This is just sort of a schmoopy little epilogue. I figured I would post it in case anyone was interested.

"Look, man. Whatever I did, I didn't mean it. Now, will you slow the car down?" Sam gave his brother his sweetest, most sincere expression – the one he practiced in the mirror at night before they interviewed witnesses. He hoped Dean could see it in the moonlight streaming through the Impala's window.

Dean snorted. "That look hasn't worked on me in years, Sam."

Liar. Sam had calculated it. That look worked on Dean approximately forty percent of the time. Apparently not today though.

His brother accelerated the car. "Why don't you save the good stuff for those old biddies you love so much."

Sam huffed. "You're being ridiculous…"

"You know what, Francis? You can just sit there and be quiet. You're the whole reason we're doing this."

"Me?" Sam shook his head. "I don't even know where we're going. And what the hell does any of this have to do with me? I don't know what this is."

Dean shot a disbelieving glare Sam's way. "Alright. I was perfectly happy with my week of being an adorable runt. But then as soon as I'm back to normal it's all 'Dean we need to talk about hell.' Or 'Dean, you should keep a journal describing your nightmares'." Dean paused, shaking his head. "Or, oh yeah, and this is my favorite, 'Dean, we can share a bed if you're scared'."

Sam rubbed his temple with his fist. "Look, you jerk, I'm being supportive." Geezus, Dean was annoying. "And I don't plan on stopping…" Sam blinked in confusion. "What does any of that have to do with us barreling down the road in the middle of the night?"

Dean just laughed. Or cackled. It was more of a cackle, Sam decided. His older brother had finally lost it.

Sam sighed. "Fine. Just wake me up when we get to the place…" Sam paused, let Dean hear the disdain in his voice. "Where you're going to do whatever stupid thing you're going to do." He turned towards the window. "That way, I can hopefully stop you." Sam closed his eyes and went to sleep.

He awoke to the soft smells of early morning. The car was stopped on a dirt road in the middle of a tall pine grove. The morning light tickled his skin as he stumbled out of the passenger's side door. Sam rubbed his eyes. The scene was vaguely familiar. He yawned, looking around. Racket from behind the car caught his attention. The trunk was open and Dean was rummaging.

"Dean…" Sam said coming to stand next to his brother. Dean had a large set of explosives in his hand. "Dean…what the…what are you doing?"

Dean grinned. "I'm blowing the bitch up." He patted Sam on the shoulder happily and held up a piece of dynamite. "Oh yeah. It's go time, little brother." He turned and started walking.

"What?" Sam watched him stomp down the dirt road. "Dude…its way too early for this." Sam rubbed his eyes again.

"C'mon, Sam." Dean yelled from a quarter mile down the road. "Hurry up. You're going to miss the show."

His sleepy mind began to process the scene. He knew this road. Suddenly, Sam was awake and jogging after his brother. Dean wouldn't…would he? He saw his brother turn off the road, humming as he moved out of sight. Sam cursed. The spring that had changed Dean into a ten year old for a week was down that path.

"DEAN." He yelled.

Sam increased his pace, sprinting off the road and down the path. He ran a short distance, dodging roots and branches, until the small spring came into sight. The brownish water was clear and innocuous looking. His brother was about four feet away from the bank, holding a massive amount of dynamite.

Sam stopped, eyes growing big. "Dean, this is a very bad idea."

"No, Sam." Dean looked back at him, face aglow in the morning sun. "This is a brilliant idea. We blow the spring, no one else gets shrunk."

Sam puffed out a breath of annoyed air. "No, just stop and think about this. Of all the dumb and foolhardy ideas you've ever had – this is by far the dumbest."

Dean's face twisted into offense. "My dumb and foolhardy ideas have saved our asses more time than I can count."

"Fine. Fine." Sam said. "You're right. But this plan, right here, right now. It's stupid."

Dean frowned. "You're stupid." He mumbled. Then he smirked. "I figure fifteen feet is a safe distance. Get back. It has about a twenty second fuse." Dean pulled his arm back.

"Dean, don't you dare…" Sam started.

His brother grinned wider; then threw the dynamite in the middle of the spring. Sam moved back a few feet and Dean immediately jogged over beside him. They waited. Nothing happened.

Sam cocked his head and looked at the water. "Did you set the fuse right?" Sam asked.

"I think I know how to handle dynamite, Sam." Dean said. "Give it another minute." They waited. Nothing happened.

"Dammit." Dean stomped to the bank and peered towards the middle. "I see it. The stuff's just sitting on the bottom."

Sam rolled his eyes and walked over to him. "Great. We can't get the explosives back out of there without…"

And that's of course when the dynamite exploded. Sam saw Dean's eyes get big. Next thing he knew a wall of water rushed him. It slapped his skin and the force of the blast knocked him on his ass.

"Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit." Dean's mumbled cursing sounded high pitched beside him.

Sam placed his hand in the sandy bank. He looked over. There was a muddy hole where the cursed spring had been moments earlier. He let his fingers, which were small and thin, sink into the grains, before glaring over at his brother.

Dean was sprawled beside him on the sand. His eyes were still big but his face was small and smooth. He was a damn ten year old again.

"Oops." He said in a guilty voice.

Sam had a rant ready. It started with 'I told you so' and ended somewhere around 'What the hell were you thinking'. But that wasn't what came out when he opened his mouth.

"I'm telling." Sam said instead. He crossed his arms and frowned.

Dean bristled. "Oh yeah? Who you going to tell? No one's here. And besides I don't care what anyone thinks." Dean flung sand at him.

Sam smirked. "We'll see…" He searched through his wet, huge jacket and pulled out his cell phone.

"What are you doing, Sam?"

Sam turned away from him. He pushed speed dial two and hit send.

"Sam?" Dean moved closer to him and peered over his shoulder. "You wouldn't."

Bobby answered on the second ring. Sam put him on speaker phone and watched his brother squirm.

"Sam. How you boys doing?" Bobby's voice filled the outdoor space.

"Dean got us turned into kids, Bobby. He blew up the stupid cursed spring with dynamite." The words rushed out. "And now…

"Look." Dean cut in. "It was a good idea, Bobby. Something went wrong with the fuse. Sam's just bitchy because I'm taller than him now."

"Yeah, whatever, enjoy your half an inch for the week." Sam said. Dean flung more sand at him. "Stop it, Dean." Dean did it again. "I mean it, stop it."

"BOYS." Bobby's voice rang from the phone and echoed through the trees. Sam could practically hear the puzzle pieces coming together in the older man's head. "Boys…" He said again, sounding calmer and less gruff. "Stop. Now, Sam, you tell me exactly what happened."

Sam told Bobby the details. And even though Dean was a stupid jerk, he was kinda relieved that Bobby didn't seem too mad at either of them. He just made them promise to put on dry clothes, lock themselves in the car, and not drive anywhere until he picked them up in eight hours.

"You shouldn't have told him." Dean looked embarrassed beside him in the backseat of the car. "He's going to think we're idiots."

Sam shrugged. "Maybe you…But I guess you did destroy the spring, so that's something good." Sam offered with a smile. He peered out the window. The woods felt more threatening than they had before. Sam shuffled closer to his brother. "I wish he'd hurry up. It's creepy out there."

Dean sighed.


Seven hours later, Bobby showed up in a beat up Camero. Sam did the math in his head. The older man must have out sped Dean to make it in that sort of record time. They jumped out of their car to meet him. Bobby grumbled and fussed at them as he lumbered out of the car.

"Sam. Dean." Bobby said, shaking his head and staring at each of them in turn. "It's still the darnedest thing…"

Dean twisted his loosely hanging watch around on his wrist and checked the time. "Wow." He said, sounding impressed. "You must have driven like 92 mph to make it here this fast."

Sam blinked at him. Huh. Apparently his brother could do the math, too. Bobby checked them both twice for injuries before ushering them towards his car.

"Get in." His voice was low and gravely.

They both grabbed for the handle to the front seat. Bobby watched them, a frown deepening on his face. Dean pushed Sam. Sam pushed back. After a minute, each had one hand on the handle and one hand pushing the other's face away from the car.

"Just get in the back, Sam." Dean shouted.

"No. You did this." Sam slapped at his face. "You ride in the back."

"Shut up, Sam." Dean thumped his nose, hard. "I'm older. I get the front."

"No." Sam pinched him and smiled as he yelped. "We're both the same age now. And it's all your fault." Sam turned to Bobby. "Tell him to get in the back, Bobby."

Bobby shook his head and wiped his brow. "In the back seat. Both of you knuckleheads."

"But…" Sam started.

"NOW." Bobby barked.

Sam huffed and stepped back. His brother crossed his arms and moved away. They crawled into the back. Dean kicked him.

'Jerk,' Sam mouthed, punching him the arm.

"…be the death of me yet…" Bobby mumbled, sliding in the front seat. He eyed them in the rearview. "You two alright back there."

Sam nodded. Bobby started the engine.

"No one hears any whispering or anything?"

"No. It's all good. Only thing I hear is Sam's whining bitch voice."

Sam shoved him.

Dean waved him off and tapped on Bobby's shoulder. "Bobby." He said. "What about my car? We can't leave her out here."

"I'll send someone to take care of her." Bobby's eyes caught Dean's panicked ones in the rearview. Sam felt his brother tense up. Bobby groaned. "Don't start with me, boy. I'll make sure it's someone we can trust. Don't worry. She'll get back to you safe and sound."

Dean deflated and sank back into the seat.

"Yes sir." Dean said.

Bobby pulled the car out on the highway. "Now, what the hell am I supposed to do with the two of you for a week?"

Ideas about doing research on the seals flashed into Sam's mind. But apparently being de-aged crosses a few wires because that wasn't what he suggested.

"I told Dean if this happened again we'd go to Disney World." Sam said. Then he frowned in confusion. He'd meant to say they'd do some homework on the apocalypse, right? Sam shook his head, letting his thoughts bounce around.

"I don't want to go to Disney World." Dean's words were quick and his face twisted into a pout. He poked Sam. "You're the one who wants to go to Disney World." He caught the reflection of Bobby's eyes. "Sam wants to be a fairy tale princess for a day."

Sam smacked him. "I do not."

"You're still the one who wants to go." He said.

"I want to go?"

"Yeah, I think you do."

Sam considered it. "Okay. Maybe I do. But so do just don't know it."

Dean was opening his mouth to retaliate when Bobby cursed and pulled the car to the side of the road. A Toyota passed on the other side. Sam wondered if they were in trouble. Visions of their father pulling off an endless number of roads floated into his skull. Dean must have been thinking similar thoughts because he stayed still and silent beside him. Sam gulped.

"Uh…Bobby?" Sam asked. "What are we doing?"

"I'm turning around, Sam." He swung the Camero around so they were driving in the opposite direction.

Sam glanced at his brother. Dean threw up his palms and shook his head. He mouthed, 'How should I know' and made a gesture suggesting Bobby was looney tunes.

After about five minutes, Dean cleared his throat. "Bobby, man…where are we going?"

"Well, I guess we're going to Orlando, you damn idjits." He held up his hand. "I don't wanna hear another word about it. Damn kids…" He muttered.

Sam couldn't help it. He felt the smile pull across his face. Dean's face was contorted in disbelief, but he grinned when he caught Sam's expression.

Sam's smile faltered. "We can go to Epcot, too? Right, Bobby."

Dean rolled his eyes and muttered something about nerdy, little brothers. He looked happy, though, so Sam ignored him and concentrated on Bobby.

The older man chuckled. "Sure thing, Sam. Whatever you boys want."