Author's notes: Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing this little fic. I was never expecting it to get this long or involved, but I hope you all enjoyed it every step of the way. I know I did. I wasn't planning on doing an epilogue, but I just couldn't fight the idea of taking one last look at Luke and Thalia, a couple years in the future after they've been reunited. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!
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The Three Lives of Luke Castellan


It's just past one in the afternoon when the rays of sunlight finally manage to crawl under Liam's eyelids and pry them open. Being the son of Apollo, he was usually pretty in tune with the cycles of the sun and would often wake up as soon as it rose, much to the dismay of his lovely bedmate who would sleep until dusk if he let her.

Then again, he usually wasn't up until the wee hours of the morning exhausting himself with said bedmate. Liam's beginning to think all of these maniac midnight sex sessions are just an evil plot so she can get him to sleep in just a little longer on the weekends. As far as plots go, it's not so much evil as it is pleasingly rewarding.

Liam shifts on the bed, trying to get out of the sunlight, but he finds it hard to do with a certain someone draped all over his chest like a lead weight. He has half a mind to gently pry her off and he's about to do it when she shifts against him.

"Don't even think of getting out of this bed, mister," Thalia grumbles against his abdomen, tightening her arms around him. "It's Sunday. Let's be lazy today."

"Whenever are we not lazy on a Sunday?" Liam responds with a smile, reaching around to run his fingers through her long dark hair. "The sun's in my eyes, that's all I was doing. I swear."

Thalia mumbles something derogatory about his solar heritage, but loosens her grip and rolls away from him to the other side of their huge bed after a moment. Liam doesn't let her get too far because as soon as he's out of the sunlight, she's back in his arms…where she's always belonged.

Liam moves her hair out of her eyes and tucks it behind her ear, settling back to watch her as she drifts off to sleep. He likes to watch her while she sleeps and while she's awake too, for that matter, because sometimes the last few years with her feel like the most wonderful dream and he wants to absorb it all in case he wakes up.

After everything he had done in his first life, he'd thought the gods would never allow him such a reward as this. It didn't take him long to realize that this wasn't his reward – it was Thalia's and he was just lucky enough to be a part of it.

Liam brushes his lips against her temple, and rests his chin on her shoulder. He allows his eyes to drift shut again, telling himself he'll only sleep for a few more minutes.

He and Thalia have a lifetime together, he thinks as he falls asleep, and they'll need all the rest they can get.