Rose was beaming like a brilliant star and hanging happily onto the Doctor's arm as they walked into the Tyler mansion. She was giddy at having her Doctor back at her side. Though, he wasn't exactly her proper Doctor, he was even better.

This Doctor was her new, new, new, new Doctor. He wasn't just war-weary Nine or babbling Ten or half-human John—no, he was best of all those men combined.

He had Nine's personality: gruff, defensive, moody, but loyal beyond belief. She would never have to question his dedication or feel under appreciated in her love. He was a man who'd literally rather die than see her suffer a broken heart or have her perish before her time. Plus, he had Ten's dashing looks. He had the gorgeous hair and a boyish smile. Everything physically about him outwardly was bounce and charm, but the body was just a shell. Rose loved the man as a whole.

He was her Doctor before the death and doubts. He was the Doctor who told her without care or reason that she was beautiful, smart, caring and above all else—needed. She loved that he needed her. She loved that he wanted her, and only her. He thought she was the best.

However, most of all she never doubted the need. She saw it everyday in his haunting blue eyes.

"Rose, do I have to see your Mum? Can't we just—take off? It's not like we haven't done it before?"

"Oi! I'm not running away. Come on, you big scardy-cat. It won't kill you to say 'hello.'"


Once side the kitchen, Rose and the almost-Doctor saw Jackie preparing to make a cup of tea for her and her daughter. Yet, when Jackie turned around and saw the man standing next to Rose, she wasn't surprised.

"Oh, hello John. Come for a cup of tea? Well, the more the merrier, take a seat."

Rose bit her bottom lip nervously and said, "Mum, this isn't John."

Jackie: "Of course it's John. Who—oh! It's him! What's he doing back here? You! Have you come back to take my daughter away again? Well, you can't! Rose, has got a proper life here and she won't go gallivanting around the bloody universe with you. She's staying right here, so you can just go march yourself right back into that blue box."

Doctor: "Well, I see some things never change."

Rose: "Mum, he isn't that Doctor either. He's—he's like the old one, but he just looks like—John."

Jackie: "What?"

Then, unexpectedly John, a.k.a half-human Time Lord walked through the door. He was sporting his blue suit and his fairly new trench coat and smiling from ear to ear as he bounced into the kitchen.

John: "Hello, Tyler clan! How are things at the manor?" However, John's smiled slipped off his face once he saw the double. He quickly walked around him and assessed his clothes and looks.

"Hum…Who are you?"

Doctor: "Oh, Rassilion! Another one! It's bad enough that I now look pretty, but I've also got to see that mug walking about me too."

John frowned and rubbed his neck at this very unlike him doppelganger. He replied, "You're terrible moody. That isn't very me, is it? And you aren't dressed like how I remembered either. It's all so—informal? Kind of like a German U-boat captain, but we've done that. Are you changing your look? It isn't because of me is it? And how exactly did you get here? It's impossible to get to Pete's world, but since you're here than I suppose it isn't so much impossible as improbable."

Doctor: "He's a chatter-box too! Look, I just look like you, but I'm me—the ninth me. It turns out that Mr. Richard Red is a very talented Tellic ex-spy. He created me after he somehow managed to cross worlds, time and space to get me and grant Rose's made to order request to have me look like this. Are we clear?"

John: "Red's a Tellic? Oh, well that explains a lot. But, you said Red made you for Rose? Why?"

Rose shouted: "Cause it's fantastic!"

Jackie: "Hang on. You're saying that Richard's an alien too?"

Rose: "Yup. He's my very own fairy godmother and made me my Doctor."

John: "I don't get it? Why'd he want to go make you and not just get the original Doctor?"

Doctor: "Cause the man's a fool. Anyone would be an idiot to leave Rose Tyler. And that includes you since Red didn't even bother including you into his little dating game."

John: "Oi! Whatcha call me space-boy?"

Doctor: "Space-boy? Since when did you start talking like that?"

John sighed and ran his hands over his face. "It's a long story."


After several cups of tea and many hours of talking, John and the almost-Doctor had finished catching up and Jackie had a firm understanding of what had taken place. She didn't like the fact that Rose's Torchwood partner, Richard had hidden his real identity, but she was grateful that he thought so much of Rose to give her a second chance. It was wonderful that Rose was allowed to choose her destiny when choices seem to come and go so fast, but really did the man have to wipe her memory? She now knew why she'd missed her soaps.

Although, Jackie had one question she just had to ask: "Doctor, will you promise me you'll look out for my Rose?"

The Doctor gazed at Jackie with his blue eyes and answered confidently, "Absolutely. I love Rose. There's no getting rid of me. Wherever she goes I go too."

Jackie Tyler was satisfied. He given her his word and she knew if this Doctor was anything like Nine, he'd come through.

Meanwhile, John was floored. He never in a million years would think that he'd actually say the words. What compelled him to voice something that would ultimately cause him pain? Where'd he find the courage to dare love such a mayfly? Such a goddess?

It was clear to John now that this man was true to Rose in ways he would never be. Not only did he say the words, he said them in front of Jackie. He could only ever whisper the words like some dirty secret. Yet, he remembered being that Doctor, he remembered being Nine and he remembered the need and the desire. Back then, Rose wasn't just his friend, his companion—no, she was his savior. He was dependent on her open heart and compassionate soul.


In the quiet evening, Rose had Richard come over to her house. She wanted to talk to him about what he had done. While seated comfortably out under the stars they sat on the grass in the yard.

Quietly she asked: "Richard? Why did you do it?"

Red: "Do what?"

Rose playfully slapped him on the arm: "You know what! Why'd you give me the Doctor? Why'd you even bother? Wouldn't it have sabotaged you from being with me?"

Red gave Rose a sad smile, but then turned away to gaze up at the stars and said, "You were never really with me, Rose. You were always some place else. When I was a spy, I learned the difference between someone who wanted to be in the moment and when they were wishing they were actually miles away. And for the longest time I wanted something honest, but I didn't see it in your eyes. Though, I still care about you, I do and really, Rose there isn't anything to sabotage if there wasn't ever a chance."

Rose raised herself up and leaned over to Red and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

After a pause she smiled mischievously and said, "You know, I'll have to play match-maker with you and hook you up with somebody nice. You've been a good mate to me Red, you deserve a girl."

"Please, you'd be like a mother-hen."

"I would not!"

"Yeah, you would!"

"No, I wouldn't!"

"Yes, you would to."

"No, I wouldn't! God, you're ridicules! I came out here to thank you, not argue like a three year old."

"…Your welcome."


It's kind of mushy, but I thought a little more needed to be said. It gives it that finished icing on the cake.

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