The Cheerleader & the MVP

By: tmdsjbfan1(Jillian G.)

It's a typical Monday morning & Mitchie Torres' eyes were full of hope. Everywhere she goes, she still sees posters for the Cheerleading tryouts. It's starting today & she can't make up her mind if she will try it. "Hey! Mitchie! What are you doing in front of the bulletin board?" Alex Russo taps Mitchie's shoulder. Mitchie looks at her then stares on the ground. "What's wrong?" Alex asks. "I don't know" Mitchie replies. Then Miley Stewart comes, running down the hall while singing her favorite song, 'Hoedown Throwdown'. "Hey guys! What's the prob? Mitchie?" She asks. "Are you two trying out for cheerleading?" Miley asks. "No I'm not!" Alex said. "You?" Miley asks Mitchie. "I don't know." They started to walk. "But you are thinking to do it, right?" Alex opens her locker. "NO, you don't want to do it!" Miley closes her locker & walks over Mitchie & Alex. "Why?" Alex asks. "Tess Tyler is the head cheerleader & she'll one of the people that's going to decide who's gonna make it" Miley explains. "And so? Who cares if she's Tess Tyler? Except that her mother is a very popular singer." Alex said. Mitchie sighs. "I still don't know." She said. "Okay, okay. If this is what you want, Mitchie, then I'll support you. WE will support you. Right, Alex?" Miley looks at Alex. "Yes of course." Alex nods. The bell rings. "See you later guys!" Miley waves. "Bye" Mitchie tell Alex.

At the tryouts.

"You can do it Mitchie!" Alex cheers up Mitchie. "GO!" Miley said excitedly. Mitchie takes a deep breath. She enters the gym & sits with the other aspiring cheerleaders. After a few minutes, it's Mitchie's time. "Next" Tess said. Mitchie stands up & walks over them. "Show us what you got" Ella Pador said. "Okay" Mitchie whispers. Then Mitchie starts. Tess, Ella, Caitlyn, Peggy, Miley & Alex was so shocked what they've seen. "Oh My Gosh! Mitchie is so awesome!!" Miley said. She stands up & claps "Yay!" Alex smiles. "OMG. She's good!" Ella tells Tess. Tess looks at Mitchie with evil look. She doesn't want anyone to steal he throne of being the best cheerleader in East High. "What are you waiting for, Tess? She's REALLY, REALLY good & I think she's the BEST. Get her." Caitlyn irritates Tess. "So?" Mitchie asks. "So?!!" Tess said. "You're in!" Caitlyn said. Tess was shocked. "Really?! Thank you very much!" Mitchie said happily. "YAY YAY YAY!" Miley & Alex said together while jumping up & down. They come over Mitchie & congratulate her. "Wait!" Tess taps the table & stands up. "Wait? What are you saying Tess?" Caitlyn asks Tess. "You can go now Ms. Torres tomorrow's your first day!" Caitlyn said then walks out. Mitchie, Miley & Alex walks out happily. Tess groans.

Tomorrow at Mitchie's first day.

"Excuse me! Excuse me!" Mitchie runs on the hallway quickly because she's getting late for her first day. Until she suddenly bumped into someone! "Ouch!" Mitchie's lying on the floor. "I'm Sorry!"

To be continued..