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"So fucking sweet." a female's voice ruined the mood. Jasper knew that if he were normal, his blood would have ran cold. His hair would have went white and he would have fainted. However, he didn't do any of these things. He merely turned his head, his perfect eyes unbelieving in what he was looking at.


Jasper couldn't believe his eyes. Right there, about thirty feet, stood Alice. He didn't want her to be there. He wanted her to be in Texas or Africa for all he really cared. As long as it was somewhere extremely far from himself.

However, the dark brown haired female wasn't in any of those place. She was right here in front of him. Jasper wondered briefly on how she had even found him in the first place. He was sure that he covered his trail throughout the years; besides what was the point of tracking him down after so many years?

Alice didn't look any different than what he remembered. Except for her clothes. She wore tight jeans and a tight, sleeveless shirt. Her long brown hair had been cut off and flipped in the back, giving her the look of an devilish imps.

Her red eyes had died down somewhat but there was still a hint red. She was probably going on and off with killing humans. Her small, bloodless lips were not smiling like they were made to do. Instead they were twisted into a harsh sneer that took away from her vampire and natural beauty.

To add to the sting of being here in the first place, the female was packing friends. To her right was a woman with long blond hair and glaring hazel eyes. Her pale arms were folded over her chest and she looked very cocky and hateful. Jasper knew her as Rosalie. The blond was wearing a blood red dress that moved with the slight wind. Jasper had only met Rosalie twice in his life.

The blond was Alice's older sister. She never liked him very much and now she practically hated him with a fiery passion. When they had first met she had tried to beat him with a fire poker, her hazel eyes glinting dangerously. He didn't recall as to why, but it was still... she wasn't a nice vampire. On Rosalie's side was a man.

He had to be her husband, Emmett. He had his brown hair shaved into a buzz cut and his muscles nearly ripped the shirt he was wearing. The man was huge, competetive, but usually he was friendly. Right now he was glaring his hazel eyes as hard as he possibly could.

On Alice's other side there was another female. She had long brick colored hair and muddy, red eyes that matched James' to a T. Actually she was giving Jasper's new boyfriend a dirty look right now. Jasper could fell the hostility and anger radiating off her skin! Obviously the two knew each other. And whatever the blond did to her, she was awfully sore about.

This grudge is very old... the know each other... hm.... There is one more guy behind these three... a female... two dangerous newborns.... Maybe I have two gifts. One is the emotion control. The other has to be taking everything in stride. I mean, first Jacob and now I'm not even panicking. Here I am looking at one... two.... eight vampires all looking to rip me in shreds and bury my body before I can reconnect. Jasper thought in a very distant part of his mind.

In a more focused part he recognized Carlisle, Alice's father. He was a skilled doctor. Jasper hadn't seen him since the Civil War started but he looked the same as he remembered... though the glare was throwing everything off.

Did I expect a hug and kiss from the man? I screwed his daughter over for a werewolf! A sexy werewolf. Plus I'm going to probably have to kill her so she doesn't try to kill my new... sexy boyfriend. New really, REALLY sexy boyfriend. Why am I thinking so calmly!? Jasper had to remind himself harshly that he was about to die at any moment so this wasn't the time to develop ADD.

Meanwhile James had craned his neck slightly to see another female, much younger than the rest. She didn't look like she wanted to be there at all, and yet there she stood. She appeared to be the average teenager, but she smelled a little older than she appeared. She had been around for thirty years rather the seventeen she looked. She also smelled a little like Gaana... she was a half?

James and Jasper shuddered when they locked eyes with the crazed looking newborns in the back. They both looked ready to jump them at any moment. One was female, turned at... fourteen maybe. The other was a boy and looked to be the girl's brother. He was probably seventeen when he was turned.

Those two had been recently made, mabye last week. Which wasn't too good. The newborns were strong and hyped up on human blood. James wondered how many people they had killed already. We are out numbered... I can't believe that we are also outgunned. She's a fucking fortune cookie and those steroid newborns are not helping the matters and more. James climbed to his feet. He bent his back and stretched.

"It's now or never... time to face the vampires." James helped Jasper to his feet, standing slightly in front of him. Jasper was touched by the fact that his new lover was going to try to protect him. However, now wasn't the time for Jasper to be the damsel in distress.

Alice could see the future change each time he discarded an idea and came up idea. Some of them started out hitting her first... she didn't like that one. Sometimes he'd hit her, ripping into her marble skin. Other times he'd miss and accidently hit the person behind her- the half breed.

Some of his plans started with hitting the newborns... hm... that one wasn't so bad. But he'd have to wait if they were to win without anyone on their side getting hurt. Then again... wasn't war about people getting hurt?

"You want introductions?" Alice's bell voice didn't distract anyone from her malice. Her left eye twitched as James folded his arms and smirked at her. He was so fucking cocky and that wasn't what she wanted right now. She wanted crazy, blood curdling terror.

"No one matters to me.... but Hello Victoria. I was getting so used to not seeing you! So happy about it... and yet here you are. After twenty long years, you are standing here, ruining my happy feeling." the words were directed at the redhead female. She was almost holding hands with Alice. The now named 'Victoria' rolled her eyes and flipped him the bird. She stepped a bit closer to Alice while James muttered, 'So mature Vicky.'

Was it possible to immediately hate someone just because your new boyfriend knew said someone? If it wasn't then Jasper was special. He already hated this Victoria. James had just called her by a nickname- common though it was- it still bit at Jasper. Who says that vamps don't get attached too easily? I'm way to sensative. Jasper thought, smiling slightly. Then his mind went off to ripping off Vicky's head first.

"This is why I'm back." Victoria stated suddenly, grabbing Alice by the face and roughly crashing their lips together. The two females shared a passionate kiss, Alice's hand immediately going up Vicky's shirt.

Jasper was slightly surprised for a moment before not caring the next. If he could switch teams then why couldn't she?

Then again... watching them kiss was just plain disturbing. They looked like they were trying to each the others face off. Then after they were done eating they were going to molest each other on the ground. Even Carlise was looking away.

The relunctant girl there seemed to be agreeing with the disturbing theory.

"Mom... stop that." the girl whispered, a light blush going across her cheeks. The male newborn stiffened and lurched towards her- only to be cut off by Alice powerful glare. Jasper knew that they were about a paper cut away from biting the brunette.

Now that Jasper was thinking on it... did that girl just call Alice 'mom'? A vampire cannot get pregnant.... unless... was Alice pregant the night she was turned? Then again the baby still wouldn't have been a half breed... unless....

"You cheated on me didn't you!?" the dirty blond shouted, slightly shocked. He knew that he was being a bit hypocritical but he had a liable reason for cheating. He and Jacob were destined. They were mates for god's sake! Alice turned from Victoria and curled her upper lip up at her ex-lover. She folded her arms and couldn't conceal her angry and guilty vibes... she had cheated on him.

"Don't give me that! If you hadn't been with that mangry mutt then I wouldn't have had sex with the first man to cross my path. My mother thought it hilarious to find that I was pregnant- her name is Renesmee- with a vampire's baby. That's another reason I should kill you! Your stupid slave dog killed my mom."

"And my wife." Carlise spoke up for the first time. The long haired blond stood besides Jasper, deadly silent. Jasper could tell that he was thinking hard. This just doesn't make sense... None of it! Jasper and I are about to die for... no reason. This chick is crazy. She's fighting because Jasper is gay... that or because he cheated on her. Not that she didn't cheat too! Plus she is just as gay!

James shook his head. She wasn't fighting for her mother. The woman took a chance to attack and failed... horribly. Besides Alice killed his mate AND his parents! Really it should be Jasper going after her, not the other way around. It should be him with an army. Him ready to kill this crazy bi-

"Damn." Alice abruptly sounded distressed. Everyone followed the powerful glare to the roof top door. Unnecessary breaths were being held as they stared at the metal barrier. Alice's pale hand reached forward as if to push the door close... just before kicked it off its hinges.

Victoria twisted her body out of the way as he door nearly smacked her backwards. Instead the female newborn reached forward and her arm went through. She shook the metal off and threw it to the side, hitting Renesemee in the face.

In the darkness of the doorway stood someone James had never been so damn happy to see! He was now mentally taking back every hateful thing he had ever though or said to the girl, happy that she was here to save their asses!

"Boys? I know that you aren't starting the party without me... right?" a petite redhead female giggled. Jasper smiled, relived to see the black wearing female. His pale hand came out and waved for all its worth.

Gaana grinned and strode in, dragging Kayla with her. Holding the grumbling she-wolf was Shawn (her boyfriend). Behind them two was a dark skinned male that was sort of short. He had soft eyes and a good natured smile on his face. The four of them made their way besides Jasper and James, facing their opponents.

Even if we are a little uneven... we have a greater chance. James thought. The roof was silent and everything was still. Not even a stray owl dared to hoot. Tension was rolling through the air- nearly chocking Jasper.

No oen noticed the evil look on the unnamed black boy. He saddled up to Gaana and held her hand gently. Then he 'accidently' gripped it too hard. Her blood came out of her five pointed wound.

"Benjamin, what the hell!?" the redhead glared, pulling back. Her blood tainted the air, smelling quite human and inviting. She licked the blood, her wound closing at the same time. The now named Benjamin chuckled and glanced over at the newborns. Jasper had followed his gaze and saw that they were both twitching horribly.

It was then perfectly clear that he was egging on the newbies. Gaana smirked and casually scratched her arm, letting her blood once again to sink in the air. Jame was sure he hear her mutter something close to 'come get me bitches!'

Alice's face twisted to hot fury as the newbies took off running. They were faster than Jasper remembered newborns to be, but that hardly mattered at the moment! A large sphere of water had suddenly caught the two.

"Got you..." Benjamin whispered, holding his hands upwards. Jasper decided to be amazed later at such show of power, everythign was in motion and only cate could predict the outcome.

"Blond bitch!" ((my bad Rosie lovers)) Gaana screamed, launching towards Rosalie. The female was tackled down with a loud shriek, her fangs bared and glinting in the moonlight. Her sharp nails came out and swiped at the redhead. Said girl jumped back and arched to avoided being torn to shreds.

She kicked out, only to have her foot caught by Emmett. The muscled pack man spun his body once, her in tote. Then he smirked and let go, letting her light body fly through the air. Kayla ran and quickly placed her body between the ledge and Gaana's body. She caught the redhead with a slight grunt. Gaana noticed that her body was starting to quiver. She grinned in the most feral way at the two vampires.

Rosalie smirked, standing besides her lover. Gaana cracked her neck and stood next to her newly devolped friend.

"I've got you... wuss." Kayla shouted, her voice filled with crazy joy. Emmett snarled and took off. Kayla let out a howl and burst from her clothes. In her place was a light brown, huge wolf that rushed foward. Rosalie tried to stop her from hitting her husband but Gaana was faster, hitting the blond in her face.

"Don't forget about me." she stated too sweetly.

~To Benjamin~

The black male looked at the two vampires he was holding captive. He didn't want to hurt or murder anyone-- it wasn't right. They were struggling in his sphere but not dying. It was impossible for a vampire to drown. No you had to chop them up and then burn their body pieces!

Benjamin glanced at the water ball and noticed the female... she was concetrating on him. Benjamin had a feeling that she was about to do something extremely dan-

"AIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Benjamin screamed at the top of his lungs. He fell to his knees, holding his head. It felt as if it were exploding with the worst pain in the world. This was beyond anything that he had ever exprianced. It was like a nail being shoved into his brain over and over. He was scared that if he let go of his head, his brains would fall all over the place.

His entire body felt like it was on fire. This was worst than the venom that entered his heart not too long ago. The chocolate brown hand went out, releasing the two vampires. He would have been able to concentrate on that and besides, that was taking energy. His body withered on the ground in pain.

One part of hiis mind was trying to attack out, setting something on fire. It was the girl that was doing this to him anyway, wasn't it. Said girl landed on her feet, smirking triumphantly. She flipped back her soaking blond hiar. The brown haired male placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I want to tear his arm off, Jane." the male stated, climbing to his feet. He had landed on his butt and didn't really like it. Taking it out on the African male seemed to be the best.

"But I'm the one who brought him down, Alec!" Jane snarled, her red eyes gleaming. Alec thought for a bit before shrugging. He didn't like arguing with his sister. Besides, there was no blood involved. There was no need to fight.

Jane grinned and stepped foward, ready to sink her nails into the marble skin. Before she could a black boot hit her in the face. The little teenager stumbled back a few inches and growled at the newcomer. This one was a tall female with pale skin and bleach blond hair. She was crouching on her heels and her fangs gleamed dangerously as she glared at Jane.

"Hello, I'm Kate and I'm going to kick your ass." she announced. She quickly helped the still shaking Benjamin to his feet and faced the newborns. They scoffed and slid into battle stances, ready to fight. This was going to be hard on everyone's part.


The doctor was facing Shawn with little caution. He was small and didn't seem to have any abilities. The boy looked him up and down and tilted his head. Carlise wasn't sure but he thought that he spotted a small grin. The boy took off his glasses to reveal bright hazel eyes.

"What are you waiting for doctor?" Shawn stated in a taunting voice. For some reason that made Carlise angry as hell! He rushed forward, claws and fangs extended. Shawn went forward too and the two met in the middle.


He didn't know who he wanted to kill more. Alice or Victoria. Him and James faced the two females. Shit, shit, shit! Who should I hit first? Oh who cares!? the dirty blond mentally cursed at himself. He wanted to go after them both but somehow knew that he didn't stand a chance.

Selfishly he wanted to whoop Victoria side to side because of her history with James. Instinctively he wanted to murder his ex-lover for all the wrongs she committed. She had to do something horrible to James to get him to run from her for twenty years.

James on the other hand was ready to get both of them. He actually had several plans. He'd either attack Alice... attack Alice... or throw Jasper off the roof so he could attack Alice. He wanted to kill this vampire once and for all. The things she did to Jasper were so.... okay his mind was made up.

"Are you so dumb?" Alice snarled as she easily dodged the oncoming fist. With lightening speed the girl jumped back and kicked out, effectively knocking James a few feet through the air.

Jasper didn't have enough time to check on his new love as Victoria was suddenly in his own face. Victoria punched him in the chest hard enough to break a man's spine, but Jasper wasn't that man. He bent backwards into the punch, his hands touching the ground. He was glad for his flexibility for once.

Victoria snarled and dropped down in a spinning kick, knocking his hands from under his body. The male tipped and fell hard on the roof. The red haired woman brought her hand down as hard as she could, ready to punch a whole in his face.

But James intervened. He punched the ground hard enough for it to crack and a piece to hit the redhead in the face. Alice hissed and kicked the male in the ribs, making his land harshly on the ground and roll a bit. The long haired male rolled swiftly to the side, avoiding Victoria's claw. She had landed near him after Jasper managed to toss her.

Jasper jumped to his feet and kicked out at Alice- turning his back to Victoria. Alice twisted her body to avoid James' attack. Quick fortune cookie! James thought, ready to try again. That wasn't going to work out.

"Don't turn your back on me!" Vicky shouted, launching herself at James. The blond didn't have time to protect himself. He was going to have his head served on a silver pla-

"Don't attack my lover!" Jasper had a good grip on the red locks as he pulled the female away from James. He twisted his hand in more and spun Victoria's body around. He kenw it wouldn't cause her too much pain. Suddenly her hair gave away and a big chunk was left in his hand. Victoria slowly raised a hand to her head and felt the bald spot.

The pale lips twisted in horror. She gazed at the smirking Jasper. He was holding her red locks like they were a trophy. Oh it is so on... she growled mentally. Jasper found himself thinking the same thing. For once, in the ten minutes they knew each other, they were agreeing.

There was a full blown war happening for all the stars and moon to see. Screams, battle cries, and something that sounded like boulders colliding sounded in the night air. Half breeds blood, hair, and marble like skin went everywhere. The only ones that were feeling any pain were the half vampires and werewolf. But it was just as bad for the real vampire.

Benjamin had never felt so much adrenaline inside his body. He knew that if he were alive then his heart would have pounded in his chest as hard as it could. He felt his stomach twist as his body was melted into darkness and numbness. He couldn't scream or move and it wasn't making him feel any better. He knew, somewhere in this darkness, that he was in Alec's trap.

That didn't help with anything. That actually made it worse. The brown skinned male struggled and shouted, all silently, inside his mind. Blindly he thought something that he usually did when ever he wanted to use his fire. Come on! Benjamin screamed mentally. He breathed in and out and then-

"AHHHHHH!" a voice screamed and suddenly Benjamin could see and he was okay with the sight before him. Standing there was Alec, screaming as his body burned. His marble skin singed at the edges and his face seem to melt. Benjamin turned his face away and made the fire even bigger. He didn't care that Jane was shouting out curses as she knocked Kate away from her.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!" the china like female shouted as her brother crumbled to the ground, his voice still screaming. The small vampire girl didn't make it to Benjamin before a hand landed on her should and sent a shock of electricity through her system. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her mouth fell open.

She sent out a bolt of mind pain towards Kate and luckily hit her mark. Kate fell to the ground screaming in pain. This was the first time in a long time that Kate felt actual pain. This was almost like the days it took her to turn into a vampire. The fire going through her body as he heart stopped beating and submitted to the poison. But this was worst. It had to be.

The blond's body arched up and she barely felt as Jane hooked an arm around her neck and sneered at an angry Benjamin. He was also confused. He wanted to kill the angel look a like! But she was near Kate, way to close for him to do a guess and check.

"Try to light me and you'll take her with me." the girl hissed, her red eyes glaring and fangs poised to rip out the pale jugular without a second thought. Benjamin felt his unneeded breath shudder to a stop... what was he gonna do?

~Geena and Kayla~

"Fuck!" the werewolf female had phased back and was leaning against a flat surface. She was tired of rushing blindly because it wasn't working and she was getting slapped backwards each time. Her jaw had healed for the fifth time and that huge vampire looked like he was going to break it off this time.

Emmett smirked and pounced on his feet, ready to hit the naked girl again. She was completely exhausted and vulnerable with a capital V. He ran quickly to the naked girl and gripped her by the throat, holding her in the air.

The darkly tanned female didn't even have the anger to morph at this point. Shit, shit, shit! Kayla thought, squirming in the man's hand. Emmett smirked for a moment, admiring the fact that he was going to win. Then he lowered his fangs to her neck.

"That would be a bad mistake." a certain redhead's voice rung over the still raging war. Emmett looked up to see Rosalie stuck in a strange twist with Gaana. Her legs were tangled with other pale legs in a way that she couldn't move it without breaking it in half. Her arm was behind her head and Gaana's fangs laid against her ivory neck, ready to rip it out at any moment.

NO! the brown haired man thought as he whirled around, fangs still poised to inject Kayla with vampire posion. Gaana felt her own body tense up. For a moment she wondered if the brunette thought she was bluffing about killing his lover but no... his eyes were determined and a bit scared. He knew she would do it... it was the fact that they were just a bit... stuck.

What are we going to do? both the upper hands thought.

~Shawn and Carlise~

Carlise launched his body at the brunette. Shawn twisted his body and grabbed Carlise's foot only to have the older male flip his body in mid air and his long nailed hand sunk into Shawn's somewhat hard back. The two became fast blurs, hitting and dodging with such precision.

The dance was deadly but there could only be one winner and that was....

Carlise slammed Shawn down on the ground, making a large hole. The half vampire gasped for breath as his hard skin cracked a little before healing up in the next second. Carlise snarled harshly at the boy below him, his eyes filled with anger and fire. His raised his claw like hand.

"It's all over." he whispered, bringing his hand down. Shawn closed his eyes, not wanting to see his death.

~Alice, Victoria, Jasper, and James~

"I will always see what you do before you do it!" Alice shouted as James swiped at her again. The two became fast blurs, trying to get the upper hand. Alice kept getting top, slapping James down. Alice clawed out, ripping James shirt off and revealing his well muscled body ((couldn't help but put that)).

"Just because you see something..." James started, flipping his body backwards.

"Doesn't mean I can stop it...?" Alice finished, her eyes widening when James was suddenly behind her, twisting her arm upwards and his fangs were poised on her jugular. The blond looked out of the corner of his eye to see Victoria laying on the ground.

The redhead was sobbing on the ground, looking up at Jasper and pleading slightly.

"I'm so sorry! I know that Alice hurt you guys but I love her too!" Victoria cried. Oh that cheating bastard! He's making her feel sad and sympathetic! Alice thought, angerily. Jasper was staring down at her, smirking slightly. Now... suicidal. Jasper thought.

"STOP!!!!" several voices rung out. For some reason everything did stop. Even Renesemee who was cowering in the corner had the decency to stop whimpering. Shivers went down everyone's spine.

The bell like voices were disturbing and scared the hell out of Jasper and nearly everyone else. James looked over to see something that he'd rather had not seen. Standing there were five people that Jasper had never seen. Somehow he knew who they were but he just didn't know them.

((this is how the Volturi look on New Moon since I don't remember EXACTLY how they are described in the books.))

There was one in the middle, obviously the leader. He had shoulder length brown hair that was fake as hell. His pale face was stretched in an obviously fake smile and his red eyes glowed as he observed the battlefield. His eyes glanced at Alec who was slowly healing. It was a good thing that Benjamin hadn't taken off his head.

That was Aro.

The man to this man's right also had shoulder length brown hair. His expression seemed bored and uncaring. His red eyes surveyed the roof without a care. He looked older than the first man and seemed more natural even though his red eyes sent chills down Jasper's spine.

This one was Marcus.

The one to the left of the middle man was a blond. His hair was slicked back and he had this creepy smile on his face. It was extremely disturbing and Jasper felt his anger rolling off him. His red eyes were glaring at everything that came into his vampire sight. It was strange how the most angel looking one was the meanest.

Finally Caius.

Behind these three were two cloaked people. They both had hazel colored eyes- they didn't drink from humans. One was male with short, spiky brown hair. He was holding hands with a brunette female that had a kindness in his eyes.

Jasper had a feeling that he should know these two vampires. Not by sight or knowing them personally but... by what someone told him long ago. Someone like... Jacob? Jasper felt his eyes widen and he took a step back. These two vampires looked exactly how his old mate described...

"Edward and Bella?" he whispered, squinting his eyes. He nearly fainted when they both nodded their head slightly.


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