(Takes place after the season 4 finale)

"Who are you?" Booth looked at Brennan with a blank look in his eyes as he repeated the question once again. "Who are you?"

Temperance Brennan, his partner, had sat by his bedside for the four days he was in a coma, writing in her laptop, reading her story to him out loud as she wrote. She had barely left his side long enough to shower in the bathroom attached to his hospital room, had absolutely refused when each of her friends, Angela Montenegro being the most persistent, had begged, ordered and pleaded with her to go home and get a good night's sleep. Just stared in awe at her partner, her friend, this man she had come to care for in a way she couldn't even explain, her eyes beginning to swell with the tears she was not able to force back.

"My name is Dr. Temperance Brennan, I am your partner, we work together. Just hold on one second and I'll get the doctor." She smiled weakly at him as she began to back away from him slowly. She managed to hold in the tears until she had turned away from him toward the door to his room. She strode out into the hallway tears burning trails down her face, skimming lightly over her delicate features. She was desperately trying to compose herself, however the shock that he didn't remember her had hit her harder than anyone could have possibly believed. She knew she had to calm herself or she wouldn't be able to talk when she found a nurse to ask them to get the doctor for her. She counted backwards silently to herself while reminding herself to take deep breathes while she was walking down the hall towards the nurses' station.

Finally arriving at her destination she had composed herself enough to speak, however the nurse she saw before her looked at her with such pity before she spoke that she almost had a relapse into tears again. Taking in a deep breath she looked over at the nurse, "Agent Booth has awaken from his coma, however he doesn't recognize me," She heard her voice hitch and paused for a moment. " Please go get his doctor and have him meet me in his room, I don't know what to do."

The nurse stood momentarily struck by the pain in the young woman's voice that stood before her, her eyes red and puffy, still swollen with tears threatening to fall. This woman, who had been by his side since he came out of surgery. Refusing to leave, barely even eating except when her friends came to force her, she was always so strong, every time she had seen her. Strong and determined, and now she looked like a frightened child. Finally coming out of her thoughts she reached out to pat the woman on her hand, "It's alright sweetie, I'll page the doctor and then I'll come back to wait with you."

The nurse watched as she half heartedly began walking back towards his room. Temperance thought briefly on her way back and knew that she couldn't go through this, she was losing him in a way that she never would have guessed. The, she heard the voice of her friends in her head, telling her this and that about why she needed to stick it out, if it were her Booth would be there until she came back to him, or try to help her create a new life. With those thoughts she realized she needed to let the friends whose voices were speaking volumes in her head know what was going on, so she paused briefly outside the door to his room and reached into her pocket for her cell phone.



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