Author's notes: Trying out something new than my usual Percy/Annabeth stuff. The Last Olympian was lacking some serious Thuke action, and what else is fan fiction for than making up for the lack in canon? Inspired by the line in The Last Olympian where Luke says he's going to try for reincarnation once he dies. This is a four part fic which will be posted (hopefully) throughout the next two weeks.

Warnings: Massive spoilers for The Last Olympian. Obviously.

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

The Three Lives of Luke Castellan


"He'll be back."

Thalia tears her gaze away from the funeral pyre and focuses it on the blonde girl beside her. Annabeth isn't looking at her and her eyes reflect the flames devouring the remains of the boy they once called friend.

"He won't," she replies, steel in her voice. She doesn't want to talk about this now or ever again; this chapter in her life is closed. "Reincarnation's not his thing."

"He said he was going to try for three. I believe him."

Thalia can't help the wave of anger that rolls through her when Annabeth says that. It's all well and good for her to have her faith in Luke restored, but Thalia wasn't there for his redemption and her last memory of Luke is as Kronos's puppet. That's not something she can forget or forgive easily. She had more encounters with him than Percy and Annabeth did, lost Hunters to him, and he never showed any weakness against her.

Maybe she would feel differently if she had seen him die instead of getting herself stuck under that wretched statue of Hera, but she doesn't think so. As far as she is concerned, the Luke she had known disappeared the day she got turned into that stupid tree.

"I suppose I'll keep my eye out for him then," Thalia says, giving in and letting Annabeth have her moment. They don't need to argue at a funeral, although she thinks the old Luke wouldn't have minded. He always said the two of them had too much spunk to be contained. "Seeing as though I'll probably be a million years old by the time his ass decides it's time to reincarnate."

"I think he'd like that," Annabeth says with a small smile. "You two deserve a second chance, at any rate."

Thalia doesn't ask what she means by that, preferring to let Annabeth have her delusions in whatever disgustingly romantic world she lives in, and turns back to the pyre.

The flames crackle and smoke curls up to the starry sky, carrying away the last remainders of the body of Luke Castellan, son of Hermes.

Note: As I've gotten several reviews pointing out that this fic covers one life too many, I would like to clarify that I originally interpreted the "three tries" for the Isle of the Blest as getting three chances at rebirth, not three lives including the "original" life. To tell this story, Luke needed three reincarnations - it wouldn't be the same without all three. Also, to avoid further confusion, the title of the story refers to the lives of his reincarnations, not his "original" life.