*In Cultural Boarding School*

Jasper stared out the window letting the sun shine on his ivory skin. The heat didn't go through his undead skin but he like the way it looked. He could never be warm again, emotionally or physically. And he enjoyed it in a strange twisted way. The golden eyes closed, the long soft brown lashes brushing his cheeks. Unknowing to the other students, his gift was looking at the emotions around the room, assessing them.

Love... a lot of the people were in love with someone in the classroom or in the school. Jasper turned his head and let his eyes find those lovebirds and he felt a warm fuzzy feeling coming from their bodies.

'No!' he thought before taking away their feeling. The boy and girl looked at one another, suddenly sad. 'What just happened?' the boy shivered as his girlfriend sneered at him.

She picked up her books and moved to the far side of the room. The boy sat there, looking very shocked.

Jasper knew, deep down inside, that it was a mean thing to do but... he hated love. It was pure and good and everywhere he turned it was there! Everyone was loving someone or something. Everyone but him, he had a lover one time.....

But she wasn't here now so it didn't matter.

Jasper folded his arms and made the remorse double in the room, so much that the teacher started to sob too. Students all pulled out tissues to cry in or used their uniformed sleeve.

Abruptly the door was opened and Jasper lost his concentration. Feelings rushed back to normal levels, the girl blinked her eyes and ran back to the boy, scared.

Not that Jasper cared, the pale boy in the door way was... hot, in every way. Looks and attitude.

He stepped arrogantly into the room, a white paper in hand. He passed it to the teacher.

"What, was everyone having a crying fest?" the male smirked. The smell of his breath was brought to Jasper's attention.

Jasper looked him up and down. He had long blond hair that shined in the sunlight, bright eyes, and a tall slim body. His muscles were nicely outlined through the thin button down uniform shirt. His long fingers waved to the class and his pink lips curved into a cunning grin.

"No... Mr. James. So... you are new here?" Mr. Jennings wiped the tears from his eyes.

Jasper glared at the man and forced him to a calm state, he was taking too long to introduce the sexy new kid. His blubbering was messing with the name of the creature obvious vampire.

"Obviously I am. New name on your list and someone new bunk buddy!" his pearly white teeth nearly blinded everyone. Jasper sniffed the air and liking the strange sweet smell so much like his own.

"Yes I see. You are sharing a desk and room with Jasper Cullens and... raise your hand Jasper?" the teacher said.

The younger male did as told and Mr. Jennings pointed to the colorless hand. James sat down and immediately leaned in to whisper in Jasper's ear.

"Ooh, now there's two people like you." he said and gently took Jasper's ear in between his teeth.

~the end~

hope you enjoyed.

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