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I happily relived my joints as I sat up off the hard, cold tent ground. I, Dawn, have finally ventured off on my own. That probably explains all the silence and the half deflated tent. It was hard, and I have to admit boring at times, but it's something I have to do. I have promised myself that I will win all the badges and ribbons as I go along. So far, I have…well, zero, but I just got off the boat a few days ago. I know, Dawn is a coordinator, but you are wrong. That's not it at all; I can do both.

"Dawn, you can't do both. Will you stop following me?" he groaned. I growled. Inside the other tent sat Paul. I didn't bother to respond I was so angry with him. Last night, he left me to put up my tent myself; I know, tragic, right? Well, I wouldn't have minded if it didn't rain last night. I quickly began to put away my stuff, noticing that he was almost done and he would leave me. "Stupid girl," I heard him mumble.

"You could be a little nicer," I called. I was so annoyed with him. Why couldn't he just shut up when someone hated him? He smirked and I slapped my hand over my mouth. Oh, well, so much for the silent treatment. I quickly removed my hand and stuffed my tent into my bag. "Where did you wash up?" Paul gave me the weirdest look. My eyes grew wide and my mouth fell open. He smirked and continued to clean up. "Eww…" I groaned. I snuck past him, keeping as much distance as possible. If he didn't wash up, I didn't want to smell his breath.

I walked maybe a yard away and saw some slow moving steam. I sighed. Of course he washed up; he just wouldn't tell me. I brushed my teeth and ran a wet comb through my hair. I then decided that I could take a quick bath. Just as I got settled into the cold water, I noticed my outfit moving. I reached for it, but something got it first and began to walk away. "Come back with that!" I yelled. I quickly stood, easing toward the Pokémon, but it growled. I growled back in frustration. It didn't care; it just took the stuff and ran. I ran after it. I couldn't bear to lose my clothes or my pokeballs. I turned the corner and dodged a fallen log in pursuit of my prey. I smiled. Not only was this kind of fun, but I was getting my morning exercise, too.

"What the hell?" I stopped. I blushed feverishly as I inched back into the bush. Of course Paul would see me; nothing was going my way on this trip so far. I motioned to the dog beside him. He quickly looked away and I became relieved.

"Honchkrow, now, use sky attack," he said. I flinched; his voice was monotone and icy. He really didn't like me right then. Well, I didn't really like him right then, either, so there. His Pokémon appeared out of the ball and complied. His Honchkrow knocked the Growlithe over, saving my clothes. At first, Growlithe looked like he was going to fight back, but he fought against it and ran. I let out a sigh of relief. I didn't even know I was holding my breath. Paul rubbed his temples as he picked up my top and skirt. "Can't you do anything right?" he asked. He was scolding me, and I couldn't help but feel self-conscious. Even Honchkrow looked amused.

"I do things right all the time!" I shrieked. Paul covered his ears with his hands and game me a nasty growl. He then let go, smoothing out his grey tee. I couldn't help but like his new look; it was still simple, but I could see his muscles now. Crap; what was I thinking? I flushed red and growled. "Just give me my clothes." He raised an eyebrow.

"What can you do right?" My mouth fell open. Was he serious? He wanted to discuss this while I was still naked? I held out my hand; palm upward. Now only my face and hand could be seen.

"Clothes first," I chided. He didn't look amused and began to walk away with my clothes. "Hey, wait! What are you doing?" I yelled. He continued to walk, ignoring me. Once he was a few feet ahead, I ran to the next bush. "Paul, now!" I yelled. I was trying my best to seem more intimidating than embarrassed, but I don't think it worked. He turned on his heels to face me. His normal scowl was on his face but in his eyes I saw laughter. He was having fun with this.

"What do you do right?" he asked. I was trying my best to stay calm. Yelling wouldn't help me, and I wouldn't try to tackle him like this. We stood there in silence for a few seconds and then Honchkrow began to squawk repeatedly. "Well?" he asked. I opened my mouth but ducked. Honchkrow was obviously warning us.

"Why, hello there," a man cooed. My eyes bulged; at least I thought that was a man. He was wearing an outfit that was extremely weird. As he or maybe she approached Paul, I motioned for my clothes. I couldn't tell if Paul was ignoring me or just not paying attention; jerk. I squatted down and peered though the bush.

"What do you want?" Paul asked. Paul gave him a cold glare. The man… or woman quickly stretched out their hand. Paul looked at it in disgust and turned to walk off.

"Hm, brat," the man sneered. Paul turned around quickly and dropped my clothes. I quickly motioned to Honchkrow. The bird understood and brought them to me. Once I was fully dressed, I reemerged and they were glaring at each other.

"Hi, I'm Dawn," I greeted. The person quickly looked over toward me. His smile grew once more as he held out his hand. I grabbed it and shook, lightly releasing him.

"I'm Harley, nice to meet you." My mouth dropped opened as I thought of all the coordinating magazines I read before getting there. He dressed like his Pokémon, Cacturne. "Are you traveling by yourself, doll? Here, have a cookie," he said while holding out a container.

"Wow, Harley. I have read so much about you!" I cooed. I heard Paul grunt. He didn't seem to care; obviously he had never heard of him. "I'm a coordinator, too. I am headed to my first contest." My eyes gleamed. Harley gave a smile; I couldn't help but feel it was fake.

"Come on, Dawn," Paul said as he began to walk ahead. I gave another look at Harley and began to walk away. I had taken few steps before I heard him.

"Oh, wait, Dawn," he said. I turned to face Harley as Paul turned and glared. "Could this be yours?" My Lopunny stood there watching Harley carefully.

"Oh, yeah, thanks," I answered. I quickly got the Pokémon from Harley and returned her. Harley just smiled as we walked away. "Paul?" I asked. He turned and faced me for a moment before he continued to walk. "What do you think of Harley?" I questioned. We walked for a few more steps before he answered.

"What do you think?" he asked. I began to wonder that myself as I continued to walk silently in thought. When I finally found and answer, I noticed that I could see the city. "Where are we?" I asked. Paul continued to walk as he answered.

"Little Root Town," he replied. I awed as we got closer to civilization. I then examined him; he didn't seem tired, so we would probably walk straight through it. As if he could read my mind, he answered. "Don't worry; we are going to spend the night. I have stuff to take care of." My mouth opened; was he now officially making us traveling buddies. "Don't get too comfortable; I am going to get rid of you as soon as possible. I just don't want to leave you near…whatever his name was." I frowned. Ah, well. I shrugged it off. At least I get to spend the day close to civilization.

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