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Red Balls Trump Blue Balls


Life was looking good for me today. I was at the top of my game, passed my intern exam with flying colors and now I was going to finally get to see what all the hype was about when it came to fucking Edward Cullen.

Married or not, no one said no to me. I had managed to catch a glimpse of every cock that walked through the halls in a little white coat at Virginia Mason Medical Center and I was not going to let a little wedding band keep me from riding that gorgeous man till he screamed my name. Hopefully he would leave his little mousy wife at home tonight, because I knew exactly how I was going to get into his pants.

As I walked into the locker room on the surgical floor, I did a little fist pump when I noticed a pair of blue scrubs folded neatly in front of his locker. This was going to be even easier if I caught him in a towel. Oh what I would give to get a peek at what was underneath that thing.

Both of the Cullen men were gorgeous, and god knows how many times I had tried to tempt Carlisle into taking the bait. That old bastard was hopelessly devoted to his frigid wife and their son seemed just as impermeable to my feminine wiles.

That just meant that I was going to have to up my game tonight. Get him plied with liquor and make him realize what he has been missing out on. No twenty-seven year old guy that hot should be forced into suburbia and I was sure that the sex had already gone stale. His wife Bella, wouldn't know her ass from her elbow when it came to keeping a man entertained in the sack.

The bitch seemed to think she had something on me. Fuck was she mistaken. She was Plain Jane and rode the housewife train. What man would ever put up with that shit? In fact, I would put money on it that she laid down spread eagle and let Eddie do all the damn work.

I stripped off my scrubs leaving them in a rough pile in front of my locker. I pulled out a towel and wrapped it around my waist. If I was going to get this show on the road, I needed the girls to catch his eye. Twenty seven and still perky, what other women would give to have that kind of luck.

I pulled out my toiletries and headed towards the communal showers. They were each individual stalls, lining the west wall of the room. I strutted inside listening for running water. I knew he'd be here somewhere. I walked the line of stalls running my finger along the doors as I walked. This was going to be fun.

When I came along a shower stall where I could hear faint humming, I knew I hit the jackpot.

I slowly pulled open the door and caught a glimpse of the most perfect pale ass cheeks I had ever seen.


His face was angled up into the spray as he ran his hands through his dark wet hair, and I found my nipples tightening just looking up at his perfectly sculpted back. At least he hadn't let himself go like some of the men our age who were married, that would have been a damn shame.

I quickly dropped my towel and basket on the bench outside the open shower stall and began to stalk my prey. There was no way that he would be able to resist getting a look at me naked, and I knew that this was the perfect time to put my plan into action. Other than my ancient gynecologist, no man had seen me in my birthday suit and walked away without one or both of us cumming.

When I stepped over the tiled ledge into the shower, I had still managed to remain undetected, this was easier than I ever thought it would be. Damn, Edward fucking Cullen was never gonna know what hit him.

I slid the palms of my hands along the side of his hips and pressed my breasts into his sculpted back.

"What the fuck?" he screeched as he grabbed onto my hands that were inching lower towards the prize.

Before I could continue the path down to his happy place he turned.

Oh shit!

It was one of the new med students that had transferred to Virgina Mason this year, and now that I was looking at him naked; he wasn't half bad. I smiled as coyly as I could. It wasn't difficult I had been doing it for years.

Without saying a word, I lowered myself to my knees and his cock was standing at attention, so I knew he was mine. I looked up at him with a seductive glance, asking for permission. His mouth was wide open, his eyes glazed over. No man could resist a woman on her knees this close to his stiff dick.

I ran my tongue across my bottom lip, leaning forward until his dick was half an inch from my mouth. I leaned in, closing the gap, my tongue dancing out and swirling across the head in one fluid motion. His intake of breath told me he wasn't going to complain.

I closed my eyes briefly as I engulfed him with my mouth. I had always enjoyed giving head for some reason, and I hated to admit it, but this young buck's cock was pretty nicely sculpted. The head was large and rounded. He wasn't particularly big, but the girth was substantial and I could tell by the way that he was rocking his hips as I brought him completely to the back of my throat that he was no virgin.

Chancing a look up at him, he had his hands balanced on the tile walls on either side of the shower stall, his eyes clenched shut as I continued to stroke and suck at his dick.

The faces men made while in this position always made me feel like a fucking goddess.

I could feel myself getting turned on when he started to buck into my face and moan.

There was no way I was giving a free blow job and not getting off, so I pushed him to the back of my throat once before I let him go with a pop.

His eyes fluttered open as I pulled myself up his sculpted body, running my tongue along his abs before I was standing upright. He was grunting as I traced the muscles lightly and I could feel his cock twitch when I took a small nibble at one of his nipples.

I had always had a thing for older men until now, but fuck, if they still built twenty two year olds like this, I might have to seduce a med student more often.

"So big boy," I said tugging on his dick with my right hand. "Are you gonna fuck me now, or what?"

He raised his eyebrows and a cocky smirk danced across his lips. That just pissed me off, I was the instigator in this situation. I would be schooling his ass today. I planted my hand on his chest and pushed him until his back was flat against the tiles. The water cascaded over my back in little rivulets. Being so turned on made me so sensitive, my skin burned with each drop.

I let my free hand squeeze my breast with force, tweaking the nipple roughly between my finger and thumb. I was damn good at getting myself off, and if there was one thing in life I knew, a man loved a woman who would start the festivities without him.

My hand traced down between the valley of my breasts and over my flat toned stomach. I was proud of that, I worked my ass off in the gym to keep that shit toned. My middle finger slid between my folds, finding my clit with ease. I circled the nub gently letting my teeth dig into my bottom lip.

I saw the hunger behind his eyes as I released a quiet moan of pleasure. I hoped he would take the bait. That fat cock was hard and ready, and I had a nice warm place he could entertain. He may not be a Cullen but fuck, I was hot and ready to go.

"God you are so fucking hot," he moaned as he grabbed my shoulders and flipped us around so he could push me into the cool tiled wall.

He grabbed my hand that had been between my legs and brought it up to his mouth quickly, his long tongue darting out to taste me. I moaned as I watched him suck the juices off my hand and I did an internal happy dance when he dropped my hand to grab me roughly by the hips.

Without hesitation, he threw me up against the wall and I wrapped my legs around his hips, my wet pussy rubbing against the head of his cock.

"Oh yes, fuck me," I moaned out as he brought his mouth down to suck on my neck, digging his fingers into the skin on my ass as he slid himself partially inside of me.

"Rob," he grunted as he sheathed himself inside of my heat. "Say it Tanya, tell me how you want me to fuck you."

Ooo, so the med student had a name. Well if it meant he would fuck me harder, I would humor the boy and shout his fucking name.

"Hard," I moaned into his ear as he drew himself out a little and then thrust back inside. "Hard Rob, I want you to fuck me hard."

He grunted in agreement and used my body as leverage to take long hard thrusts in and out of me. Due to his substantial girth, he was hitting me in places that were sure to make me cum, but I didn't want him to feel like he had all the control.

I leaned forward as his head rested on my shoulder and and licked along the side of his neck, eliciting a moan from him as he quickened his pace again.

My back slid down the tile and my fingers dug into his shoulders. My thighs were starting to ache from the grip I had on him. Trying to find grip on a slick wet body took muscles I had worked hard to obtain. His fingers were digging tightly into my hips as he pounded himself into me. I needed him deeper.

I pushed my feet against the opposite wall and braced myself as he thrust inside of me with all of his effort. The friction he was created made the heat spread throughout my body. For twenty two he could fuck.

His teeth dug into my shoulder as his hips thrust against me. "Motherfucker," I moaned, loving the pain mingled with the pleasure.

His hands grabbed my ass pressing deeply into the flesh as he pulled me higher up his body. His lips closed around my right nipple and his teeth bit down into the flesh with exaggerated force.

"Harder, Rob, fuck me harder."

I knew he was giving me all his effort, and my weight in his arms wasn't giving him much leverage. He knew as well as I did, it was time to change it up.

Reaching behind him to shut off the water, he lowered me to the shower floor and kissed me roughly on the mouth before he turned me towards the opening in the shower stall and smacked me on the ass.

"God Tanya, I have dreamt about spanking that little peach of an ass since the first time I saw you."

Ahhh, I loved me a dirty talking man. There was just something about a man that talked dirty that made me all tingly inside.

He led me over to the bench outside the shower stall and pushed everything but a single towel off of it.

I could feel his hot breath on my neck as he grabbed me by the hips again and pulled me back against him.

"I'm gonna sit on that bench and you are gonna ride me. I want to hear you scream my name when you cum," he said in a rough voice before he bent to the side of me to smooth the towel out across the bench.

He sat down and pulled me against him so my breasts were level with his mouth. He took one of my nipples into his mouth and bit down on it lightly as he ran the pad of his tongue over the tip.

"Oh fuck," I groaned as I felt one of his long fingers slide in between my folds and curl up into my pussy. He pumped inside of me a few times before he let out a low chuckle and flicked my clit on the way out.

"That's the idea," he mused as he brought his hands to my hips and guided me up onto the bench to straddle his lap.

I positioned my legs on each side of his muscular thighs as I centered myself over his still hard erection.

The good thing about young men was their stamina, and I was happy that I didn't find a two pump chump. I might have to take to finding Rob more often when I was having trouble scratching the itch. Although if my plans for tonight still held true, Rob was not the only one I was going to fuck. This was just a happy coincidence.

As I lowered myself onto his stiff cock, he groaned loudly and brought one of his hands up to grab one of my tits. He really was a handsy little fucker, but with fingers like that I was not going to complain.

My whole body trembled as I took all of him within me. Damn his girth felt good as it rubbed against my walls.

"Fuck, Tanya." His hands grabbed at my hips, and he rocked me into him again.

Shit he felt good. Flattening my feet on the tile below I raised myself up, feeling him slide out of of me with the movement. I came back down heavy and hard, making us both groan in unison.

That's right motherfucker! Scream my name.

I found a rhythm and moved quickly up and down on his dick, my already damp body was beading with sweat as I rose and fell. I reached under me as I bounced, fondling his balls, massaging them gently as I moved along his length.

"Fuck," Rob growled below me, one again taking my nipple in his mouth as my body arched backward. "You feel fucking tight like this."

There was a first for everything I guess.

Rob's fingers fisted in my hair and pulled me to him roughly, only managing to turn me on further. His lips pushed his hot breath over my damp skin making me shudder. He was grunting quietly as his lips attacked the flesh of my lobe. I came down again and rocked my hips for effect. He growled into my ear.

"I am gonna fuck you till you can't walk."

"Is that a threat, or a promise?" I moaned.

"Oh that is definitely a fucking promise," he growled as he thrust his hips up into me.

Rob grabbed my hips with both of his hands and slid them around until he found purchase on my ass cheeks. He started thrusting his hips up roughly as he pulled me down on his cock, driving me even closer to my release.

We were both panting as we continued our frantic pace. This boy was giving me a workout. Sex with older men was definitely becoming overrated. I was enjoying the fact that I was not the only one putting in all the work for a change.

As I heard the shower in the stall next to us turn on, I froze mid stride and looked up to face Rob. The cocky smirk had reappeared and from the looks of it, he didn't give a damn if someone heard us.

"Well, are you gonna fuck me or what?" He tossed my words from earlier back at me, punctuated with a particularly rough thrust.

God I loved insatiable men....

I resumed my pace again, leaning back as his hand cradled the small of my back. I was losing myself to the sensation of his thrusts when I felt the familiar twitch from inside of me that usually meant my partner was going to lose his load.

Oh fuck no....

"I don't think so Rob," I moaned as he continued his pace. His face was contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and I could tell he was trying to hold himself off.

Before I could take control again, he brought one of his hands up and licked two fingers before drawing them down my chest to my clit. He began to rub tight circles around it as his thrusts became more pronounced and I knew he was trying to get me there with him.

His fingers pinched and rolled, but his concentration was faltering as he tried to hold off blowing his load. I had to admit he was quite considerate. Most men would deposit their load and not give a fuck about the woman they barely knew getting off. I would have to reconsider my take on younger men.

"Harder," I moaned, I had to help him out before he combusted from his effort.

His fingers rolled my clit with more fervor and I felt the familiar tightening in my abdomen.


He pinched down, clamping my clit between his forefinger and thumb, as he thrust his hips up to to meet mine as they fell. My walls clamped around his dick as my body quivered in pleasure. Tingles ran through my body as his hot cock pumped against my throbbing walls creating heated friction. His cock started pulsing inside of me as he let go.

Thank the fucking stars I was a doctor. I would have to write myself a prescription for the morning after pill.

He slowed his movements, letting his head fall against my chest as we both panted for breath.

"Thanks for that," I sighed, moving myself off of him.

Rob lifted his eyebrows and glanced at me furtively. What the fuck did he expect? Marriage and 2.4 children?

I turned and walked into the stall starting the water. I waited for it to heat up before moving beneath the spray.

"So, did you want to go out to dinner or something?"

And so it begins....

"I have plans," I said coldly as I turned away from him and reached towards my basket that had been discarded on the floor.

"Tomorrow?" he asked hopefully as I felt his warm hand resting on the small of my back. He really did seem like a nice enough guy, but I was a girl on a mission. I wasn't going to throw off my plans just to fuck a twenty-two year old med student.

"Probably not, but it was nice meeting you Rob," I said as I stepped away from his hand.

He grunted and began to pace around the small area outside of the shower, grabbing all of his personal belongings. I turned around in just enough time to see him tuck a towel around his waist and pull the door open roughly.

God, men were such babies sometimes. I didn't have time to deal with their shit. As soon as I got the official offer, I was off to Chicago to start my residency and find myself a sugar daddy. Doctor's got paid well and all, but I did not intend to keep up this body by schlepping around an operating room.

I turned off the water after rinsing the last of the conditioner out of my strawberry blond hair. It was getting long enough to tie up in one of the crazy sexy knots that men seemed to love grabbing during sex. Some thing about hair pulling was a huge turn on to them.

I pulled the towel around myself and stepped out of the stall heading towards the lockers again. I was surprised to see Edward's scrubs still sitting neatly in front of his locker. I was sure he would have left by now. Maybe I wasn't completely out of luck yet.

By the time I was dressed, I still hadn't seen Edward, and my curiosity was getting the better of me. My hair was perfectly in place and my make up was finished. I was ready to go. There was always a risk stepping back onto the floor ever with my regular clothes, that I could be called to help on an emergency.

He'd mentioned going to the bar together so we could save on cab fare. I had been building up to this for months and I was getting frustrated now. I had never put so much effort in before. Edward was the exception, something about that tight ass, and those emerald green eyes that screamed great fuck.

All too soon I would be moving on, I would be gone from this shit hole of a town and the constant rain, and I could find a nice rich husband that would finance anything I chose to do. I had the feminine wiles, I had the sexual prowess, I could easily get what I wanted and keep it. Yet, the prospect of conquering one of the Cullen's was entirely too intriguing.

As I wondered down the long hallway that led back towards the rooms that they kept the most serious surgical patients in, I could hear the smooth velvety voice of Edward Cullen floating through the corridor.

I peeked my head through the open door of a patient who had gone through an emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction, I saw the familiar head of messy bronze hair leaned over the patient's bedside.

"Now I know that your idea of a recovery diet is a little bit different than what we have recommended, but unless you want me to have to cut you open again, I suggest that you abide by it," he said softly as the man nodded gravely. Too many patients ended up back in the hospital for not taking care of themselves in their recovery, and it was evident that Edward was a physician who cared about what happened to his patients.

He stepped away from the patient's bedside and dropped his chart back in the holder at the foot of the bed before he brought his head back up.

"Hey there," I crooned as he stepped in my direction with a small smile on his face.

Edward was under the impression that I was a nice studious colleague, as that was all that I had let him see, but tonight it was time to up my game. Desperate times called for desperate measures and I desperately needed to see him naked. Rob had taken the edge off of my desire to snag a Cullen man, but the forbidden fruit was still too much of a temptation.

"Hello Tanya," he said warmly as he motioned for me to step back out into the hallway before him. "I thought you would have headed out by now, but I guess that your activities earlier set you back."

"Excuse me?" I asked as we began to walk down the hallway side by side back towards the locker room.

"It's fine Tanya. I am sure that you are not the first person to indulge in a little locker room romp. You're single and you seemed to be enjoying yourself," he said with a smirk on his face.


I had never thought that he would know it was me, but I guess when Rob kept chanting my name it was a little obvious.

"You heard that?"

Edward chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. "It was impossible not to."

I groaned. "I'm so sorry."

"Tanya, you're a woman over the age of consent, it doesn't effect me in the slightest." He looked at his watch and sped up. "I have to get going, Bella will be waiting for me. I still have to put my scrubs and coat in the locker."

"I'll go get us a cab if you like?"

"That would be great, thanks." He threw me a genuine smile and disappeared into into the locker room.

I was never going to get my own way if she was going to be there. He was just as in love with his wife as the day he met her. Away from her, I had his full attention, when she was there . . . everyone may as well be invisible. It was sickening. The Betty homemaker bitch was everywhere USA, the girl next door, someone most people would never notice. Not Cullen.

I slammed the button on the elevator and tapped my foot in frustration as I crossed my arms over my chest. If I'd just waited if I hadn't felt the need to scratch the damn itch. He wouldn't have heard me. I would have seen him go into the shower and could have followed him in, effectively getting my own way.

I stepped in the elevator as the doors slid open and rolled my eyes. Dr. Sloane smiled the usual charming smile of his. We should have been best friends, we were similar in so many ways, the only difference was the double standard he held me to. To him, I was a slut, a whore. He was just as guilty of it as I was. Yet no one said a word to him.



He smirked at me with his usual know it all look. I would have happily wiped the look off of his face the bastard.

"What Sloane?"

"I know that look Tanya, you're frustrated."

"Fuck you."

"Been there, done that."

I sucked in air and rolled my eyes, unfolding my arms and turning to face him. I hated him. Why he felt the need to constantly press my buttons was beyond me.

Without warning, I stalked towards him, effectively backing him up against the rear wall of the elevator before I stood up on the toes of my boots. I was inches from his face and his eyes were widened in surprise as he stared at my mouth.

"You only wish you could go there again, you asshole," I said in a dangerously low voice while I brought one of my hands down to cup him through his dress pants. "You could barely handle me the first time, so I doubt you could handle me now."

His eyes darkened with my verbal challenge and just as he leaned forward to try to kiss me, the elevator doors slid open and I abruptly turned and walked out.

Damn that felt good.

I was not about to let him think that he had the upper hand. That was just not going to happen.

Once I had managed to get a taxi called to the side bay of the employee entrance, I saw Edward jogging out the door to join me. I was still contemplating my next move, and maybe it was time to have a little fun with him in the cab.

I motioned for him to slide in first, so he reluctantly slid inside the open door and I followed in after him. This seduction trick would have been much easier to accomplish if I was wearing a shorter skirt, but this would have to do.

After he had given the cabbie the directions to the bar we were meeting at, I slowly slid down the bench seat until my thigh was resting against his.

"Is there something I can help you with Tanya?" he asked in an amused voice.

"I don't know Dr. Cullen, would you like to make a house call?"

I knew that it was a cheesy line, but it had worked before and I was almost certain it would work again.

"Seriously Tanya, what do you want?"

Damn. I was gonna have to up my game.

I slowly slid my palm over the material on my legs until the back of my hand was resting against the side of his thigh.

"Is there a reason you don't find me attractive Edward?"

"I can assure you that is not the case Tanya, but we are colleagues and I am very happily married. Whether or not you are attractive has no bearing on our professional relationship."

"Would you like to have a personal relationship ? I can assure you I am very discreet."

He chuckled heartily as he pressed himself against the window and turned to face me.

"Did you not get enough attention as a child Tanya?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Oh, nothing. I am just trying to figure out why you always seem to go after unavailable men. If you let down the vampy exterior, you might actually be able to find someone nice."

"What if I don't want nice?" I asked as I leaned towards him, bringing my hand to his thigh. "What if I want someone naughty?"

At that point, I hadn't realized that we had arrived at our destination and Edward slipped backwards through his door, chuckling at my advances as my hand slapped against the leather seat.

This guy was more like his father than I had assumed. He was the ultimate challenge, one I was finding more and more frustrating. He was lost as soon as we walked through those doors, his mousy wife would be waiting in her suburban housewife clothes.

I crawled out of the cab as Edward was paying the driver. I should, in reality, feel rejected, and dejected; but that wasn't who I was. I could hold my hand on my heart and say with complete honesty, who gives a fuck. I was more of dust yourself off and try again kind of girl.

I looped my arm in his, giving him my best sultry look. "You could always change your mind Edward."

"Tanya, this is the last time I will say no, your shameless flirting is more obvious than a whore in church." He pushed the door open slowly, but I kept my eyes on him. "I'm happily married, nothing is going to change that."

"I really don't think you'll . . ."

Then he was gone, his arms wrapped around a woman that resembled his wife, just slightly less boring. I watched as his arms tensed as he held her to him, the way his eyes slid closed as his lips moved with hers. The bobbing of his Adam's apple as he deepened the kiss.

I could have gotten a better reaction than that out of him. He'd have blown his load before even realizing it.

I stood behind them, blocked in by their shameless PDA. I had to give it to the housewife, she played the game well. I hadn't seen that one coming at all. She was no match for me though, and if the good Doctor was really that blind and attached to his sweet sack of potatoes, so be it. His loss. It didn't mean I would stop trying though, it only made me more determined.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat waiting for them to either move or come up for air.

Edward pulled away slightly and mumbled something to the effect of "Oh sorry," before he reached down to adjust himself.

I was seething by that point so when his little wife poked her head over his shoulder and gave me a knowing smirk, I was beyond done. Fine, go have fun with your little boring wife Edward. Don't come crawling to me once she can't get you aroused anymore.

I fucking need something to drink.

I took off towards the bar as they shot sickening looks towards each other and whispered things in each other's ears.


If I ever acted like that in public I would just want to be shot. The only PDA I believed in was some over the clothing petting before I drug my target into a more secluded area.

When I got to the bar, the bartender was looking at me with a raised eyebrow and I scowled at him.

"Four Horseman," I growled.

"Damn, you don't mess around," a smooth voice from beside me practically purred.

The bartender put the shot in front of me and I took it in one smooth motion, welcoming the burn as the alcohol ran down my throat.

These were four men who never rejected me. John, Jack, Jose and Jim.

I shook my head briefly before I motioned for another one and sat down on the chair in front of me.

"Got a name?" the voice chimed in again.

When I turned towards him, I was not surprised to find a man that could only be referred to as "a suit". Tailored designer suit, slicked back hair, loosened tie, cocky smirk, smoldering eyes. I had been one to have a few rendezvous with business men in my time, but it was usually just easier to pick someone up at work.

"Tanya," I cooed as I grabbed my second shot and threw it back while maintaining eye contact with him.

Whether it be during a blow job or taking back a shot, eye contact like that made men fall at my feet.

I could easily see his tongue darting out of those thin lips and dragging across the bottom one with a hunger. Hook line and sinker bitch. He was mine.

"Can I buy you another?"

"I won't say no," I answered, keeping my tone bored and uninterested. Playing hard to get made these guys ready to once you got them in the sack. I was worth making him work his ass off for it.

I won't deny the guy was gorgeous and the air about him screamed money. Old money at that. Men like that were certainly worth my time.

The bartender placed the new glass in front of me and I threw it back, sliding it back towards him when I was finished.

"Is that all you drink?"

"Is that a problem?" I was being border line rude, but it seemed to turn him on all the more.

"Fuck no, just wondering how many it will take until I can take advantage of you."

Raising my eyebrows, I laughed. This was going to be a fun night.

I leaned towards him, a little more feisty with my buzz and whispered in his ear.

"Who says that you will be the one taking advantage of me?"

He laughed wryly and leaned down towards my ear and said, "I am going to have to thank whoever pissed you off earlier because I have a feeling that you will make a great angry fuck."

"Who says I am angry?"

It was his turn to raise his eyebrows and cast a sideways glance at the dance floor where Edward's hands had mysteriously disappeared beneath the back of his wife's skirt.

"I saw the way that you were fawning over him when you walked in here. To be honest, I never thought Bella had it in her to mark her territory like that," he said leaning back to look me in the eye. "I have a feeling that Eddie over there wasn't man enough to take you on."

"And you are?"

His hand moved over to grip my knee before he started drawing it up my thigh. "I guess you will just have to find out for yourself."

I raised my hand, attracting the attention of the guy behind the bar. I held up two fingers and looked back at looked back at the guy with raised eyebrows. "I'll drink to that . . ."

"James," he finished the sentence for me.

We both knocked back the shots, getting more and more drunk as the evening went on. We were challenging one another constantly, both fighting for dominance. He kept the anger boiling at the surface. I guess angry sex really was a turn on for him.

He leaned in to me slowly, the sweet heady scent of the alcohol coating his breath. "So you little fucking whore, you want to go to my hotel room? If you behave yourself, I'll let you give me a blow job in the cab."

My hand grabbed his crotch as I slid off my stool. He was fun to play with, easily aroused, and had one hell of a dirty mouth. I moved my mouth to his ear, sucking on the lobe, and sinking my teeth into it slowly. "If you're a good boy, I'll let you give me head."

I smirked, pulled my coat and purse from the back of the stool, and headed towards the door. My head was a little thick and hazy, but I was still in a little bit of control. Enough to know I wanted to get fucked hard. Disappointment was never my strong point.

"You coming or what, asshole?"

James threw money at the bartender, I was sure it was entirely too much, but I doubted he cared. His long legs carried him over to with the sexiest smirk I had seen from him all evening. He threw his arm around my neck and pushed open the door, pulling us through.

My substantial buzz was making my head a little fuzzy, but at this point, I just needed to get laid again. All the pent up frustration from earlier, and then the hot banter back and forth with James was making me horny.

It wouldn't be the first time that I had two men in the same day, but the last time they had been at the same time, so I guess that didn't count.

There were a few cabs lined up at the curb as he towed me out of the bar, and I laughed when I saw Edward dragging Bella into the one in front of us. If I wasn't this drunk I might have felt affronted, but I was going to get laid either way, so at the moment I didn't give a fuck.

James let go of me and slid into the seat first, tugging me in after him. My heart was pounding as he barked the address of his hotel at the driver. As soon as the car started moving, he lunged at me and pressed me up against the side window of the cab, thrusting his tongue in my mouth.

Normally I would have been startled by his aggressive behavior, but I liked it rough too so I just grabbed onto his hair and gave it a rough tug as I deepened the kiss.

Our hands were rough against each other's bodies as I tugged up the bottom of his shirt and splayed my hands across his defined stomach. You could tell that he was the type to keep himself in pristine shape for vanity's sake. I was exactly the same way. I could let myself go like other women my age, but I was competing against twenty year olds for attention and I was damned if they were going to look better than me.

His hands had moved to my breasts, roughly tugging and pulling my nipples through the material of my shirt as he bit down on my lower lip.

I whimpered as I pushed back against him, running my hands down his thighs to cup his erection.

If it wasn't for the fact that a blaring horn sounded from outside of the window, I would have completely forgotten that we were still in the cab.

"Fuck," I moaned as he began to suck and bite at my neck. I was probably going to leave this encounter with a few love bites, but at this point I didn't care. People at work could think what they wanted about me. There was nothing wrong with having a healthy sexual appetite.

"God you are so fucking stacked," he growled against my neck. "I can't wait to bite your fucking nipples while I make you come."

"That's if you can make me come," I challenged, squeezing his cock with a little more pressure.

"Fucking bitch, I'll make you come so fucking hard you won't walk right for a week."

His hands slid up my thighs and under my skirt in one swift movement. His thumb danced over the top of the black lace boy short panties I was wearing. I was about to comment about the chivalrous act, when he pushed them aside with fervor and pushed three of his long smooth fingers inside of me roughly.

"Oh fuck." My teeth bit down on his neck roughly making him hiss as his fingers curled inside of me.

"You wanna fucking test me slut, I can make you come right fucking now if I wanted to." He pumped his fingers in and out of me angrily, creating a heated friction.

I was panting for breath, but I still wasn't going to let him win this little dominance battle. I rocked my hips against his fingers, and moved myself slowly forwards until my lips were once again at his ear.

"I thought you knew what you were doing?" I slurred.

James growled, and withdrew his fingers from inside of me, bringing them to my lips. "Taste yourself slut."

I took his fingers into my mouth, one by one, I sucked them clean, letting my tongue swirl around the pads, teasing him. His heavily hooded eyes watched as I did all three fingers separately. He waited for me to finish before saying another word.

His fisted my hair roughly and brought my lips to his. His tongue forced it's way into my mouth again as his teeth grazed my lips angrily.

"I thought you knew what you were doing?" he growled, pushing my head towards his lap. His right hand released my hair, but his left stayed tangled in the loosened locks. He unzipped himself in one swift moved and slid his hand inside the opening.

I needed no more guidance, I was good at this and I would have him screaming my name like a bitch before we even got to the hotel. He pulled his dick out of the opening in his zipper and gave my head one last push with his hand.

I didn't waste any time with teasing or licking as I engulfed his erection in my mouth sucking roughly. It wasn't hard to push him all the way into the back of my throat because James, despite his cocky attitude, was not any bigger than the norm. He wasn't small by any means, but I had definitely had larger, earlier today in fact.

As I hollowed out my cheeks and set a fast rhythm on his cock, James was grunting and tugging on my hair with my movements. I was surprised that we hadn't heard any objections to our activities from the driver, but sometimes those guys were just giant perverts. I could only hope that his cab wasn't outfitted with a camera.

By the time the cab jerked to a stop, James was tensing up and I knew that he was close to cumming. Instead of finishing him off like he probably expected, I released him and shoved him back through the hole in his boxer briefs.

He growled at me as he threw money through the opening in the center of the glass and practically pushed me out of the door of the cab.

Once we had both stepped out, James grabbed me by the ass and dragged me forward towards the entrance to the hotel.

"You are gonna pay for that little stunt back there in the cab. I'm gonna enjoy punishing your sweet little ass," he growled in my ear as he led me towards the bank of elevators in the side of the lobby.

"I just didn't know if you could get it up again, James. Didn't want our fun to be over so soon."

He pulled me into the elevator and pressed a button before he pinned me to the wall and began to jerk my skirt up again.

"Trust me, I can keep it up just fine," he grunted into my neck as he pushed my panties to the side and slid a finger into me. "The question is, can you take what I've got to give you?"

I stifled my laugh with a moan as his finger curled and began to pump a fast rhythm, surprisingly bringing me dangerously close to cumming.

James liked to talk the big talk, but we would have to see if his cock could live up to the hype.

The doors of the elevator slid open, with thankfully no one on the other side. Just as my muscles started tightening, his finger was gone. Touché!

James hooked his hand around my neck and pulled me forward, his mouth breathing his hot stale breath over the skin there. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't some dried up old hag. Didn't want our fun to be over so soon."

I smirked, planting my hands in his chest and pushing myself away. He was a cocky son of a bitch, and it was sexy as all fucking hell, it made up for the average below the belt.

I grabbed at the collar of his shirt and pulled him out of the elevator, crushing my lips against his. "I thought you were going to fuck me so I couldn't walk for a week. You're stalling."

James pushed me down the corridor, smacking my ass hard as he caught up with me. I yelped.

That was going to leave a mark.

His arm snaked around my waist as he guided me towards his room. His hand squeezed my hip as he pulled me tightly into his side. It didn't take us long to get to his room, he was only four doors down from the elevator.

He opened the door quickly, letting me step into the room ahead of him. It was a huge suite, but I wasn't really interest in looking at the room. I was interested in the man occupying it.

Without waiting for him, I strolled into the bedroom, while unzipping my skirt. It pooled around my feet as I walked, and I stepped out of it as I moved. I pulled the shirt over my head in one swift movement and let it fall to the ground. I was leaving him a trail of breadcrumbs as it were.

I stepped into the bedroom in only my bra, panties and heels.

"Don't waste any time do you whore?"

"Call 'em like I see 'em asshole."

James moved quickly towards me, his hands grabbing the tops of my arms forcefully as he spun me around. My back was pressed firmly against his chest and his mouth was against my shoulder leaving a trail of hot wet kisses against the bare skin there.

"You're making this interesting," he growled.

His right arm closed tightly around my waist as his other pushed me forward. I pushed my hands out in front of me so they supported my weight. I was bent over, my ass high in the air as I let my forearms hold my weight.

"You should know though," he added huskily, stepping away from behind me and palming my ass. "No body calls me an asshole."

I took a sharp intake of breath as his belt jangled free from the loops. He snapped the leather together before raising it in the air above his head. Was he really going to spank me?

The whoosh of the leather through the air that preceded the slap of it against the skin of my thigh told me yes. I moaned as the warm leather sent a pleasurable sting coursing through my body.

"I knew you liked it rough," he snarled as he brought the leather down on the opposite cheek. I had to admit, I had been spanked before, but never with a belt. I think I liked it.

He brought the leather strap of the belt down against the lace of my panties over and over as my moans grew louder. The moisture from my arousal was seeping through the delicate lace as he continued.

This was fucking hot.

"God I bet your ass is so pink now," he said grabbing both cheeks with his palms, the leather belt resting against the small of my back.

He began to slowly peel back my panties and I winced as the cool air of the room hit my sensitive skin.

After he had dragged them down my legs, his hands were immediately at the clasp on my bra, flicking it open. My breasts bounced free as the material slackened and the straps fell down my arms.

I picked up the bra and threw it behind me, hoping that it would hit him in the face. The cocky jerk seemed to enjoy pushing my buttons and I liked fighting right back.

His breathing was ragged as I heard the sound of a zipper being undone, so I looked over my shoulder to find him staring at me with hunger in his eyes.

"So asshole, are you going to fuck me now?"

He growled and brought the flat part of his palm down on my right ass cheek and I jumped my lightly as I stared at him.

He really didn't like being called an asshole, but it seemed to spur him on.

"You need to quiet down bitch," he growled, his finger digging deep into the flesh of my hips.

The anticipation from having his dick so close to my pussy, and residual stinging sensation from the spanking made my body tingle. My heart was pumping hard in my chest, and every muscle in my body tightened and released.

I heard the sigh of material and the jingle of change as his pants fell down to the floor around his ankles. His hands moved to my breasts and he palmed them roughly, twisting the buds of my nipples in his fingers.

"We're only just getting started."

He slammed into me hard, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. I heard him groan roughly as he pulled out and slammed back in. The position he had me in meant his dick hit that sweet spot with each pound of his flesh against mine.

"Fuuuuck," I groaned, unable to form a coherent though as I teetered on the brink of cumming hard. One of his hands tangled into my hair, fisting it with more force than necessary and pulled my head all the way back. My back arched as he tugged harder. It was still that intermittent excitement of pleasure and pain.

His stamina was quite invigorating as he slammed into me with as much fervor as he'd started with. I was moaning and groaning as my whole body started the climb that would lead to the fall. My arms quivered, my legs shook, my whole body came alive as the pressure built within me. My walls twitched around him, ready to release the pressure.

"Right there, right fucking there mother fucker."

Then he was gone, his hand coming down hard on my bare ass, just before his teeth gripped the flesh on the other cheek.

"You didn't think I was going to let you come that easily did you?" he said as he laid down on the bed beside where I was bent over with a smirk on his face.

"God you are such a tease," I groaned at him.

"Oh come on baby, you like it," he teased as he grabbed one of my tits. "Now get your ass over here and ride me."

I narrowed my eyes at him as he began to crawl backwards on the bed so he was sitting with his back against the headboard.

He sat there with a proud smirk on his face as he beckoned me to come closer with one hand while stroking himself with the other. He was right, he didn't appear to have any problems with keeping it up.

I crawled on my hands and knees until I was straddling his lap. He reached forward and grasped one of my nipples in his teeth as he let go of himself and drew me towards him.

I aligned my opening with where his cock was standing at attention and he bit down on my nipple as I began to lower myself onto him.

His hands found my hips and we began to create a fast rhythm of me bouncing as he thrust up into me. I loved being in control and this position gave me the leverage to do it.

"Oh god," I moaned as I felt my muscles tensing up indicating I was getting close to my release again. At least if I was on top I could keep him from trying to taunt me any longer.

"Fuck, fuck, ride it," he groaned as he grabbed onto my ass and pulled me onto his cock faster.

"I....oh god...I'm," I moaned as I continued to bounce on his lap.

"Fuck baby, fuck, come on my cock," he growled as my muscles began to clench around him.

He bit down on my nipple as I started to convulse around him, grinding my hips into his pelvis as I moaned loudly.

James grabbed onto my hips and thrust up into me roughly and I could feel him start to pulse inside of me.

He threw his head back against the headboard and growled as he came inside of me, his fingers holding onto my hips so hard he was going to leave marks.

"Fuck," I groaned as my head fell forward onto his chest.

"God that was hot," he replied as his hands ran along the sweat that had formed on my back.

We laid there panting for a moment before he picked me up off of his lap and set me down beside him on the bed.

"Now I'm not the cuddling type," he said nonchalantly as he lowered himself down to lie on a pillow. "But you can stay til morning if you like."

At that point, I was so exhausted and still slightly drunk so I nodded and collapsed against the pillow beside him naked as the day I was born.


Bright light filtering through the thin membrane of my eyelids awoke me from my sleep, and I cringed as the events of yesterday seeped into my mind. I vaguely remembered having some rough sex with a sexy blond businessman, but the whiskey and tequila mix had obviously tampered with my memories. I didn't even remember what had happened after I finished my shift yesterday.

I rolled over to find the other side of the bed empty and when I peeked an eye open there was a small piece of hotel stationery sitting on the pillow where his head should have been.

God I couldn't even remember his name.

I picked up the little piece of stationery and squinted until the letters came into focus.

I requested a late checkout, so stay as late as you want.
Room service is on me. I won't be back so don't bother waiting around for me.
Thanks for last night.

~ J

Fuck. Well that doesn't help me remember what his damn name was.

I quickly rounded up all of my clothes and threw them on the bathroom counter while I hopped into the shower.

If I was going to do the walk of shame I was at least going to be clean.

My memories of last night were still evading me as I quickly dried my hair and got dressed, leaving my underwear off. There was nothing worse than taking a cab home with crusty underwear. Ick.

As I passed the trashcan, I spied a little foil wrapper and sighed with relief. Normally I was very responsible about safe sex, but there was something nagging in my mind until that point telling me I was forgetting something.

When I walked out into the sunlight of the day to get to the cab I had called from the room, I winced at the massive hangover I was sporting. I really needed to start carrying sunglasses around with me.

I chalked yesterday up to another day lost through a haze of alcohol induced debauchery and tried to forget about it. All I know is that my ass was still tender from last night and I got fucked by some guy who's name started with J. I guess I would have to go after Edward Cullen another time.


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