John sat in the window in the room that he and Bobby shared. It was silent, Bobby was out, somewhere with Rogue. He scoffed at the thought. He was bored, and right as the silence was becoming a bit too unbearable, it was interrupted by the sharp scream of a female outside. He looked out and saw three people walking up. Two teens, a male and a female probably around 17, and a small child around 7. The older male was fighting the female to calm her down, his arms encircling her body to trap her own arms at her side. She let out another scream and he saw her eyes glow a bright red. John frowned slightly. He wrestled her to the ground, her sitting in between his legs as he continued to hold her. The child reached forward and touched her face, and the girl's demeanor immediately calmed. She glared at the little boy, but seemed unable to fight against it. Slowly her eyelids drooped and she seemed to have fallen asleep.


Jason walked, his hand wrapped around her waist to encourage her in the right direction. She walked mechanically, without feeling, mostly thanks to the small boy, Kasim, walking beside her. His hand was folded softly into hers and he was radiating his power into her. He could control the minds of another by a simple touch. Jason felt Aidan's muscle in her back twitch, followed quickly by a sharp movement of her arm.

"Come on, not now. We're almost there." he muttered, seeing Xavier's school just through the next batch of trees. Evidently, Aidan could care less because right about that time, a saddened whine rose from her throat. She broke away from Kasim's hand and glared daggers at the boy.

"Don't touch me, child." she muttered warningly. Jason held his hands out in front of him, showing his submission. Aidan looked at Jason and shook her head. She went to take off away from them, but Jason leaped forward and tackled her to the ground, his arms encircling her upper body, trapping her arms to her side. A powerful scream erupted from her throat, and it died into a low warning growl. Jason pulled her through the final break onto the school grounds and started making the trek to the front door. Aidan struggled to get away and he sensed her powers beginning to surface. Her body grew warmer than normal, and he immediately knew which element she was going to resort to without looking at her eyes. He bent his head down next to her ear.

"Calm down, Aidan, you're safe. Shh, it's okay." he whispered comfortingly. Her growl escalated to another scream as she bucked against him harder, desperate to get away. Jason looked up and noticed that they had an audience and he groaned. He plopped down, pulling Aidan to sit between his legs and Kasim jumped forward to grab Aidan's hand. She stopped struggling as hard and Kasim looked at Jason. "Put her to sleep." Jason muttered. "I can't handle her anymore." he felt Aidan tense slightly. He would be in trouble when she woke up again. Once he was sure she was out, Jason stood, pulling Aidan up to carry her bridal style. As he reached the door, he was met by a tall slender woman, with white hair.

"Is everything alright?" she asked. Jason smirked slightly.

"Not yet, but it will be. So I hear this place is a safe haven for mutants." he replied. The woman nodded.

"Yes of course, I am Orora." She smiled and Jason returned it.

"It's a pleasure. I am Jason Lev, this beauty in my arms is Aidan Day, and the kid is Kasim Ayele. Is there somewhere I can put Aidan?" he asked. Orora nodded.

"Of course, follow me." she said and he obliged. They walked up two sets of stairs and down a long hall. If he was correct, this was the same level that he caught that guy looking at them. Orora opened a door and motioned him in. "I'm sure the professor would like to speak to you. I assure you, she will be safe." Jason chuckled.

"And I assure you, she can take care of herself. Probably a little too well." he replied as the three of them walked out the door, closing it behind them. "What will this Professor want with me?"

"Just a few simple questions."


John watched as they dropped the girl off in the room down the hall from his and he smirked. They left and as soon as he was sure they were far enough away, he made the short trip to the door. He opened it with ease, seeing as how they didn't lock it and walked right in. He looked to see if she was awake before walking in, satisfied that she was asleep still. The door was closed behind him and he walked over to the bed to take in the sight of her. He gasped at what he saw. She was breathtakingly beautiful, even though her imperfections were evident. Her shoulder length caramel colored hair shimmered with slight red highlights as a ray of sunlight fell over her face. He reached out to brush a finger over her cheekbone, partially to see if she was as soft as she looked. Her light bronze colored skin was like velvet against his fingers and her cheeks were spattered with dark brown freckles across the nose. She had a button nose, and a full mouth, though the bottom lip was slightly plumper than the top one. He saw a tiny scar, about an inch wide, in the center of her forehead, and wondered where she had gotten it from he then let his eyes roam down her body. She was wearing a pale blue tank top and a pair of black shorts that showed off her leg well because they reached about mid-thigh down. She was long and lean, slender, but curvy in all the right places. Her legs were delicately muscled, almost as if she runs on a daily basis. He glanced back up to her face and found himself wondering what her eyes looked like. He remembered the small glimpse of them glowing red, and was then intrigued by her power. She seemed so wild and untamed on the way in, he couldn't help but compare her to a flame. She stirred in her sleep and John moved back a bit. She was waking up. He started to head towards the door, when he heard her clear her throat expectantly.

"What are you doing?" she asked.


Aidan raised her fist to her forehead, and released a annoyed sigh. She was going to have to talk to Jason about using Kasim to control her. She sat up and looked around the room for the man she hated the most at the moment. He wasn't there, but there was someone else in his stead, which confused Aidan slightly. He was moving towards the door, probably trying to get away. Aidan would have none of that. She cleared her throat loudly and he stopped moving. When he didn't turn around she frowned even more. It was like pulling teeth with these men.

"What are you doing?" she asked, her voice strong and unyielding. He turned and glanced at her over his shoulder, his eyes caught hers and she felt, for some odd reason, at home and comfortable.

"Leaving." he muttered sarcastically, causing Aidan to let out an involuntary chuckle.

"Okay, let me rephrase that, why were you in here watching me sleep?" He turned and faced her, seeming to be slightly unsure of what he should say. He began clicking open and shut his lighter, causing an unobtrusive clink to fill the silence. Aidan waited patiently, her arms crossed over her chest, as she allowed herself to take in his appearance. He was tall, but an inch or two shorter than Jason, with pale milky skin, and chestnut brown hair that was pushed back out of his face. A single strand begged to her hands to stroke it back with the rest as it fell in front of his eyes, which were a baby blue, but they were odd because instead of seeming cold like blue eyes tend to do, they were warm. They seemed to glow like the dancing embers of a failing flame. She found herself entranced by his eyes, they were simply amazing.

"I saw you when you were being brought in and I wanted to make sure you were okay. You seemed pretty stressed." he replied finally. Aidan grinned at him lightly.

"Ah, I made a fool of myself." she chuckled. "I am Aidan Day." she stood and walked forward, her hand extended to him. She couldn't understand herself. She never acted this way, trusted so easily, and she had never, ever wanted to know someone as badly as she wanted to know this man.

"John Allerdyce." he grinned back at her and took her hand into his own. His skin was hot, like fire against her own. She thought about the lighter he had been clinking and realized then, that his power must be over the ever powerful flame and she smiled.

"Fire?" she asked, wanting to confirm her suspicions, releasing his hand, so as to not seem odd.

"Yup." he flicked open his lighter and called the flame to his palm. Aidan's gaze was transfixed on the ball of flames sitting in his palm. She listened intently to the song it sang and a serene smile crossed her face.

"That is amazing!" she whispered, still infatuated with the flame.


John watched as Aidan gazed into the flame intently. She seemed to be entranced. The way the orange glow bounced off her features, made her all the more beautiful. He then noticed her eyes. They were unique, and beautiful. They started as a dark turquoise, faded to a emerald green, and finally to a ring of gold around her pupil.

"So you must really like fire." he teased, and she looked back up at him, like she forgot he was there at all.

"I adore it." she said simply as John extinguished his flame. "It's beautiful in every way possible." John nodded his agreement.

"So what's your power?" he asked. Aidan looked at him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. Right as she opened her mouth to speak, the door flung open and in walked that guy who had brought her here.

"Ah, so I see you are awake." he said, walking up to her and wrapping a arm around her waist. He turned his gaze to John and scowled slightly. Aidan turned an angered glare up at him and shoved him off of her.

"Shove off, Lev. I am not happy with you." she muttered.

"Yeah okay. Who's your friend?" he asked, still glaring at John.

"Is that your business, Jason?" she retorted. She then bristled slightly, looking around the room. "And how DARE you use Kasim to control me!" she poked his chest with her pointer finger, emphasizing every word she said. Jason blanched at her, his mouth opening and closing a few times, leaving him to look dangerously like a fish.

"It was for your own good, Dans." he replied and Aidan scoffed.

"Yeah, right, I think you did it just so you can say that you controlled me." she muttered darkly. "And where the Hell am I?" she half yelled in frustration. John found that he was glad she didn't release this anger out on him.


Aidan watched Jason expectantly.

"Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters." Jason replied. Aidan wanted to blow up on him right there.

"WHY???" she asked. She felt her control on her powers slip in her anger. "You KNOW how I feel about this." She did not want to come to this school. She knew what the professor of this school stood for, and she could care less about the humans. She wanted them gone, she didn't want to save them too. They had made her entire life hell to live through, and they had ultimately sealed their fate with her by taking her sister's life when she did nothing more than save a small infant boy, Kasim, from a mob. This school was what her sister wanted, not Aidan. She felt a hand on her shoulder and she noticed it was Jason's. He was trying to calm her down.

"Do I need to get Kasim?" he asked as a breeze whipped his hair around. Aidan shut her eyes and took a deep shuddering breath. She was not going to become that doll again. She shook her head.

"No, I'm fine." she looked up and noticed John staring at her intensely. He smiled lightly at her when he noticed her looking. "Sorry, I forgot you were in here, John. I hate for you to have to see that." she muttered, and John chuckled.

"Maybe it's better that I've seen it, now I know what happens if I make you mad. And thats enough of an incentive to NOT make you mad." he joked, earning a small laugh from Aidan.

"Good way to look at it." she replied.

"Okay, well, I am gonna go. I'll see you around?" he aimed his question at Aidan, who looked back at him. She saw hope blossom in his eyes, and she smiled softly.

"Of course, I'm always around." she replied, and his eyes lit up with happiness. He gave a small wave and walked out the door. As soon as the door shut, Jason started in again.

"I'm sorry, Aidan, but where else would we go? Here we are protected, safe. When is the last time you really felt safe, and slept the whole night through?" he asked. Aidan looked up at him and sighed. She knew he was right. He was an attractive man, she could appreciate this, she just felt no spark. No flame when he touched her, nothing. Just cold lips, and skin. Jason had the most beautiful amber brown eyes, with ebony black hair that was kept short and neat. He was tall, with a slender build, though she felt he was too thin. Jason, having seen the look of acceptance on her face, reach up and placed his hands on either side of her neck and gently massaged. He bent forward and planted a firm kiss on her lips. Aidan looked up at him as he pulled away, looking for some sign that he knew her true feelings. When he gave none, she relaxed slightly and walked over to the window.


Jason smiled at Aidan's back. She was the most bewitching creature he'd ever met. Though, no matter how pretty she is, he knew they wouldn't last. It was simply a matter of convenience at the moment, and he knew that moment would surely end. She sat there, the light glinting off the red highlights in her hair and the bronze of her skin gave her the appearance of an ethereal glow. He walked over and put his arms around her shoulder, drawing comfort from her heat. They stayed like that, watching the sun set on the horizon, silence ensuing the room. After the sun was gone, Aidan turned her face towards him.

"You'll keep me calm right?" she asked, worry evident in her voice. "I don't want to lose control around a bunch of children." Jason grinned at her.

"Of course I will." he replied, and she seemed to relax. He knew there was nearly nothing he could do except trap her in a shield if she were to lose control, but he needed to be able to comfort her. Aidan let out a sigh and she looked back out the window.

"This is the worse place in the world for me." she grimaced. "I suppose I need to keep John close, huh." she stated. Jason looked at her in bewilderment.

"What? Why?" he asked.

"Oh I forgot, you weren't in here. He's a fire tamer." she explained. "And since my favored element is fire, I figure he would be able to help." Jason grimaced. He didn't like the kid, not at all, and he definitely didn't trust him to be able to help Aidan at all. She seemed to notice his discomfort and she pushed him off her with a slight growl. "I need to sleep. Please leave." she muttered angrily. Jason sighed and complied, knowing he would get nowhere else.

"I am two doors down if you need me." he said right before walking out the door.