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"What? What did you say?"

"The shirt you're wearing totally doesn't match your shoes?"

"No, what you said before that."

"Oh, clubbing."

"And what about clubbing?"

"We're going clubbing tonight."


"Yes, we're as in you and me, tonight, against the world."

"And why exactly are we going clubbing tonight?"

"Cause Layla my dear, you need to get laid…period."


"Uh uh uh," A finger was placed over my lips effectively stopping my protest. "We're going clubbing tonight and getting you away from the office for the first time in three months and you will be getting drunk…and did I mention tonight?"


"I'll pick you up at 12, toodles!" And with a wink he blew a kiss and walked out of the door.

"What on earth are you wearing?"

"What, we're just going clubbing."

"Yes, but to go out like that," he gestured to my lovely outfit of jeans and a baggy sweatshirt.

"I don't see what the problem is."

Yuri sighed, "I swear, you're so hopeless." He walked over to my closet and rummaged through it. "Here put these on instead and tell me when you're done so I can do your make up."

I looked at the black, strapless dress, "I never knew I had this."

"I told Maquarie to slip it in your closet when you weren't looking."

Before I could say anything, he disappeared.

Damn that Yuri.

"I'm not too sure about this."

"What? You look smoking hot m'dear."

I shuffled uncomfortably in my seat. The dress was much more low cut that I had initially thought, going past my cleavage and the bottom of my dress reaching just past my hips.

The car door opened and Yuri offered me his hand. "Don't worry, there's going to be plenty of girls looking ten times sluttier than you, but they can't compare to you in terms of beauty," he said giving me a light kiss on my hand.

"Yuri, don't even try."

"I wouldn't ever dream of trying."

"Is it supposed to be this loud?"


"Is it supposed to be this loud?!"


"IS IT…never mind."


I gave him a blank stare.

"Yuri!" A group of high pitched squeals pierced its way through the loud drumming of the bass.

"Ah! Lorelai! Francine! Jessica! Well, must I say you girls are looking oh so sexy tonight."

They all gave a disgusting high pitched giggle and started latching onto his arms.

"Where have you been?"

"We missed you!"

"The other guys are such a bore. They didn't know how to please us at all!"

I mentally gagged.

"I'm so sorry ladies," Yuri said wrapping his arms around their shoulders. "I was too busy with work to visit, but let me tell you that life started to become meaningless without seeing your lovely faces."

They giggled again and gave him a sly look. "Are you sure it's only our faces?"

"Of course not!" And one of the girls squealed as Yuri slapped her ass.

I think I went blind…and deaf…oh screw it, someone slit my throat now.

"Oh! Who's this?" One of the girls who looked at me said with distaste in her voice.

"This is Layla, a co-worker."

"Nice to meet you," they all said with jealousy gleaming in their eyes.

I rolled my eyes at them, "Same."

We stood there awkwardly for a moment until Yuri spoke up, "How 'bout I go get you ladies a drink?"

Once again they squealed and we made our way to the bar.

"And so I told him, 'You ain't got nothing on me, Yuri Killian, the master of ass whoop. ' and I socked him in the face and he ran off crying like a baby."

"Oh Yuri, you're so cool!"

"And strong!"

"That was because he was a baby, Yuri. This was in like, fifth grade."

"…Well he was still two times bigger than me and I still kicked his ass."

There was a moment of silence.

"Oh Yuri, you're so cool!"

"And strong!"

I motioned to the bartender for another shot.

"Anyway ladies, would you please accompany me to the danc-"


"What is it?"

"What are we waiting for? I wanna daaance!"

I looked in the direction he was staring at and saw what I expected to see: A tall, well built, long, silvery haired male with a nice ass. Wearing a tight, v-cut black shirt and black leather pants, he stood in the corner with a scowl on his face, looking like he was having as much of a bad time as I did.

The girls started to tug his arms, "Yuri? Are you okay?"

"Oh, uh, I'm sorry ladies, but…I think…I'll be swinging over to the other side for the rest of the night."

I could barely contain my smirk as I watched the girls' faces and heard their cries of protest.

"Now if you'll excuse me…"

"Well you don't look like you're having too much fun."

"Well I wasn't trying to look like I am having much fun."

"Ooo a smart mouth, I like."

I finally looked at my harasser and saw a…lilac haired woman? I must have had one too many shots to have not noticed…

"Anyway, why the long face?"

"Was dragged here."

"Oh so you came with someone else? Who?"

"That guy behind that pole watching that guy standing over there."

"I see. Well if it makes you feel any better, I was dragged here too."

"Good for you," I downed another shot.

"I was having a terrible time too, until my friends gave me this yummy drink. Then I had another and another and then everything became happy, happy."

"No surprise there." I swished around the alcohol in my next shot and downed one more.

The girl was silent for a while, staring at the dance floor with glassy eyes. Figuring she got the point that I didn't want to converse anymore, I turned around in my seat and looked to the other side.


I choked on my drink from the sudden exclamation.


"Let's dance."

I raised my eyebrow at her, "I don't do dancing."

"Come on it'll be fun!"


With a firm grip, I was dragged out of my chair and into the sea of moving bodies.

"H-hey! Stop pulling!"

"Ooo I love this song!"


"Come on! Start dancing!"

"…I don't know how to dance."

"What!? I can't hear you!"

"I said, 'I don't know how to dance!'"

"Oh silly, everyone knows how to dance! All you gotta do is shake your hips like this!"


"Don't be shy! Everyone's too busy with themselves to look at you anyway."

I took a quick look around and saw that indeed, everyone, including the young lady in front of me, was too wasted to take notice of anything at all. A quick glance at Yuri revealed him still hiding behind his pole. I sighed. We weren't leaving anytime soon.

"Okay, I might as well since you already dragged me out here."


She gave me a beaming smile and I couldn't help but feel my lips curl up into a small grin as well. Maybe the alcohol was finally getting to me…

The small Asian woman began to shake her hips and fling her hair about to the beat. She stopped as soon as she noticed me still immobile, standing there awkwardly amongst the crowd.

"Hmm, well I guess I'll just have to show you!"

"Wha? Ho-!"

She firmly placed her hands to my thighs, standing so close to me that I could feel the heat emanating from her body. I blushed.

"Just relax, listen to the music and let your body flow. Remember, no one is judging you by the way you dance, but by the way you look and girl, you definitely have nothing to worry about."

"I-I know that already!"

I gave her a look before I let her hands sway my hips and began to move with the music and beat. Letting go of the previous thoughts that haunted my mind, I relaxed. I hated to admit it, but I was actually having…fun. I did need a break from work and I was glad Yuri had brought me here…not that I was ever going to tell him that.

As I got more relaxed, I became more daring, not only moving my hips, but also my arms, head, my entire body. It was exhilarating and I was in my own world, just me, the beat and two warm hands moving up…whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. Something wasn't going right here.

My eyes sprung open and saw two brown, lustful eyes stare into mine. She smiled at me sinfully as her hands slid up and down my ribcage, one making its way to my behind. To top it off, she brought me closer and arched her back, pressing firmly against me. Heat immediately rushed to my already spinning head. As the dance continued on, her movements became more frenzied, more savage. Alarms were going off in my head telling me to stop, to stop this right now because this "dance" was going too far for comfort, because she was reaching too far into my comfort zone.

But I couldn't stop and there was no way in hell I was going to stop. Maybe those twenty something shots finally started taking effect, but dancing here with her, the feel of her body moving against mine, felt too good. It was like a demon had taken over my body. My movements began to grow more frantic. I needed more, more, more.

I matched her speed, our bodies moving in synch. Everything and everyone around us disappeared. The dance floor became ours and ours only.

"Having fun?"

"Ehh, I guess so," I say nonchalantly.

"Oh really now." She gave another devilish smirk and took her arms off my shoulders, creating some distance between us.

I felt my heart drop because of the sudden lack of contact. Apparently my disappointment showed on my face because she looked at me smugly as she began teasing me with feather light touches, taunting my body.

"I don't think you're having as much fun as you say you are."

Quick fingers dance against my stomach.

"What's with that frown on your face?"

Skin touches skin as her shoulder lightly brushes past mine.

"Is there anything I can do to…help?"

Hot breath tickles my ear.

I snapped. Overwhelming desire took over and without warning grasped her shoulders and pulled her closer towards me. I lowered my face towards hers and as her eyes slowly closed, I stopped, a breath away from her lips.

"Two can play at that game."

Her eyes fluttered open in shock and I gave her a look of triumph, feeling victorious inside. Just as I was about to pull away, however, desperate arms wrapped around my neck and a pair of lips crashed onto mine.

Mind already dizzy from the dancing, my mind blanked out from the feel of her lips on mine. I returned the kiss, hungrily, nibbling on her bottom lip which made the woman shudder and moan. Teeth clashing and tongues exploring, I finally pulled away for air, breath ragged from the amount of lust and desire. I stared into her chocolate colored eyes with a content smile on my face.

"Having fun now?"

"Why yes, actually, I am."

"Well, that's good because I did too." And with half lidded eyes she pulled me into a long, slow kiss. "Thanks for the night."

When I opened my eyes, she was gone. I stood there amongst the sea of people, mouth open and still tingling from the sensation of her lips on mine.

I didn't even get her name.

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