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Three Nights of Torture

Chapter One: How It All Started/First Lesson

It was a cold night in the Moon Dorms when the Headmaster walked in and pushed up his glasses to get a better view of the Night Class students that were hidden in the shadows of the pale moonlight. It had been years since Yuuki was revived as a vampire and now everyone was living happily in the Moon Dorms just to pass the time.

Until tonight.

When the headmaster walked into the Moon Dorms with such simple words as, "May I speak to Kaname please?" it changed the regular routine of the Night Class.

Kaname walked out of the shadows of the Moon Dorm with Yuuki following close behind. "Yes, Headmaster? What is it that you need to speak to me about?"

"Oh, well," The Headmaster chuckled without humor, "I need to talk to you about the change of the Night Class courses for the next three days."

"Go on."

"Well, it's required for all the students in the Academy to take sexual education and since the Day Class just finished taking their three-day course, they're complaining about how unfair it is that the Night Class doesn't have to follow the school rules."

Kaname raised an eyebrow seeing where the headmaster was going with this.

"So, only under your permission will the Night Class take the course."

"You want me to take sexual education?" Kaname twisted the words in him mouth. "And you also want me to allow the rest of the Night Class to take the course together."

The headmaster, seeing that it was hopeless to ask Kaname for impossible tasks, turned to Yuuki instead. "Dear Yuuki, I raised you when I was little and I never taught you about sex. I think it's about time that you learn something useful. And also, I don't want the Day Class to hate me…"

Yuuki turned to Kaname. "I don't think it would be a bad thing to take the class." She met Kaname's eyes and held it with hers.

After a while Kaname sighed, "Fine, we'll do it, but for only three days."

Across the room, Aidou let out a loud "YES!" that made the 'S' sounded like sprinklers in the morning.

Shiki grabbed Rima's hand and held it close to his lips. "Sit next to me in class?" Rima replied with a nod.

Ruka frowned at Aidou, "This is pathetic. We have been alive longer than those humans in the Day Class have been. We know what sex is…"

Kain fingered through his hair roughly, "Damn, Hanabusa seems excited about it. I really don't want to sit next to him in class or he'll humiliate me...again..."

The headmaster gave the Night Class a weak laugh. "Well, you're first class starts in five minutes. You'd better not be late."

The human teacher that stood in the front of the classroom at the beginning of class watched as the perfectly bodied and faced people walked into his night session. His eyes almost followed every single girl and guy that walked through the front door. Wow, the headmaster wasn't joking when he said that the Night Class is full of beautiful people.

"So," the teacher began as everyone took a seat, "What do you plan to learn in this class?"

"SEX!" Aidou scream out to the teacher who raised an eyebrow at him.

"Wrong," the teacher continued, "We're here to learn why teenagers like you shouldn't have sex. By having sex, you can get pregnant and even deadly STD."

Rima almost snored, "You've got to be kidding me. If that's true, I probably would have a hundred children right now, not to mention at least a few STDs." The room went silent and turned their attention to Rima.

It was Ruka that broke the silence. "Rima! How unladylike!"

Rima rolled her eyes at Ruka being proper. "Oh come on Ruka, don't say that we don't know about you and Kain. Remember that time when Kain ran out of condoms and he had to borrow some from Shiki?"

Ruka slammed her hands down on the table in fury. "Oh yeah? What about the time when you and Shiki took my bed sheets outside? In the morning, we found you guys with all your clothes on the flowers and you two squirming in the new bed sheets I bought!"

The teacher tried to calm down the two girls, but Rima wasn't about to give in, "What about the time when I came back from modeling to find Kain's pants on my bed?"

"You were only unhappy with that because you wanted to use the bed with Shiki."

"OKAY! ENOUGH!" The teacher hollered at the class and cleared his throat. But the whole class was still in shock as they stared at the girls. Kain and Shiki looked redder than they should be.

"Wow Shiki," Ichijou commented first, "I also thought you were innocent, but I guess I was wrong…"

The teacher continued, "Okay, we're going to be working on an exercise in pairs. So everyone pair up…" Yuuki looked at Kaname, Shiki took Rima's hand, and Ruka leaned towards Kain. The only three that were left were Ichijou, Aidou, and Seiren.

Ichijou rushed towards Seiren first, "Hey, you should be my partner so I don't have to be gay with Aidou." Seiren looked at him but didn't say anything.

The teacher turned towards them and said with a blush, "Hey, there is nothing wrong with being gay."

Kain voiced what everyone was thinking, "Oh my god, our teacher is gay and he's teaching us about sex."

The teacher continued as if nothing happened, "Well, here's what you do. The males try to persuade the females to have sex with them. The whole point of the exercise is to see how well, the females reject their partners."

Kaname looked at Yuuki and both of them didn't say anything as Yuuki turned away blushing.

Shiki grinned slyly at Rima. "Just so you know Rima, I'm a very persuasive person, so there isn't a chance that you'll win this game." He grabbed Rima behind the neck and lightly brushed his lips across her in such an irresistible way that Rima had to cling to him to stop herself from fainting.

Kain was more straight-forward. "Hey Ruka, you want to do it?" Ruka glared at him from the side of her eyes, but she didn't refuse.

Seiren looked piss for being at the center of attention between Aidou and Ichijou. "No, I don't want either of you idiots!"

Aidou chased after Seiren and tried to mimic Shiki's technique, but ended up with a bruised right cheek. After that, Ichijou decided to announce that he lost to Seiren.

The teacher gaped at the Night Class as the bell rang and every one of them slipped out of the door in hand with another. What the heck! I'm supposed to teach them not to have sex, but now they're actually getting closer?

One lesson down, two more to go :D

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