Chapter Eight


Xander opened his eyes, feeling like he hadn't gotten any sleep at all. He started at the sight that met him, a crowd of people were surrounding his bed. He saw Giles sitting on his bed looking at him with concern, love, and if he wasn't mistaken wonder, did he die or something, he thought. Buffy and Dawn stood with Andrew staring at him hopefully. Behind them stood Angel and Spike, Xander noticed that while they stood together they were careful not to touch each other. On the other side of his bed were a bunch of people he didn't know, however he felt like he had seen a couple of them before. He found it weird that he had never met these people yet they seemed as concerned about him as everybody else. They seemed to be a tight-nit group. It was obvious that they didn't trust Angel and Spike from the way their eyes would dart to them occasionally and were careful to keep a distance from them. He looked at Giles and croaked, "Hey G-man, what happened?"

Giles grinned in relief, "You were attacked and was found in the village, then brought you here. Do you remember anything before losing consciousness?"

Xander cast his mind back and tried to remember. It took him a moment before he finally remembered. "I finally caught up to the-" he stopped and cast a glance at the strangers before returning his gaze to Giles, who nodded his encouragement, "the Metelior. Luckily it was a small clan because at the last moment they discovered me. I managed to finish them off but I was hurting something awful for it, so I just started walking. I saw a castle and a village, for which i started for. The village seemed empty though except for two people. Last thing I remember was running into them."

"Yes well they brought you up to the castle here, you were in a bad way. Some of the Metelior's claws had poison on them and we had to give you a potion to get rid of it." Giles said, his grin fading a little.

"How did you get here?" Xander asked, still wondering why everyone was there.

"You woke up long enough to say Mr. Giles' name before passing out again." A guy with brown/grey hair answered for everybody.

"Oh....Who are you?" Xander asked, getting side-tracked.

The guy smiled, "My name is Remus Lupin. I was the one that ran into you. I'm sorry for that."

"That's okay. Thanks for getting me some help. Who are the rest of you?" Xander asked.

Remus introduced everyone and they exchanged small talk for a moment before a guy named Sirius spoke up, "How did you take down a clan of Metelior. From what I hear they extremely strong and vicious?"

"It was a small clan like I told you so that helped," He shrugged "I've faced them before so it wasn't a big deal and they aren't any more difficult then most of the stuff that we usually deal with."

"You still should have called us to help, Xan. You know me and Peaches always like a spot of violence." Spike said, almost bouncing at the prospect of violence. It didn't help the Hogwarts crew any, they were edging as far as they could away from both vampires.

"Well I did call, but Angel said that you were bleaching your hair and so you were unavailable." Xander said laughing when Angel burst out laughing.

"Oi! I couldn't get the Poof to stop messing with his hair long enough for me to have a shot." Spike returned also laughing.

Everyone was laughing by now, the ex-Sunnydalers in fond remembrance of how entertaining Spike and Xander's banter could be, and the Hogwarts crew in shock. They had just found out that these were two of the most feared Vampires in history and yet this young man was joking and making fun of them. It was an odd situation to be sure.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue and all, but I'm fine down right chipper if anything, so it's cool if you have places to be, apocalypses to stop you know the usual." Xander said after they could breathe again. Everybody was stressed and Xander could tell that it wasn't all because he had gotten hurt, or the whole culture clash that was going on between the two gangs.

"No Xan. You just got seriously hurt, we're going to hang until we know that you are completely well, that is if you want us here?" Dawn asked, she knew she was baiting him, there was no way he would refuse.

"No I want you here!" Xander said ignoring the girls triumphant looks, "But there is something going on with you guys that has nothing to do with my being hurt."

"I wouldn't say nothing," the old guy called Dumbledore of all things, said wryly.

The comment got a few chuckles before Dawn again took matters in hand. "Is there anyplace we can eat, all this worrying about Xan works up an appetite?"

"Of course there is, right this way. I'm afraid we don't have anything in the way of blood but we can try and improvise." Dumbledore said, he nodded at Giles and smiled at Xander before leading the way out of the room. Everybody followed suit after saying a quick "see ya", then it was just the two of them. They avoided eye contact for a few seconds before Xander broke the silence. "What's got everybody so freaked out?"

"Other then you being injured?" Giles said dryly, a little irritated that Xander would just pass over something like hospitalization.

"Yeah I mean other then my injury. I didn't get this many people to visit me when I lost my eye. There is something going on so spill." Xander said.

"Alright yes there is something else, some new information that has come to light in the past 24 hours." Giles said, shifting slightly in his chair.

"Come on! You're killing me here. Does it have to do with me, or is the world about to end again, because that would seriously suck timing wise." Xander asked starting to freak himself.

"No, not an apocalypse. Okay this is going to be very difficult." Giles paused, Xander nodded his encouragement. "The potion that we had to make to save you, it required the blood of a close relative, you know parents, siblings, or children."

"But what did you do? I have none of those." Xander said.

"Dumbledore knows a spell that reveals family history. I confess I had no idea that the spell existed but it worked." Giles explained.

"Who is that guy, he seemed familiar?" Xander asked getting side tracked with all this new information.

"He is my father, although as far as we know you have never met him before tonight." Giles said.

"That guy is your dad, hmm. Not exactly what i thought." Xander said.

"And what pray tell did you think he was going to be like?" Giles asked wondering if he really wanted an answer to that question.

Xander shrugged, "I don't know what i thought.....What were we talking about before? Oh Yeah, you were explaining why everybody is wigging out. Did the spell work?"

"Yes the spell worked, we found your parents." Giles said and paused.

Xander waited for a moment then impatience won out when Giles didn't seem inclined to continue. "Well, who are they? Have you met them? Have I met them? Are they here?"

Giles raised a hand to stop the barrage of questions, "That's the thing. We have no idea where your mother is, but we do have proof of who your father is." He got up and brought the parchment that they had spelled over and after a short hesitation he handed it over to Xander who looked at it.

Xander looked up quickly, "Is this true?"

"Yes it is. I'm sorry we had to find out this way." Giles said sadly.

"You-You" Xander stuttered for a moment, "You didn't know, right?"

"NO! No, I didn't know. I had a one night stand with your mother, she left the next morning I had woken up. She never contacted me when she had you, because if she had I would have claimed you then." Giles said frantically, he fell silent waiting for Xander to react. Giles was disappointed however, Xander hadnt done anything but stare at him since he had started talking. Xander was trying to process everything, he knew that Giles was waiting for an answer but for the life of him he couldn't think of what to do or say. It wasn't the fact that Giles was his father, he had been almost a father to him for the last 10 years, well he supposed actual father since that was their relationship was. It bothered him that his mother that his mother didn't care enough about either of them to stay in touch. He guessed he wasn't missing much since she had never know him or Giles. It was a relief of sorts, at least he could stop worrying if he had been voluntarily abandoned, at least on Giles part. He looked at Giles, he could see all the wonder, regret, and anxiousness that he himself was feeling and Xander smiled because he wasn't alone anymore if indeed he ever was. Giles sagged in relief at Xander's smile, such a simple thing but at the same time one of such importance.

"So G-man you're my dad huh? That must be scary for you, now there really isn't anyway to get rid of me." Xander said lightly.

Giles laughed at that glad the tension of the past day was finally gone. "I suppose this means you expect me to keep you in donuts and Twinkies?"

Xander laughed, "Well i wasn't going to ask but since you're offering."

They looked at each other for a moment then Xander said seriously, "I'm glad it's you."

"Yeah?" Giles asked trying to keep his voice even.

"Yeah." Xander agreed, "I mean you always filled the role now it just seems more right, if that makes any sense at all?"

"I think it does." Giles stated softly.

Before they could continue the conversation Dumbledore walked in, he looked at them for a moment and Xander started as he realized that this was his Grandfather and how weird was it to suddenly have family.

"I suggest you finish up. Everybody is dieing to get in here. Sirius is conspiring with Spike and Angel on the best way to break the door down." Dumbledore chuckled.

Xander and Giles exchanged a grin as they stood up.

"Do you think this wise?" Giles asked hovering next to Xander.

"Yeah I feel a little tired but not to much, mostly I'm just really hungry." Xander said, feeling almost giddy.

"We cant have that can we." Giles said, feeling the same thing as Xander.

Dumbledore just shook his head at the antics of father and son as they walked out of the ward.

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