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"Ohh, my head..."

"Sora! It's about time you woke up!"

"Ack! May, can you like, keep your voice down. My head hurts like a-"

"-Motherfucker? Pssh, I wouldn't be surprised with how much you downed last night."

"Wait, last night? What happened last night?....May?"

"...Oooh I'm totally gonna get those two for bringing you to that ungodly place! I knew, knew, knew you were going to be corrupted and harassed by creepy-ass perverts and OH MY GOD SORA ARE YOU STILL A VIRGIN?!"

"Ack! Shhhh, please May, not so loud and um, I would hope so?...Ugh, where are Anna and Mia anyway?"

"Well, for one, they came back as shit-faced as you, tearing off their already nonexistent clothes, went in there and haven't come out since. I swear, I need to get new earplugs....oh speak of the devil, look who came out now."

"Moooorrning! Um May, what's with that look?"


"Ooookay. Good morning Sora. How are you holding up?"

"Morning Mia. I'm...urk! Be right back."

"...I'll take that as a 'I'm fine!'"


"Yes baby?"

"You forgot to put on your bra!"

"...Hm, no wonder why it felt a bit drafty."

"I WHAT?!"


"I don't see why this is so surprising to you guys," Mia said nonchalantly.

I looked at her, eyes threatening to pop out my sockets.

"B-b-but to say that I seduced a random stranger, a woman, made out with her and left her..."

"And it was freaking hot."

"I honestly didn't know you had it in you," Anna added.

Unable to take in the information, I stumbled back into my chair.

"I-I ughhh I need some aspirin."

"This is all your guys's fault! Influencing her in these ways..."

"Hey! There is nothing wrong with kissing girls," Anna said defensively.

"I wasn't talking about that. I'm talking about letting her get that hammered-"

I sighed. Honestly, May can be too overprotective sometimes.

"Just to get her out of her shell. Puh-lease, we all knew that Sora was gay!" Mia exclaimed.


I'm gay?

"Oh come on, why else didn't your relationship with Ken work out and why you always felt uncomfortable around him when it came to the more physical side of your relationship? And you aren't exactly hiding your drool whenever you stare at the boss's secretary."


"I'm sorry Sora, but I have to agree with this idiot here."


"Hey, hey, hey, maybe if we get Sora drunk enough she can finally confess to that secretary!"


"N-O NO! I will not let you corrupt Sora anymore!"

"But, May come on...Don't you want to see Sora happy?"

"But to do so by basically drugging her!"

"Uh- um guys? I'm still here you know..."

"It's not drugging. Like I said before, it's getting her out of her shell."

"Like a chicken!" Anna suddenly exclaimed with a giant grin on her face.

The room grew silent as we all looked at the wannabe comedian.

"...Uh sorry. Please continue."

"No." May began again.

"Dude. Stop being such a prude."

"Wh-what!? Take. That. Back."

"Make me."


"Lalala, May is a prude, May is a p-r-u-d-e."

"Rawr rawr rawr!"

I watched Mia and May continue their daily, useless, morning banter, having long ago learned to give up before I got dragged up in it too.

"Sooo Sora, how would you like your eggs?" Anna gleefully asked.

I plopped my head on the table, head hurting more than ever before.

"Guh, why do we have to go to work today?"

"'Cause it's Monday?" May said deadpanned.

"No shit Sherlock. I meant why couldn't we call in-sick or something? We have that right right?"

"Because by the time you idiots thought about that option, there was ten minutes until work."

Mia placed her hand on her chin, face scrunched up in deep thought, "Nnn, it's 'cause Anna took forever making breakfast."

"What!? Why are you blaming it on me!?"

"Bwahaha I was just kidding. Your eggs were delicious this morning by the way. Forgive me with a kiss?"

"Well... okay, only because you laughed."

"Oh puh-lease. Would you two get a room?"

"Hey honey? If you would be so kind as to give me another passionate kiss because it seems to piss May off."

"Why I oughta..."

"Anyway, if you're so smart, why couldn't you call in for us?"

"Because it wasn't my stupid idea to go clubbing and come home wasted on a Sunday night!"

"Feh whatever, I'll just BS my reports like I usually do and head home early...like I usually do."

"Mi I don't think you should say that at work."

"What are you talking about we're- oh, well whatdaya know, we're in the building already. Okay I'm gonna clock in so I'll see you guys at lunch! Oh by the way, Sora, you're holding your card upside down."

"O-oh! Eheh thanks Mia!"

"Yeah Sora, I don't think clocking in with your card upside down will make us go back in time."

"...Sorry babe, that was a failure."

"Aw man."

"Why, oh why do I have to be surrounded by these idiots?"

"Ms. Naegino! Please send these down to Mr. Eido on the sixteenth floor. You may take your lunch break after you do so."


"Bye Sora! Lunch at the usual place 'kay?"

"Okay. See you soon May."

I sighed. A few more hours to go. Today definitely wasn't a good day to go to work.

"Oh, it's you."

The elevators opened and a handsome young man with light blonde hair stared at me for a few seconds before stepping in. I wracked my already hurting brain for any recollection of meeting him.

"Um, excuse me? Have we met before?"

"...Ah, I'm terribly sorry. I must have mistaken you for someone else. My name is Yuri Killian."

I shook his hand suspiciously. He was still giving me weird looks.

Before I could answer, the doors opened again saving me from introducing myself to this creeper. "Ah this is my stop. It was nice talking to you."

"You know, you shouldn't make it a habit to leave without giving your name."

Before the doors closed and I could question him about it, I caught a glimpse of a smirk.


The sixteenth floor. Oh the dreaded sixteenth floor.

Just being here makes my hands clammy and I get butterflies in my stomach.

And it's all because of her.

"U-um, hello. I have some files for Mr. Eido."

Thin eyebrows raise at the sound of my voice and suddenly I'm captured in the gaze of crystal blue eyes framed by black rimmed glasses. Sleek blonde hair tied up neatly in a bun, slim curves hidden by a black business suit, long fingers curled up against the keyboard, there in front of me was the definition of a sexy secretary.

Oh how I want to be the pen in her mouth right now.

"Just put it in the box by the-"

She suddenly stopped her sentence and began staring at me, making me more nervous than before. Of all the times I've been up here, this was the first time she has ever looked at me.

"U-um, by the...?"

"Oh excuse me, the door over there."

Placing the files into the box, I turned to her and gave a slight bow, "Thank you, and uh, good da-"

"Are you on lunch break right now?"

"Um, huh?"

What is this? Is she actually conversing with me?

"Are you?"

"U-um, yes. I'm about to meet some coworkers."

"Oh, I see. Well, I was just about to take a coffee break and was wondering if you would accompany me, but I see you already have other plans..."

She had stood up and slowly walked to me, quite close actually. I looked down and blushed a shade of red. Was her blouse always unbuttoned?

"N-no. I can come. They'd understand-" I clamped a hand over my mouth. I hope she didn't catch the weirdness of that sentence...oh shoot she did. Her eyebrow was slightly raised in suspicion, either from my sentence or my actions. Either way, I'd never know. "A-anyway. Where shall we go?"

"It's right this way..."

"Why are we heading towards the-"

I was stopped from my sentence as the blonde pulled me into the bathroom, slammed me against the door and locked it.

"Ouch! What are you do-"

Once again I was struck speechless as one long finger ran down my cheek making me shiver. Her finger landed on my lip.

"Shhh, I'm just having a little harmless fun on my lunch break."

I gulped. Her finger felt like fire on my lips. As much as I was getting turned on by this predicament, the rational side of my brain, oh curse that rational side, punched the panic alarm and slapped me out of my shocked state.

"W-why are you doing this?"

"Like I said. I'm just having a little fun...but I'm also attending to some... unfinished business," she said as she slowly scanned my body hungrily, her eyes landing on my own.

Unable to tear my eyes away from hers, I look back confused. "Unfinished... business?"

She was silent for a while as she continued to watch me. Her eyebrows scrunched down slightly as if she was in thought, but soon returned to their original, lustful arch in a matter of seconds. "Hmm, maybe this," she smirked and leaned over to my ear, "Will spark your memory?"

With that my mind became blank as she began nibbling at my earlobe and slowly, agonizingly slowly, kissed my neck and along my jaw. Unable to push her away, I instinctively tilted my head, allowing her more access. Feeling her smirk against my skin, I felt embarrassed at how she had me under her complete control, but as she resumed the soft kisses, light nibbling and licked my collarbone...what was I talking about again?

Giving one last kiss to my neck, she stopped and gently took a hold of my chin. I opened my eyes slightly and once again found myself enraptured by her bright blue eyes. As I saw her begin leaning in to capture my lips, I closed my eyes waiting in expectation.

...And waited.

...And waited.

Frustrated I opened my eyes again and saw that not only was the blonde one breath away from my lips, but smiling back at me with a devilish smirk!

"Having fun now?"

My eyes sprang open as all of yesterday night began replaying itself in my mind, from Mia and Anna forcing me to go to the club with them, to the moment I said those same exact three words and left a passionate kiss on an amazingly sexy, blonde...woman. Oh shit.

"You've remembered something?"

I blushed, "Ah-w-well, that i-is..."

"Is something the matter? Is there anything I can do to...help?" She spoke, lips barely brushing mine as she spoke each syllable.

Hearing her speak the words I so boldly said to her last night, I flushed even more. However, watching her smirk grow wider and wider as she played with me, something inside me snapped. "Oh shut up and just kiss me already goddammit!"

Pulling her towards me and claiming her lips, I let out all my pent up frustrations from her torturous teasing and my own lustful desires. Returning my kiss just as eagerly, the blonde moaned, sounding like music to my ears and made me shiver with pride. Breaking apart for air, I took in our position and looked up into the blonde's eyes. I smirked.

She was against the wall now.

Just as I was about to lean up for another kiss, a loud noise suddenly disrupted the silence.

Shocking both of us out of our lust filled states, we stood frozen against each other as the cell phone continued ringing.

My muscles finally working again, I backed away from the blonde as she reached into her pockets for her cell phone.

"What is it Yuri?"

Yuri? That creeper from the elevator?

"No, I am not busy right now...sh-shut up idiot!...I don't want to talk to you right now so I'm not going to...I told you I am not!...Why do you keep insisting...you know what? I'm hanging up right now...hanging...oh get me a Mocha Frappuccino, light on the whipped cream...okay bye. I'm terribly sorry about that."

"Oh no, no problem at all."

The moment ruined by the cell phone call, we stood in an awkward silence. My mind wandering to the conversation she had with Yuri, I felt a sudden pang of anger coursing through my body. "So was that your boyfriend?"

"Hm? Yuri? That's funny."

"Why is that?"

"Because his type are tall, long haired, stylish men."

I let out a breath of relief, "Oh."

"Why do you ask? Could it be that you're...jealous?"

I immediately blushed while her smile slowly turned into that goddamn smirk.

"Anyway I believe our lunch break is over. Thank you very much for lunch...Sora."

My eyes widened. How did she...? I glanced down and felt my face heat up in embarrassment as I noticed my name tag.

Before she left the bathroom, she pulled me in for a gentle kiss. "I'll treat you to lunch tomorrow."

As I stood alone in the bathroom, I dazedly touched my swollen lips, heart soaring in expectation for tomorrow. However, until then, I would have to face May's wrath and make up an excuse for skipping out on lunch.

Oh and buy a few more scarves.

Yes, definitely a few more scarves.

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