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-0-Five years Later-0-

Aidan sat sprawled on the front porch swing, one leg thrown lazily down off the side to help propel her slow swings. She leaned back against the rail with a pillow under her caramel curls. The setting sun beamed down on her soft skin, as her hands rubbed over her stomach, which had a baby bump so big it looked like she was carrying two watermelons. She was eight months pregnant, and couldn't be happier. She felt two warm hands on her stomach through the thin fabric of her bright yellow sun dress and she smiled.

"How are my girls?" a soft voice inquired and she opened her eyes to gaze at the man before her.

"How many times am I going to have to tell you, there's not just girls in here." she rubbed her fingers over her stomach and felt a gentle kick against her skin.

"See, they're disagreeing." John said as he kissed the spot where their child had kicked. Aidan gave him a radiant smile.

"No, that is Edan agreeing with me." she told him. He grinned up at her and gave her a firm kiss on her mouth.

"We'll see then won't we." he said and offered her his hand. "And what do you plan on calling our little girls?" he asked.


"What about the second one?"

"Not going to be one." she replied as they walked in the front door of their two story Victorian house. Well, four if you include basement and attic.

"Well, I was thinking Kendra."

"What are we naming them all after me?" she asked. John gave her an admonishing look. "Well, essentially we are. We're naming them after elements, which is my power, not yours. Well, except for fire." she flashed him a smile. John bent down and kissed her forehead.

"That's why I'm counting on you being right." he murmured against her head. Aidan had never once forgotten the image of those two beautiful children. That's how she knew what they were. She had only let the doctors tell her how many babies were in there, not their sexes. She blatantly refused, saying she already knew what it was, she didn't need them to tell her. John had begged her to reconsider, but she would have nothing of it. And ever since it had been their joke, a bet of sorts, on who was right.

-0-One Month later-0-

"John! I HATE YOU!" she screamed. John looked down at his wife in fear. He was afraid she was going to transform or something.

"Calm down, Aidan, please." he said softly as she squeezed his hand nearly plum off. He whined slightly at her grip but that only made her squeeze tighter.

"YOU did this to me, you BASTARD!" she screamed again. John heard a chuckle from the end of the table and looked to see Jason smirking at him. They were lucky Jason had gone to school to learn how to birth babies since he and Rogue had their first one. John felt Aidan's temperature rise and then he felt her flames lick at his hands. He subconsciously made her flames his own as well, so as to not be burned. Jason was a shield, so it wasn't hurting him, the only thing John was worried about was the babies.

"Aidan, we don't know if you transforming will hurt the babies. Think of little Edan and Tarin, please calm down." he begged. Aidan let out a pained scream, but let her form fall with little difficulty. "Good girl." he said softly as he stroked the hair out of her eyes.

"Alright, Aidan, one more push and the first will be out." Jason called. Aidan turned her face up to John and he coached her pushing and breathing like they had been taught in those parents-to-be classes. A moment later, the room was interrupted by a strong wail. John didn't leave Aidan's side, though he did turn his gaze to see the child.

"Congrats, it's a girl!" Jason said as he handed the baby girl over to a nurse.

"You hear that, Aidan. Tarin's just fine." he looked back to his panting wife, who's face no longer looked menacing, instead unshed tears bubbled in her eyes and floated around her body, along with her sweat.
"Tarin." she said softly, but a horrified look crossed her face. "Good GOD GET HIM OUT!" she screamed and John went back to coaching her breaths. They were going to be in for a long night.

-0-Three Hours Later-0-

Aidan laid in her bed, her sweet little Tarin sleeping soundly in her arms. She caressed the tiny face and rubbed her hand through her already thick chestnut brown hair.

"My baby girl." she said softly and then looked up at John. He was holding Edan in his arms. The little boy's hair was just as thick, and the same caramel color as her own. She will never understand why she had that vision of her own children, but she would never care either. All she cared about was she had two healthy, beautiful babies. John walked over and sat next to her on the bed. Their eyes met and Aidan smiled. "I never finished my lullaby for you, did I?" she asked.

"No." John answered.

"I think it's time, then." she said softly . She opened her mouth to begin singing. "Don't you cry, I'm right here with you, feel the darkness running away from here. Don't you cry, I will stay with you. Nightmare, demons... all end now" She stroked her finger down Edan's tiny head. "So close your eyes and you will travel to a magic world where peace reigns forever."

"Today the stars will guide your dreams and protect all the things above you. Tonight an angel will come to give you a kiss only for you. Sweet dreaming now, my little piece of love." She saw a tender smile on John's face, and she couldn't help but think of how he had changed. He used to be so hard, so cold, and the only time he would open up to even her was when they were alone.

"Here we go, don't look at behind. Hold my hand and we will fly away. Here you have a thousand of adventures to live just choose one every night." Over time though, he came out of his shell, and he burned brighter than any star she had ever seen.

"Today the stars will guide your dreams and protect all the things above you. Tonight an angel will come to give you a kiss only for you. Sweet dreaming now, my little piece of love." His soul was as beautiful as the blazing sun, and she realized long ago she could never love anyone more. Nor could she ask for someone to love her anymore than he does.

"Don't remember (the) darkness and sorrow. Come here now, back to light." He was the perfect man, friend, lover, husband, and he was going to be the perfect father. She knew it. He reached down and enveloped her hand in his own, his thumb stroking over her knuckles as she continued to sing. He joined in with her on the last verse, adding his harmonious bass to her alto.

"Today the stars will guide your dreams and protect all the things above you. Tonight an angel will come to give you a kiss only for you. Sweet dreaming now, my little piece of love." John leaned in, kissed her gently before resting his forehead against hers.

"Hey, Aidan." he said softly, and she opened her eyes. "You've made me the happiest man alive." he said softly. Aidan felt her heart could burst with all the love she felt for the man before her. She felt a gentle breeze whip up through the room, barely caressing them and their children. She looked down at Tarin as she waved her arms around, a happy gurgle came from her little mouth, which in turn solicited one from Edan.

"I know I am the happiest woman ever to have lived." she replied. She then looked inquisitively at the babies. "I wonder what power they'll have."

"If they even have one." John corrected. Aidan smiled at him.

"They'll have powers. I know it." she said matter-of-factly.

"This again." John sighed at her. Aidan shrugged slightly and smirked.