*Alex POV*

Jack was all I had left until she was killed those who I considered friends and comrades betrayed me. MI6 had complete and utter control over my life, school had become a living hell, and for six months I slowly began to lose myself, until my angel, my butterfly came into my life. She was called a weirdo, a nerd and was constantly picked on simply because she was different. She was an outsider and for that she was rejected, I never paid much attention to her, like the rest of the student body I simply ignored her existence, but all that was about change.


Stumbling through the front door Alex moaned in pain as his shoulder hit the doorframe, closing his eyes Alex leaned against the frame, his shaggy blonde hair falling across his face.

"You need to treat your wounds or they are going to get infected." A soft voice whispered from behind, making Alex on alert as he whipped around. Eyes widening in surprise at who it was Alex quickly masked his surprise.

"What are you doing here Stephanie?" Alex asked coldly mentally wincing at her slight flinch.

"I was doing my midnight run when I saw you," Stephanie softly replied as she continued to stare at Alex noticing the puddle of blood forming at the bottom of his feet, "you are losing a lot of blood Alex."

"Just go..." Alex began to stat before his world went completely black.