The Dating Game


"You can't stop it from happening. You can't make it all go away."

The Doctor found himself standing in a mysterious fog and he didn't know where he was or how he got there. He couldn't see a thing and he felt lost in the dark mist. The voice that spoke was distant and echoed strangely in the unknown space.

He shouted, "Who are you? What do you want with me? And what are you talking about?"

"It does not matter what you knew or what you will do for all that was will be no more."

The Doctor swirled around, but he still couldn't get a fix on the voice. All he could tell was it was man or it sounded like a man.

"Do you just like hearing yourself or are you actually trying to tell me something?"

"There will come a change and it will reach out throughout time and space and it will alter all of creation."

"How? What change? What's doing it?"

"The how is not important."

The Doctor was optimistic that whoever was talking to him was finally talking to him, but really he was getting no where. What did he mean that the how wasn't important? Was he asking the wrong question?

The Doctor then pulled out his sonic screwdriver and scanned the foggy landscape, but turned up nothing in his findings. He was beginning to suspect that this space wasn't even real. In some ways it all seemed planned out—concealed. Obviously, this person was some sort of wizard of Oz and all he need to do was find the red curtain.

After tucking his screwdriver back in his pocket he said, "So, if the how isn't important than how about the 'why.' Why are you doing it? …Whatever it is?"

"The change is for the lady."

"Lady? What lady?"

"The Abomination, the brave child, Fortuna—the Bad Wolf."

The Doctor felt a rush of blood surge through his veins. No, it couldn't be Rose. What did this disembodied voice have to do with Rose?

"What do you mean 'for the lady'? Why would you change things for Rose Tyler?"

"To give her a choice. I don't care much for you, Doctor, but I am willing to be a gentleman and move all of heaven and hell to please her even if her happiness means the sacrifice of my own."

"Great! Well, so you're plan on doing something to impress Rose Tyler? What are you going to do? Dance? What does this choice business have to do with me?"

"She said she loves you, but I love her. I want to know which of us she loves best and whoever she decides she may keep."

"But, she's already got a Doctor! She's got the stunningly handsome half-human version Doctor! And other thing, she's in another dimension. I can't risk reality and send myself there and since you're talking to me, oh mysterious voice, then you must be here somewhere here too. I'm not even sure if you even know Rose Tyler. It's not really much of a competition if you can't even be in the same place."

"…Your thinking is surprisingly limited."

Rassilion! Of all the gull! Him, the Doctor, limited! Didn't the man know who he was talking to? He, the last of the Time Lords wasn't limited. He was a genius.

"Oi! Those are fighting words!"

"Your pluck is amusing. I can see why she is fond of you, but she does not love the half-human. She told me herself. She said she missed you and I am willing to put that affection to the test. I will bring you to her and we will see who is the better man."

"But, that's impossible! How can you bring me to Pete's world?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Hold on, if what you say is true then what you plan to do is extremely dangerous. It isn't worth it."

"Then, you forfeit? You don't love Rose?"

"I care deeply about Rose Tyler, but if the universe were in jeopardy and she might be the cause, then I'm sure she'd rather I do the right thing."

"That isn't an answer. And honestly, you don't have a say in the matter. Just remember that you have competition. Till then have a nice trip."


The Doctor woke with a start. The cluster bells were ringing and the TARDIS was going mad. He flew about the controls and tried to make sense out of the chaos, but the readings were all over the place. He didn't know what was happening.

He tried desperately to get her course under control against the turbulence and to put a stop to the violent trashing she was doing inside the Vortex, but still nothing worked. He was going on a ride and he wasn't sure if he'd make it, but then unexpectedly the spinning stopped and TARDIS began to stabilize.

When the Doctor ran to the view screen to look around he saw that he was in London. However, he didn't think that all that trouble would be caused by a simple trip and commanded the monitor to scan the skies and there he saw what he dreaded—a zeppelin.


Walls are meant to be broken, so I like writing about the impossible. The impossible be damned! It's sci-fi and I'm a fan with a word program, Haha! Right, now I don't really have a plot, but that hasn't stopped me before and the last story wasn't too shabby (Tempest Love). Thus, I hope you enjoy.

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