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Ancient Prophesy



Along time ago I was in Italy on a business trip when I heard about a fortune teller that never got a thing wrong. I decided to go get my fortune told. When I reached her she said her name was Madame Pail, she said I would stay here and never leave this city. Madame Pail said I would be a very powerful man & I would change for the better. She then said I would have a daughter with hair the colour of coal with silver streaks through it with eyes the colour of snow. She would bring a lot of happiness to me and my brothers with her three daughters. One would have hair like fire and eyes like lavender, another hair like chocolate and eyes like grass and last a girl with golden hair and eyes like the sea. They will all be part of a prophesy, the prophesy was:

With Beauty beyond compare.
Earth, Water, Fire & Air, are the elements they control.

1 Mother, 3 Daughters, is all it takes,

Sweet but deadly and with lives to fake.

When all the world falls apart they will piece it together again,

Only then the Cold War will end.

She continued to say, in 3,000 years this will be fulfilled. I left after that; she was talking about 3,000 year's time!! I would never live for 3,000 years to see this wonderful life. Later that night a fire broke out in the hotel I was staying at. I was bleeding and burning I could fell it. I then saw a lady, she was smiling at me. She wasn't burnt, I thought it was heaven but then she whispered "hold still my dear" and bit my neck. Three days of excruciating pain. Then I was born to this new life. They are the only memories I have of my human life.

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