started thrusting into her.

"Edward, I don't usually do this." She gasped.

"Me neither," I grunted.

"I mean...I'm a...lesbian, but my girlfriend, I'm trying to make her jealous." She explained between moans. Now that was hot. The thought of Bella with another girl, kissing her, touching her. I almost came.

She mewled when my thrusts got harder.

"Fuck Edward," She groaned, pushing back against me. I snaked my hand between her thighs and pressed down on her clit. She whimpered and her walls clenched around my cock, holding me tightly.

Her arms caved in as she orgasmed, panting and gasping for breath. I felt my balls tighten and grunted as I came.

I slid out of her and pulled of the condom, tying the end in a knot to keep anything from escaping.

Bella sat up from the bed, shaking lightly as she stood up and pulled on her panties. I put on my boxers and jeans and looked over at the girl who had blushed a bright red.

She turned and faced me before clearing her throat.

"Um, like I said, I don't usually do this, me and my...partner are going through a tough time," She said embarrassedly.

"Me, do you want to talk about it?" I asked her.

"You don't mind, I mean, I'm sure you'd rather be down there getting more pussy than up here listening to me bitch about my problems," She let out a little laugh.

"I'm honestly not the partying type, it's my cousin's party," I sat down on the bed and she took a spot next to me.

"Neither am I. My cousin Rosalie invited me. Me and Claire got into a fight so I came down from Seattle for this party." Se sighed.

"Seattle? That's pretty long of a travel for a party," I noted.

"Yeah, I only came to piss her off. But, this is pretty good for a bunch of small town kids." She nodded.

"I suppose so, but you can't underestimate Alice and Emmett's skills when it comes to party planning," I grinned.

"I suppose so. So, you graduated today?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to the University of Washington in September," I told her.

"That's great, so am I! What are you majoring in?"

"Criminal Law, and you?"

"The same. What are the chances that two law students meet at a party their cousins invited them to?" She giggled.

It did seem a bit coincidental.

"So, you talked about having a fight with...Claire," I said.

"Yeah, we just got together, we were friends before the relationship. Claire was...bisexual and was more into guys, but girls when there was a threesome going on. I had liked her before she decided to date me. So she finally came up to me and said she wanted to give us a try without a man interfering and I agreed. So we've been dating for two months and I walk into our apartment and see her with her ex boyfriend in the bedroom. I don't know how I'm even gonna go home," She cried.

I wrapped my arms around her.

"Why don't you stay with Rose for a few days? I'm sure she won't mind while you clear you head. But, my honest advice is to find someone who only wants you, and not everyone else." I told her.

"Thanks Edward. Maybe you should rethink the whole career choice and become a psychiatrist, your patients will get over their problems and have a hot doctor to ogle," She joked.

I laughed at that. While that career choice did sound interesting, I didn't want to sit for hours a day and listen to people bitch about what's going wrong in their lives.

"As appealing as that sounds, I don't like to listen to every person with a problem whine about it." I explained.

"Does that mean I'm the only one allowed to whine about my life to you?" Bella teased.

"No, that means you got a free pass this time. The next time, you owe me something in return." I grinned.

"Okay, I guess I'll be here a few days so, the next time I decide to complain, I'll call you up nice and early and then I'll take you to breakfast." She told me with a sure nod.

"Alright, well, I suppose I should give you my number if you plan to do that." I chuckled. Bella took her phone from her pocket and handed it to me. I programmed my number into it and handed it back to her.

"Alright, I guess we should get back down there," I sighed and stood up. "Yeah," Bella agreed and walked back down together.


The next morning, I woke up at about seven. I threw on some clothes, not even bothering to shower because I planned to make this a quick affair.

Mom wasn't working until eight, but I didn't take the car because it might wake her up.

So, I rode my bike there. It didn't take too long. When I got there, a black Aston Martin Vanquish was parked in the sand. That was my dream car. It was on wheels.

The only thing that ruined the image was Senior resting against it smoking a cigarette. I dropped my bike and walked over to him, standing about a foot away.

"I'm surprised you came." I told him honestly.

"Why?" He asked. I let out a laugh. I had twelve years of pent up rage I wanted to let out.

"You can't even pay child support once a month, or a phone call on my birthday, maybe just one every now and then just to see how Ma's doing, but now, out of the blue you decided to show up and ruin everything! We were finally getting a lucky break and you go and ruin everything!" I shouted at him.

"Edward, I understand you're angry, but I had to leave, I couldn't stay with you guys any longer," But I cut him off.

"Angry?! I'm beyond angry, I'm livid! You have no clue what Ma had to go through. When you left-without so much as a goodbye that was the first time I had ever seen her cry! You made my mother cry! The second time was when we almost couldn't pay the bills because money was tight-especially with your three times a year checks that didn't do shit! But she never even complained about it, never complained about how she was working for thirteen or more hours seven days a fucking week so we could keep the house while your off with your new family living it up!" I yelled.

"Edward, the feds were gonna come after me if I stayed there! I had to pack up and go to New York so they wouldn't find me. I just happened to meet someone there, and we ended up moving to Seattle-so I could keep an eye on you," Senior explained.

"Seattle?! You could have been fucking walking to our house to put those checks in the mail. You could have stuffed a couple hundred into an envelope and put it in the mailbox. You keep coming up with excuses for being a bad parent and now you seem to want something from me," I growled at him.

"You're right, I do want something from you. In Seattle, I heard you were going to school partners would like for you to join the family business," Senior explained.

"And what would the family business be?" I snipped.

"Um, we dabble in a bit of everything. Ah, do you see that car?" He pointed out the Vanquish. I gave one nod.

"How do you think I bought it, I mean it is a very expensive car." He chuckled a bit.

"Did you rob a bank?" I asked half-heartedly.

"No, but something close. Have you ever heard of ricatto? Do you speak Italian still?" He asked me.

"Yes I still speak Italian, it was the first language you taught me, but I'm sure you have new family memories replacing me, so you might not remember," I snapped.

"And what the hell does blackmail have to do with anything?" I added.

"Blackmail is exactly how I got that car," Senior told me.

"Are you trying to suck me into my own version of GoodFellas? That is absolutely ridiculous or are you trying to play into my own small fantasy of wanting to be a gangster? You're ridiculous, you can't think of any other excuse besides being in the mafia?" I spat.

"Edward, why would I lie to you after twelve years? What more do I have to lose?" He let out a humorless laugh.

"If...if I believe this story, why are you telling me this? Let me rephrase that, what do you want from me?" I sighed. It was too early in the morning to be arguing about his stories.

"Well, my boss was saying to me the other day, 'Tony, you got another son, bring him into the business-the more the merrier'. Now, I told him I didn't want to, I hadn't spoken to you for a while but he says to me, 'bring him in or I'll get him myself', so I thought it would be best to bring you in," Senior explained.

I stayed silent. Senior looked at me expectantly. I blinked.

"And when do you expect me to see this boss of yours?" I finally asked him.

"Well, he said to bring you today, as soon as possible. So I figured, we could ride to Seattle together and go see him," Senior explained hesitantly.

"And did you think that bringing an extra super cool car was gonna make me hop right in? Well you were right, let's drive two hours to Seattle singing the wheels on the bus the whole way there!" I said with sarcastic enthusiasm.

"Edward, I didn't want to do this but..." Senior trailed off before reaching into his waistband and pulling out a hand gun.

I honestly thought my heart was gonna try and pound its way out of my chest. But, my mind controlled it. I had something over him.

"Are you seriously expecting me to be scared? Do you want me to flee and run screaming to my mother about the big bad man who threatened to shoot me if I didn't go with him? Are you fucking stupid? You need me, let's get that straight. Your boss wants to meet me, and I can assure you he didn't mean dead. If you were actually gonna shoot me, you would have it aimed at my head and shot me already. Those threats don't work on me, and I'm not stupid so don't treat me like I am." I scoffed.

I dug into my pocket and pulled out a pack of Newport, grabbing one and jamming it between my lips before using my lighter.

"Now, give me a serious reason on why you need me to go to Seattle with you, and none of that gun shit," I said between puffs of smoke.

"If you don't come with me, Tino is gonna kill me," Senior explained.

"I need another reason besides that, that was worst than the gun." I told him. A smirk played on my lips.

"I have a wife and kids at home, they need me," He tried again.

"Yeah um, as moving as that may be, not jerking any tears from my eyes or wrenching my heart from its place in my chest, you need to try a lot harder?" I yawned.

"He's gonna go after your mother if you don't." He finished with a smirk. That one got to me. The smirk did too. I went at him. I swung wildly, too enraged to think about where I was punching him until he rolled on top of me and hit me over the head with the barrel of his gun.


I woke up and it was dark. My head was pounding like crazy and ached. Plus, it was dark. I could hear voices murmuring around me and then I realized that my eyes were still closed.

I struggled to open them.

"He's awake," A raspy voice whispered. I opened my eyes and saw Senior staring at me. My eyes flew open and my fist flew right into his face. I flew up from my place on a bed and jumped onto the older man and grabbed his gun from his waistband. I held it to his temple.

"You fucking bastard, threatening my mother like that! I should fucking shoot you for that! I wonder how your family would take it, knowing that you oldest son was the one to kill you and not some made up mafia boss!" I growled, pressing the gun closer to his head.

Suddenly, I was pulled off him by two sets of hands. I was dragged backwards and placed on the bed.

"Woah there kid, you got a lot of spirit in you, huh?" The raspy voice chuckled.

I shrugged out of their grasp and turned around. Everyone in the room had on an expensive suit and I hadn't showered today. Talk about feeling inadequate.

Each had a blank mask on their face and standing ramrod straight.

"Take me home or I call the police." I threatened. Everyone around me broke out in laughter. They didn't realize how serious I was.

Not only did I have plate numbers, but I had locations, names, past locations. It wouldn't be too difficult-I think. But I wouldn't tell them that.

Senior was the only one who didn't laugh.

"Guys, don't underestimate him. He's at the top of his class-remember I told you he was gonna be a lawyer. Gathering information is what he's supposed to do." He told them.

If we had a relationship, I would have nodded in agreement.

What do you want from me?" I sighed. My head had a dull pounding right in the back from where Senior had hit me.

"You see kid"-I had to cut him off.

"Stop calling me that-I'm eighteen years old." I snapped. He chuckled and tousled my hair. I flinched away and ran my hand through it.

"So Tony here was telling us how great you are with people-he always goes on and on about how wonderful his oldest son his, how he's gonna do him proud by being a lawyer, so I say to him, bring this kid in, maybe he can work out some favors for me," The man with salt and pepper hair and slightly obese.

"You do realize that 'Tony' has not seen me in almost twelve years-nor have I spoken to him, correct?" I asked, just for confirmation.

"Twelve years?! Tony, you can't do a simple thing for me and tell me the truth?! What type of father goes away without any kind of contact? All those kids I have, they each get a birthday card filled with money. Of course, a few of them are in their twenties, but they know I love them none the less, even my grandkids get money," He chuckled.

Senior-Tony just looked down in shame. I grinned, he was ashamed of him self, I liked it.

"Anyway, I figured, I want your family to be apart of my family. You need anything, money, clothes, cars-anything at all, you ask me for it," The man told me.

"What do you want in return?" I asked. There was no such thing as free. You always had to give something in return. Example: I get free breakfast at the diner every Saturday and Sunday, payment; I work there seven days a week for two free meals. What an amazing exchange! (Let my sarcasm be noted)

"You're smart. In exchange, you work for me. When you pass your bar test-which I have confidence in you to do so, you handle cases for me." He explained.

"Do I get whacked if I lose a case?" I asked. I may have sounded sarcastic, but I was quite serious.

"You've been watching GoodFellas, haven't you?" He accused me.

"It's my mother's favorite movie." I admitted sheepishly.

"And a smart woman she is. What's her name? I'm Tino by the way,"

"Elizabeth Carmanelli," I told him.

"Carmanelli?! Those women of that family, so vivacious and beautiful. One of my nieces, her father's brother is married to a Carmanelli-Bella Swan, I think she spent too much time with them though; she has a lot of their charm and character. And that luscious brown hair and those big brown eyes-shame the daughter is a lesbian, you two would have been good together." He chuckled.

"Well, if we're done here, I'll be leaving now," I grabbed my sweater and headed for the door.

"Hey, Eddie"-I cut Tino off.

"My name is Edward-not Ed or Eddie, Edward." I told him. I hated Eddie because it made me sound like a five year old.

"Okay, Edward. We're not done yet. Come have a seat, we'll talk for real this time." He gestured for me to go back over.

"Now, you know my side of the deal. But what do you want from us?" He asked me.

"I would like world domination with Tanya Denali as my labor slave." I said, completely serious. "However, I don't think that I have the perseverance, will, or intelligence for a plan so devious. So, I will settle for Tony here paying all the child support he has missed, as well as spousal support, a new wardrobe for both my mother and I, and a week at the best spa in Seattle for my mother-she could use the relaxation." I grinned.

"That's 162,000 dollars with just child and spousal support!" Tony gasped.

"If you had paid it before, you wouldn't be worrying," I shrugged. He growled and clenched his hands.

"You honestly don't have to if you don't want to, I can walk away now, and never let anyone know what went on today. I can go back to Forks and work long shifts at the diner seven days a week-along with Ma. She hasn't had a real break for as long as I can remember." I sighed wistfully.

"Fine!" I heard Tony growl out.

"That guilt working certainly came from your mother-those Carmanelli's know how to make you feel bad!" Tino whooped.

"Believe me, I know. But, if you will excuse me gentlemen, I have to get home. I will be expecting a call tomorrow-and just for future reference, I don't do dirty work. At best I'll mop a floor." I gave a two fingered wave before walking out the door.


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