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It had been a long day at the Kurosaki clinic, and young Kurosaki Yuzu was very happy to close for the night. Karin-chan will be coming home from soccer practice soon, Yuzu thought as she started to lock the front doors. I wonder what she'll want for dinner, or if Ichi-nii will... "Oh!" Yuzu said out loud, startled out of her thoughts. Sitting just outside of the doors was a large brown owl. It hooted at her in a dignified sort of fashion.

Yuzu opened the doors very slowly. An owl should be frightened away by her approach, but she also didn't want it to fly at her. A part of Yuzu wondered why she didn't just let it alone and go inside to start dinner, but there was something odd the way it was sitting there, on the ground, like it was waiting for her. And Yuzu had to admit, it would be nice for once to be the special one. Karin and Ichigo could both see spirits, while Yuzu could only sense their presence. Ichigo often ran off to do things he wouldn't tell them about, but they all knew were important, and even Karin had been able to help Kanonji-san defeat those monsters. But here there was something strange- something special- and it was happening to Yuzu alone.

The owl cocked its head at her and hooted again, as though it was trying to figure out what she was thinking, but it didnt move, even as she cautiously approached it. "Hello there," Yuzu said gently, kneeling down to get a better look at the bird. "Are you hurt? You came to the right place, if you are, although we dont normally treat birds. You're quite a handsome fellow, arent you?"

The bird preened at this, as though it understood what Yuzu was saying, and stuck out one of its legs. Yuzu frowned- there appeared to be a piece of paper tied to it. Still moving cautiously, Yuzu untied the paper, which actually turned out to be a letter in a brown paper envelope. She turned it over to see if was addressed to anyone, and her mouth went dry. It read:

Kurosaki Yuzu

Kurosaki Clinic

Karakura Town, Japan

"Who would send me a letter using an owl?" she asked incredulously. Said owl nipped her gently on the finger, drawing her attention. It was holding out its other leg which had a similar letter tied to it. Fingers shaking slightly, Yuzu untied the string for the second letter. This one was addressed to Karin.

Satisfied that it had delivered its burdens, the owl gave one last hoot and flew off. With her fingers trembling a little more violently now, Yuzu ripped open her letter. "T-Tou-san!" she called out after reading the first page. Well, she had been right in thinking that this encounter with the owl was going to be strange.

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