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We walked out into the darkness on the other side of the Pokécenter. It was very dark and kind of soggy, it had been raining earlier.

"What if Drew got stuck outside in all this rain?" May questioned. I sighed. I knew she was worried about him, but for some reason it annoyed me. It made me think, why couldn't I count on my partner to be as worried about me if I got lost? I glanced quickly over to Paul who seemed to be preoccupied with not caring. "Dawn," May whined. She then grabbed my shoulder. I sighed and put on an smile. She was worried and as her friend I had to help her.

"No need to worry May! With all three of us searching we will find him in no time," I assured. She sighed and then nodded. "Great, now let's get started… we each have a fire type so we can use right, so let's get started! Quil--" I started. I turned extremely red when I remembered who my only two pokémon were. I could have also have sworn I heard Paul groan.

"How about you two go find him together, I will go by myself," Paul grunted. May and I glanced at each other before looking back at him. "You two would do something stupid on your own anyway," he growled. Both of us huffed before turning our backs on him.

"Fine… go by yourself then," I called behind me. I heard him huff as we walked away. "How rude," I vented to May. I turned and looked to see if she was listening, but instead she looked like she was concentrating. A look between worry and disdain was plastered on her face. "Sorry May, I should really be comforting you… I have to admit though, I don't think I would be that eager to find Paul if he got lost," I admitted. She gave me a sad smile.

"Well I guess it is a little different this time," she whispered. I turned and examined her, her skin was flushed and she was desperately trying to cover her cheeks. She continually stared at the ground and she was swallowing as if she would die soon. Then it hit me…

"Are you planning to confess to Drew?" I screeched. Her hand immediately covered my mouth, which was now wide open at this point. I knew it would happen eventually, but this soon? This was just...so...weird. How could sweet, innocent, little May get a boyfriend before me? I had to admit though; she did know he liked her back. He had asked her out twice now already, but still.

"Dawn, you are yelling," she hissed. I immediately pulled her hand from my mouth and glared at her in disbelief. "I know. I know what you are thinking, but truthfully, have thought a lot about it too. He has asked me out several times now. I said now, but now that I have been thinking… I know that I really like him. What if he doesn't ask me again?" she questioned. I frowned at myself, how could I glare at her just because she was obviously luckier than me.

"Fine, you are right. If you know you love him, you should just go ahead and confess," I said. I smiled at her and watched as her face turned even more red.

"I said I liked him, not loved him," she responded. She then hit my shoulder lightly. I just laughed and finally she cracked a smile. "Let's make a deal Dawn… I will tell Drew I like him, and when you find a guy you like, you definitely have to tell him," she proposed. Once again I smiled.

"Well of course May, you know me, I would tell him I liked him no matter what," I replied haughtily. Her face then broke into a huge smile and I examined her carefully.

"What?" I questioned. She continued to laugh, and even harder when she noticed the confusion in my eyes. "May tell me, what is it?" I questioned.

"Nothing," she finally responded. All her laugher was still making her voice shaky. "I was just thinking that I couldn't wait until you told Paul then," she answered. Than again she broke into a fit of giggles as I turned red.

"I don't like Paul… not even as a friend," I yelled. She continued to laugh. "You know what May, don't tease me just because you li--" My voice caught in my throat as both May and I laid eyes on Drew. He was covered in mud and he didn't in the slightest look like the princely figure he usually portrayed. "Drew," I gasped. May said nothing as she ran up and touched his arm and amazingly enough, he smiled.

"Were you guys out looking for me?" he questioned. Of course he sounded haughty. Even in times like these he seemed get on my nerves.

"What happened to you?" I questioned. All of a sudden his face turned red and he began to stare at the ground. "Ha, you did something stupid didn't you?" I questioned. He immediately looked back up glaring furiously at me.

"Shut up, nothing happened," he replied. I started to laugh and looked over to May. I could see the relief in her eyes as she watched him act like his normal self.

"Hey, let's get back to the pokémon center," May urge. Drew and I both nodded. When we started walking I noticed that Drew was limping, obviously May saw it too because before I could say something she had already taken the initiative to place herself under his arm and help him balance. The way back to the center was silent and once we got there we headed to the rooms.

"Hey Drew, I might have to medical stuff in my room. If you need some maybe we should go to my room and put some on you," I offered. He nodded in compliance along with May.

"Do you have everything? Ointments? Bandages? Antiseptics?" he questioned. I placed my hand on my chin and though. I knew I had some bandages, my mom packed those. I think she also put some ointment in there. I didn't remember any antiseptic spray though.

"I might, if not I am sure I can get some from Paul's bag. He has everything," I replied. Once we helped him up the stairs which took a while we got to my room. When I unlocked the door the lights were off. I was surprised because in the pokécenter they normally came on automatically when you walked in, unless if they were set otherwise.

"Hold on," I said. I then shuffled across the room tripping only once on a pokéball. Once on the other side I flipped the lights. "Here we go," I said. I then looked to the beds only to find Paul sleeping. May and I glared at his resting figure. I quickly picked up the pokéball from the floor and chugged it at his head. He immediately sat up. "You jerk!" I screamed. Drew sweat dropped as he watched May and I jump in the bed and strangle Paul. Out of the corner of my eye I promise I could see Drew smirking.

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