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Chapter Three: The Teacher Quits?

Kaname and Yuuki instantly noticed something wrong on the third night that they walked into the classroom: the human teacher that was supposed to be at the head of the classroom was gone.

Kaname and Yuuki exchanged confused glances.

"He probably couldn't stand us…" Aidou said with a tiny smile and a shrug.

"So do we just hang out this period or something?" Rima asked.

"Well, it's not like we can do anything without the teacher." Shiki answered Rima while putting an arm casually around her.

Right when the Night Class was trying to decide what they were going to do for the rest of the night, the door to the classroom banged open.

Yuuki and Kaname's eyes widened first.

The headmaster strolled happily up to the podium in front of the room with an annoyed Zero Kiryuu tailing him from behind. Aidou struggled to hold back a laugh. Kain elbowed his cousin from one side while Ruka kicked him under the table. They were all waiting for the purebloods' reactions.

"Zero…" Yuuki whispered with pure surprise in her voice.

The headmaster began speaking in his dramatic flair. "The teacher we had quit yesterday night after the failure of the second lesson, so I will be teaching instead today. And most of you should know my son, Zero Kiryuu. He will also be 'observing'."

"Observing?" Rima whispered to Ruka, "What's he supposed to mean by that?"

Ruka looked like she swallowed a laugh, "I'm guessing it's 'Kaname-sama and Yuuki-sama 'do it'' while Kiryuu is the bystander."

Rima giggled and glanced to see Shiki's reaction. To her surprise, he wasn't laughing like the rest of the class. "What's wrong, Shiki?"

Shiki frowned, "Nah, I just kinda feel bad for Kiryuu for getting dragged up in such matters and seeing your worst enemy make out with your lover."

Rima took Shiki's arm, "You're so soft-hearted sometimes, you know that? I'm sure the Headmaster was joking, right Ruka?" Rima turned to Ruka for support.

Ruka shrugged, "The Headmaster is crazy enough to do anything. He probably doesn't get the whole point of these classes are to persuade 'kids like us' to not have sex."

Rima raised an eyebrow, "You mean he's going to teach us…teach us…how to have sex or something?" There was a look of horror on Rima's face.

Kain joined their little conversation, "Well, it shouldn't be that bad…"

"Of course it's bad!" Ruka and Rima voiced each other at the same time and Ruka continued, "It's going to be the Headmaster teaching us! Has he ever touched a condom before?"

"Of course I have!" The Headmaster interrupted the vampires' conversation, "But their father…" The Headmaster pointed to Kaname and Yuuki, "…blew up before I had a chance to do anything." His bold declaration left the room in silence as the class soaked up what he had just said. That meant Juuri Kuran-sama almost…

Kaname and Yuuki both sighed in disgust as the silence was broken by Zero, "I'm leaving. This class is making me sicker by the minute."

"You have no idea how lucky you are for being able to leave." Ruka mutter under her breath.

But the Headmaster stopped Zero from exiting the room. "You can't leave yet! We haven't taught these kids anything!"

Yuuki thought she saw a vein in Zero's neck snap. "Then you can teach them, damnit! Why do you drag me here?"

The Headmaster gave Zero his best puppy face, "But…but I wanted to teach with my cute son."

"Oh god," Kain murmured on the other side of Ruka.

Ruka rolled her eyes, "Now do you see what I mean? We don't need to learn anything from the Headmaster and…Kiryuu." She shuddered involuntarily.

After dragging Zero back up to the head of the classroom, the Headmaster turned to the class and cleared his throat. "So, we will begin lessons today. First, I need someone to demonstrate our topic of discussion today." The Headmaster looked around, "Shiki? Rima?"

Shiki gave the Headmaster a menacing glare, "Hell no!"

"Kain? Ruka?"

"Count us out." Kain shook his head.

The Headmaster turned to his last hope of success in class, "Yuuki? Kaname?"

"Headmaster," Yuuki answered, "This isn't the place for demonstrations." Behind Yuuki, Kaname was trying to hide his infuriated face but his aura proved to everyone around him that he was roaring with rage.

The Headmaster sighed, "I guess I've got no choice but to use my last alternative: Zero, please demonstrate your skills with Yuuki!"

"WHAT?!" Kaname, Zero, and Yuuki cried at the same time.

From below, Shiki met Rima's eyes, "I really want to leave now, Rima. I hate to see the next scenes that are going to take place in this class."

"You have no idea how much I agree with you right now; two guys doing it with one girl is going to get pretty crazy." Rima answered Shiki.

Kain looked over to his right at his cousin. Aidou hadn't move an inch and was watching the scene at the head of the class with a sense of admiration on his face. "Hanabusa, do you want to ditch class along with the rest of us?"

Aidou shook his head, "No, I think I'll stay."

Ruka smacked Aidou on the face, "Don't be stupid, Hanabusa. Do you want to watch Kaname-sama having…"

Aidou had a dreamy look on his face, "Yes…" He answered Ruka before she finished.

Kain took Ruka's hand, "Let's just go; Hanabusa has always been the problem one in our family." With that, Kain and Ruka slipped out the classroom.

Shiki looked at Rima, "What do you think? Should we go too?"

Ichijou came up from behind the two. "I'll go with you too! By the way, are you two planning to kick me out of my room tonight?"

Rima put her finger to her lips as if in deep thought. "No, I don't think so. Since Aidou wants to witness porn, Ruka will probably be in her room tonight, so Shiki and I can be free my room tonight."

The three of them exited the classroom along with a few of the other Night Class members leaving the only ones left to be Kaname, Yuuki, Zero, the Headmaster, and Aidou.

Shiki yawned lazily and fingered through his hair, "It's okay, Aidou can tell us all about it in the morning…"


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