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Nikki POV

"I'm sorry girls, I didn't mean to scare you"
"pfft, you didn't scare us" Shana replied flicking her hand
"Yep that's why you screamed like little girls" Shaun, one of the guards, said in an English accent walking up to us.
Damn he's hot. I heard Shana think which made Clo and I giggle. Granddad raised his eyebrows and I mouthed later.
We walked into the castle and went our separate ways after Shaun parked the cars for us. I was sitting in my room when Shana came in and asked me to do her nails cause Clo told her too and she was too busy writing something unimportant and boring. Gosh she's so immature. I asked her what colour she wanted.
"Pink please" She smiled at me.
I started to do her nails while she talked about how hot and cute Shaun was.


When we go home I went to my room and started thinking about my life back home and my ex boyfriend Evan we stated as friends in a band then became more until he showed his true colours. I started to hum a tune that was really good. I started to write some lyrics until Shana burst into my room.
"CLO!!! Can you do my nails please" she asked.
"Can't you see I'm busy" I replied
"ohhh what you doing"
"Writing, go ask Nikki"
"Ok" and with that she ran off.
When I finally finished the lyrics. I ran into Nikki's room but stopped by the reception and got __ to make copies of the music.
"I wrote a song!!! You want to hear"
"Yeah" they answered simultaneously
"Okay come on we should go to the music room" I lead them out of the room
Once we got there I gave Nikki her sheet music and Shana the lyrics and then picked up my guitar.
Shana started singing

The power lines went out and I am all alone
but I don't really care at all not answering my phone
all the games you played the promises you made
couldn't finished what you started only darkness still remains
lost sight couldn't see when it was you and me

Blow the candles out looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light
blow the candles out looks like a solo tonight
but I think I'll be alright

Been black and blue before there's no need to explain
I am not the jaded kind playbacks such a waste
you're invisible, invisible to me
my wish is coming true erase the memory of your face
lost I couldn't see when it was you and me

blow the candles out looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light
blow the candles out looks like a solo tonight
but I think I'll be alright

one day you'll wake up
with nothing but 'you're sorrys'
and someday you'll get back
everything you gave to me

Blow the candles out looks like a solo tonight
I'm beginning to see the light
blow the candles out looks like a solo tonight
but I think I'll be alright

"Wow girls that was really good" Mum burst into the room "it was so sad. What is it about?"
"Chloe's ex boyfriend" Shana replied
"would you like to tell me?"
"Ok" I said and we all went over to the beanbags in the corner and put them in a circle.
"Is it alright if I show you"
"That's fine sweetie. I would like to learn about all of your pasts"
"then you're going to show as your past, aren't you mum???" Nikki asked
"yes girls now let's begin"

Izzy's POV

We had just finished Shana's past. They all had very interesting and full on lives, and they were leaving many things behind. Chloe got dux at her school for the past three years, Narika had been accepted into an art academy and Shana was going to states for trampolining. They all had great friends but not much of a family. And now it was my turn to share my past, lol it sounds like I'm at a Alcohol Anonyms meeting, My names Eliza and this is my story, anyway we held on to each other's hands linking us all together. I started thinking about Renee and Phil in Phoenix , then moving in with Charlie at Forks, my first day at the high school and all the kids. I paused.
"Mum are you alright?" My eldest girl Chloe asked
"the next part goes into the supernatural. I meet vampires before I became one. It was my ex boyfriends and his family" there where gasps from my girls.
"What happened mum?" Shana asked
"I'll show you" I said
I thought back to our first meeting, how he avoided me then didn't show for a while
"What a jerk" Chloe muttered causing the other two to nod their heads.
"Although he is kinda cute" (Edwards played by a different actor check on my profile to see) said, we all turned to look at her "I'm just saying...Continue mummy"
I showed them the trip to Port Angeles and how he saved me, then meeting his family
"God, Why was Rosalie such a bitch"
"I don't know Nikki, they didn't stick around long enough for me to find out."
"They left you!!" Chloe screeched as vines started to creep in the windows.
"Calm down Chloe. Let me finish the story"
I continued from meeting his family, and then showed them our meadow, to playing baseball in the clearing where James, Laurent and Victoria showed. I then skipped to the ballet studio and how he saved my life, then I thought about Jake and the pack and all the fun I had with them. I also told them about the fight between Jake and Edward over plain old me. Then my birthday party and Edwards distance after that and finally that faithful day in the woods, him leaving me, Sam finding me and Jake helping me to get better. Laurent coming to the clearing and the pack trying to save me then Volterra.
"So that's my story" I finished.
"It's so sad" Shana said and hugged me followed by my other two angels.

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