The first time Edward Cullen kissed me, he was six and I was four. He chased me around the pool table in his family's rec room until I gave up, hiding underneath it in hopes of escaping him. Undaunted, he crawled after me.

"Whatcha doing down here Belly Bird?" Ah, the wit of a six year old. Edward always called me Belly Bird when he wanted to make me cry. It usually worked.

"Leave me alone," I said, sniffling a little in a heroic attempt to hide my tears.

"Aw, Belly, don't cry."

"Don't tell me what to do!" I tried to scramble away from him, but even as a child I was clumsy. I smacked my forehead against the underside of the table and started to wail.

"Don't cry, Belly, you'll get me in trouble," he hissed. I yelled louder, squirming when he grabbed my arm and clamped his hand over my mouth.


I glared at him, tears streaming out of my eyes, face flushed. He pulled me closer to him.

"Want me to kiss it and make it better?" His face had done a complete 180; he looked repentant. I hiccupped through my tears and nodded. He took his hand off my mouth and kissed my forehead sweetly.

"I'm sorry Belly Bird. I didn't mean it."


"Bella, I didn't mean it!" Edward's voice pleaded to me through the locked door. His his fist pounded against he door, the dull thud echoing the pounding in my head. He wanted to take it back? We were a far cry from that day in his parent's house, hiding under the pool table. A kiss on the forehead wouldn't fix this. I wasn't sure what would.

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