Chapter One

Don't own the characters i just like to play. I'm apologizing in advance for any inconsistencies.
This is set post season 7 Buffy and mid OotP.

Slash in later chapters

He had been tracking the demons across the English countryside when he finally caught up to them. The Metelior were ugly as hell but quick, fortunately he had hunted enough of them to know how to get around the clan. This time he had no back-up though and that would make things difficult. Giles was having problems with rebuilding the Watcher's Council so he couldn't take time away, and Buffy and Willow were off gallivanting around with their significant others. Angel, Spike, and their crew were recovering from their latest Apocalypse so they couldn't be called.
So here he was alone and standing in what had been up until a few minutes ago the Metelior's camp. Fortunately for him it had been a small clan, while on the other hand they had known he was coming. Xander won but barely, as it was he knew he had to get help or he was going to spend the rest of his very short life staring at this camp and wondering if it was the situation that made the stars so cold. So with that in mind he started walking, or as close to it as he could manage. He shuffled forward trying to remember if there had been a town or village anywhere ahead. He emerged from the copse and saw a castle up on a nearby hill and below it a small village. Feeling hope for the first time since the sun had set, and he had made a move on the Metelior, he moved toward the village in search of a phone. The down town seemed empty save for two people who were so deep in conversation that they didn't realize Xander was there until they bumped into him, however in his weakened state he couldn't fight the darkness that clouded his vision at the impact.